(US), Jul 19, 2019

The story of a Slidell family and its 'breathtaking' encounter with actor Keanu Reeves

by Sara Pagones

When Stacey Hunt found out that Keanu Reeves was filming on location in her Slidell neighborhood this week, the mother of three said she had a hard time getting anything done as she scanned the street to see if she could spot the star in the stream of production vehicles for "Bill and Ted 3" driving through Eden Isles.

She even put a sign in her front yard — at the suggestion of her 16-year-old son, Ethan — that said, "You're breathtaking," a reference to a popular Internet meme of Reeves pointing to the audience at a "Cyberpunk 2077" presentation at E3 2019 and saying that phrase in response to an exuberant fan.

But when Reeves showed up in Hunt's front yard Wednesday, Hunt was the one who couldn't catch her breath.

She said that the sign had attracted several people who stopped to take pictures. But when she was walking home Wednesday afternoon after going to check out the filming on Ondine Lane, someone else pulled up to her house.

"Three people got out of the car and were walking into my yard, and I said, 'Oh my gosh, that's Keanu Reeves!' I probably said 'no way' about a dozen times."

"I could not believe that he was in my yard, and he was casual and like, 'Can I sign your sign?'" Hunt said.

Hunt, who said she went completely fan girl, ran inside to get a marker and screamed to her two sons who were at home that Keanu Reeves was in their front yard.

"Ethan's like, 'Come on, let's go,' and we ran back outside. That was one of the best parts. Ethan did the whole, 'You're breathtaking' bit, with the posture, and he did it back. It was just epic."

Reeves introduced himself, suggested they get into the shade and, as they stood on the porch, asked Hunt if she'd seen "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." She replied that it had been a long time ago. "He said, 'Well, you need to show it to these guys.'"

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," which premiered in 1989, follows two lovable high school slackers as they learn history through a series of time traveling episodes. The movie spawned a sequel in 1990, "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey."

Reeves then asked her name and signed her attention-getting sign, writing, "Stacey, you're breathtaking," and, after some pictures, went on his way.

But the Hunts' brush with fame wasn't over. Someone with the film posted the pictures on Twitter. "My twin sister called me the next day and said, 'You've gone viral,'" Hunt said.

Hunt didn't have a Twitter account but created one so she can monitor the aftermath. Her one regret is that Ethan's twin brother, Zach, was at work and missed the encounter.

"My heart has been racing for three days. 'Speed,' 'The Lake House,' 'Point Break' — we've been watching Keanu Reeves movies for 20 years if not more," Hunt said.

She's also familiar with stories about Reeves being approachable and down to earth.

"The fact that he was nice enough to take the time to talk to us and take pictures — everyone says he's a nice guy. And it's true."


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