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Cyberpunk 2077 & 8 Other Awesome Video Games Keanu Reeves Appears In

by Lloyd Newkirk

Cyberpunk 2077 officially dropped on December 10th. The role-playing game, which takes place in the fictional locale of Night City, has for long been highly-anticipated by fans of CD Projekt Red's The Witcher franchise, as well as by fans of everything cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk 2077 sees players take the roles of multiple character classes in Night City, including rocker boys, medtechs, netrunners, assassins, and more. Not to mention Keanu Reeves, who appears in the game as Johnny Silverhand, a charismatic rocker boy. Keanu Reeves is no stranger to lending his voice and appearance to video games, having provided his talents for hits such as The Path Of Neo, PayDay 2, Fortnite, as well as the following titles.

9 Bill & Ted's Adventures

Bill & Ted's Adventures was released back in 1991 when Bill and Ted were all the rage. As is the case with most films turned into video games, Bill & Ted's Adventures was not an amazing game. It featured anti-climatic stories, and the game doesn't allow players to meet many of the historical figures from the films. We forgive Keanu here, though, as to be featured in a video game in the early 90s is something to be praised for. Plus, it's Keanu Reeves, right?

8 The John Wick Chronicles

No one ever saw the renaissance of Keanu Reeves coming. After playing Neo in the highly-successful Matrix franchise, many thought that Keanu might never be able to shake being seen as only Neo. Boy, were they wrong.

In 2014, Reeves signed up to play the role of John Wick, an orphan who was taken in by the Tarasov Russian mafia and raised as an assassin. Reeves, who seems to age like an Elf, reinvented himself as a fan-favorite assassin, in three John Wick films, with more on the way, and a video game called The John Wick Chronicles. The game is a fun, albeit gimmicky, VR first-person shooter developed for the HTC Vive.

7 Fortnite

The developers of the battle royal mega-hit, Fortnite, nearly got into buckets of trouble back in 2018 when they updated the game to include a character called "The Reaper." The thing is, this character bears a strong resemblance to Keanu Reeves in John Wick.

Of course, while many fans praised Epic Games for this bold move, Fortnite could not officially connect "The Reaper" to John Wick.

6 PayDay 2

Aside from The John Wick Chronicles or John Wick: Hex—more about this later—PayDay 2's John Wick DLC truly captured what fans of the films truly love about the character. In PayDay 2's awesome DLC, players are able to play as the titular character of the films in various scenarios that are very similar to the action scene in the movie trilogy.

The DLC features two missions, a high-octane shoot-em-up, which sees players taking on a mission to rescue the film's concierge, Charon. The second mission of the game is more stealth-based and pits players in a mission involving the assassination of a corrupt politician.

5 The Matrix: The Path Of Neo

The Matrix: The Path Of Neo was released on PS2, Xbox, and PC back in 2005, just two years after the third film in the trilogy, The Matrix: Revolutions, concluded the story of Neo. Developed by Shiny Entertainment, the game received mixed reviews from gaming critics, but 94% of Google users cite liking the game.

Two years prior to The Path Of Neo's release, Enter The Matrix hit the shelves, though fans were disappointed when they couldn't play as Neo. In 2005, fans finally got the chance to fill Neo's trench coat and combat boots. The graphics were on point for the time, and the combat system gave players the ability to recreate Neo's coolest moves as featured in the film trilogy.

4 John Wick: Hex

John Wick: Hex is by no means the type of game it is expected to be. Instead of being a fast-paced shooter, Hex features strategic gameplay that sees players participating in resource management and timeline strategy.

Players get to move Wick through a series of strategic moves and actions, making the game slow pace and reminiscent of a chess game.

3 Constantine

Constantine, while well-received from audiences was not met with praise from critics—and, yes, the video game is one of those obligatory tie-in games. That being said, for fans of Reeves, Constantine is a worthy appearance for the actor.

The game moves players through several levels, where they can rack up high scores while killing demons. The game even features a couple of Reeve's iconic grunts as he slays demons. While the game does feel like a Max Payne clone, it's still delightfully fun for fans of the movie and gamers who enjoy horror-themed video game experiences.

2 Bram Stoker's Dracula

Many might not know this, but, before Reeves made his debut as a leading action-star in Speed, he took on several serious roles. One of these roles was in 1992's Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, where Reeves played the role of Jonathan Harker.

Of course, there was a tie-in game on the SNES, which showed off Reeves's character more than that of the film. Players get to play as Harker as he goes around kicking the butts of many vampiric enemies.

1 Cyberpunk 2077

As Cyberpunk 2077 has finally dropped, we left the best Keanu Reeves appearance for last. When it was announced at E3 2019 that Keanu Reeves would make an appearance in CD Projekt Red's highly anticipated RPG, the internet once again exploded with love for the beloved star of John Wick and The Matrix.

The cultural phenomenon which the surprise appearance caused at E3 2019 will not be forgotten soon. In fact, players will only find out whether Reeve's appearance as Johnny Silverhand lives up to some Baba Yaga or Neo energy after they've played through the game, and we have a feeling that the internet will once again go crazy.

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