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'Bill & Ted Face the Music' Wants You to Record a Video to Be in the Movie

by Adam Chitwood

The Bill & Ted franchise has always been extremely fan-centric, and now for the highly anticipated upcoming sequel Bill & Ted Face the Music, the production is giving fans an opportunity to be in the movie. While specifics are not given so as not to spoil the film’s plot, fans are being asked to create and submit video of themselves doing something musical, with that video potentially finding its way into the film.

You can submit your video at The deadline for submissions is May 20, 2020.

Bill & Ted 3 finds Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as the titular characters, who are now middle-aged and are warned by a visitor that they have 78 minutes to create a song that will save all life on Earth and the entire universe. The clock is ticking as once again, the future is in Bill and Ted’s hands.

Collider exclusively spoke to Bill & Ted 3 co-writer Ed Solomon about this fan opportunity, and he revealed it’s been in the works for a long time:

“When we announced the movie, we had so many people asking for ways they could be involved, and this notion came up quite early in the process. And the instant it did, we were like, ‘Oh man this is exactly in the spirit of inclusiveness that embodies Bill & Ted,’ and we all jumped on it right away. Now that we’re almost finished with post-production we’re ready to do it.”

If you’re wondering how to increase your chances to make it into the movie, the website has some tips and pointers for shooting your video. But Solomon says “not to stress it”:

“We want people to be themselves and have as much fun as they can and not to stress it, especially given that most of us are stuck at home or in some version of home. Groups are great – as long as people are being safe, but alone is totally fine too.”

Costumes are A-OK, and Solomon adds that the more diverse the better—although dressing up as historical figures may not be the best way to go:

“We want variety, and we want people to feel free to use their imagination and creativity. I guess in a perfect world we’d have a range of looks – people with all sorts of different musical instruments, people without. People from present day and people all throughout time. And even space, now that I think about it. By the way, I don’t mean dress up like a famous person from history (I imagine we’ll get 1800 Abe Lincolns if that were the case), but, rather, if the spirit moves you, we’d love to include people who appear to be from different time periods altogether (don’t forget to make the rest of the video look that way, as well).”

As for what you should be doing in the video, Solomon says you definitely don’t need to know how to play an instrument—or even have an instrument. They likely won’t be using the sound from these videos in the final product:

“Even if you don’t know how to actually play the instruments, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be using sound from the submitted videos anyhow, so just fake it. Or heck – rock out on air guitar. Or play a mop and a trash can lid. Just plain dancing is fine, too. We’re not looking for anything specific – just fun and originality and a certain emotional quality that’s impossible to specify, but usually emerges when people are having a good time and being with the ones they love. At the end of the day, it’s the spirit behind it that’s important.”

So there you go, now you have a brand new quarantine activity to get cracking on that just might put you in the Bill & Ted sequel! God-willing, Bill & Ted Face the Music will open in theaters on August 21st of this year.

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