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Toy Story 4's Keanu Reeves reveals tragic backstory of Duke Caboom

by Rianne Houghton

After speculation as intense as the man himself, it was finally revealed who Keanu Reeves will be playing in the upcoming Toy Story 4 earlier this month.

Now, as "stuntman action figure" Duke Caboom's debut draws ever-nearer, Keanu has opened up about his character's pretty tragic backstory to Entertainment Weekly.

(Why is there always a tragic backstory?)

Proving there's more to Duke Caboom than a handlebar moustache and a motorbike, Keanu explained that Caboom will arrive as a "wounded person" in need of "catharsis"

"Every kid has their toy, and Duke let his kid down when he couldn't do what the commercial said he could," the actor said. "So he's a wounded person!

"He's needing to have some, I don't know, catharsis. Some feeling. I wanted him to have a real sensitivity and a soft heart."

Duke Caboom won't be a total brooder, though – Keanu has also promised fans that Woody and co's new friend will have "a really wide dramatic bandwidth".

I also saw him as a character that has a really wide dramatic bandwidth in the sense of being so big – 'Kaboom! Kapow! Let's go!' But who can also then share his wounds, like, 'You have a kid? I had a kid. I let him down!' And he can get quiet.

"So it was really a lot to play with on the playground."

We're thrilled to have you back Bo-Peep, but we just think we've found our new favourite Toy Story character.


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