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Keanu Reeves saw a fan left an adorable sign for him on his way to set, and the actor jumped out of the car to autograph it

by Libby Torres

Actor Keanu Reeves cemented his status as the internet's favorite boyfriend on Thursday when it was revealed he autographed a handmade sign that was left on the set of his most recent movie.

Reeves, who was in the midst of filming the third "Bill & Ted" movie, reportedly spotted the sign while on his way to set on Wednesday.

According to "Bill & Ted" screenwriter Ed Solomon, Reeves then "jumped out of the car" to autograph the sign, which said "you're breathtaking" — likely a reference to something Reeves said at the E3 gaming conference earlier this year.

Solomon then posted a photo of the autographed sign to his Twitter, along with a photo of Reeves.

Keanu Reeves, the internet's favorite boyfriend, made hearts melt on Thursday when it was revealed he autographed a handmade sign that was left on the set of his most recent movie.

Reeves was in the midst of filming the third "Bill & Ted" movie when he reportedly spotted the sign, which said "you're breathtaking!"

"Bill & Ted" screenwriter Ed Solomon took to Twitter to share details about the incident, saying Reeves "jumped out of the car" on his way to set so that he could autograph the handmade sign.

A photo posted by Solomon to Twitter shows the "Matrix" actor kneeling in the grass while autographing the sign, and a second photo shows how Reeves altered the poster.

"You're breathtaking!" the star wrote underneath the original message, along with his autograph. It also appears that Reeves wrote the name "Stacey" at the top of the poster, a possible inscription to the person who made the original sign.

Fans on Twitter weren't shy in expressing their love for Reeves after Solomon shared photos from the heartwarming moment, calling the actor "good guy Keanu" and "the best human on the planet."

The sign is likely a reference to Reeves' appearance at the E3 gaming conference earlier this year, when he responded to a fan yelling "You're breathtaking!" as he walked onstage.

Pointing to the audience, Reeves returned the compliment.

"You're all breathtaking," he said to the audience.

Reeves has received a lot of attention this year for his kind and thoughtful behavior.

In May, several stories about Reeves giving up his seat on the crowded subway and autographing a receipt for a young, awkward fan quickly went viral.

And fans dubbed Reeves a "respectful king" in early June after it was revealed he doesn't touch women while posing for photographs with them.

There's even a petition for Reeves to be named Time magazine's "person of the year" that's gained a lot of traction in recent weeks.

The petition calls Reeves "the most wholesome person alive," and had over 160,000 signatures at the time of this article.

Reeves responded to news of his "internet boyfriend" status in typically modest fashion.

"That's wacky," he said to Entertainment Weekly at the "Toy Story 4" premiere in early June, but added, "The positivity's great."


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