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Keanu Reeves has perfect answer for who'd win a fight between Neo and John Wick

by Sam Haysom

Neo vs. John Wick. For years, fans have been wondering who win a clash between two of Keanu Reeves' mightiest characters.

And so, it turns out, has Stephen Colbert.

On Tuesday, the host rounded off a Late Show interview with Reeves and his Bill and Ted co-star Alex Winter by asking the former who would win in a fight between the titular character of the John Wick series or the hero of The Matrix.

Reeves initially tries to dodge the question, saying they wouldn't fight, and when Colbert doubles down with a "What if Neo accidentally killed John Wick's dog?" hypothetical, Reeves is forced to be even firmer — but he does add another idea that could be the start of a glorious franchise crossover.

"No! No! They wouldn't fight!" says Reeves. "But maybe John Wick would try and help Thomas Anderson out in the real world. Maybe against the machines."

Colbert's response?

"Alright, done. That's canon now."

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