Keanu Reeves Articles and Interviews Archive

Jun – Dec 2003

revolutions. something's gotta give.

The second half of the Year of the Matrix, the release of The Matrix Reloaded in May followed right after by The Matrix Revolutions in November. After that, we move into early coverage of Keanu's follow-up movies, Something's Gotta Give and Constantine.

( 2003 )

JuneKeanu ReevesJudy SloaneStarburst (UK)
JuneKeanu Reeves on the Small Screen--Mandala Magazine (US)
JuneMatrix ReloadedBill FlorenceStarlog (US)
JuneThe Matrix RevisitedJudy SloaneFilm Review (UK)
JuneSilver SurferIan SpellingDreamwatch (UK)
June 1Keanu Reeves Becomes Spider-Man's Neighbour--TeenHollywood (US)
June 1Piece of mindLouis KennedyThe Boston Globe (US)
June 1Why do we hear so little of Keanu Reeves' life off-screen?--Sun Sentinel (US)
June 2The Naughty and Not-So Nice MTV Movie AwardsVanessa (US)
June 2The Real KeanuJennifer Tung, Shirley Halperin, Tim RyanUS Weekly (US)
June 2'Real' Estate?John SutherlandThe Guardian (UK)
June 2Soldiering on--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
June 3Die Another Day, dude: Canadians choose Keanu Reeves as their Canadian James Bond--Canadian Newswire (US)
June 3Keanu reloadedNoel de SouzaMid Day (India)
June 3Keanu's $313m pay day--Sun Herald (Aus)
June 4The media trapped in the MatrixGiovanni FazioThe Japan Times (Jp)
June 4Welcome to the desert of the reelGiovanni FazioThe Japan Times (Jp)
June 5Keanu ReevesHasib KhanIndependent Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
June 5Keanu Is Keeping His Money, Thanks Very Much--FOXNews (US)
June 5Revisiting The MatrixMike PattiSoundtrackNet (US)
June 5The Stax Report: Script Review of Plastic ManStaxMTV (US)
June 6ANTHRAX Films Video for "Safe Home", Features Cameo by Keanu (US)
June 6Cool DudePhilip BerkGalaxie (Malaysia)
June 7Viewers Dissect Meaning of 'Matrix'Angela AleissThe Salt Lake Tribune (US)
June 8A kind Keanu--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
June 8Old-school reality to make way for animation--Oregon Daily Emerald (US)
June 9Enter The AnimatrixBryan WalshTIME (US)
June 9Reloaded breaks all-time Japanese opening recordJeremy (US)
June 10Egypt bans Matrix Reloaded on religious grounds and for excessive violenceMaggie MichaelAssociated Press (US)
June 15Handsome and niceKaren Wells, Marcelo BernardesCapricho (Brazil)
June 16He's Off the HookLiz SmithNewsday (US)
June 16Matrix Reloaded, Cadillac Remade--Motor Trend (US)
June 17Reeves just likes to jam--The Examiner (US)
June 19How the stars stay in shape: Keanu Reeves--icNewscastle (UK)
June 20Keanu Reeves movie to be shot in BeavertonAbe EstimadaKGW (US)
June 23Beaverton Goes Hollywood--KOIN (US)
June 24Get fit with KeanuCeri GouldThe Western Mail (UK)
June 27Anthrax drafts indie-metal groups for new round of datesRob EvansLive Daily (US)
June 29Enter The MatrixTodd (US)
June 29Keanu Spends $4.8 Million on Hospital for Dying Sister--FOX23 (US)
June 30Whoa!--National Enquirer (US)
JulyThe Transcendental / More-Than-Sensual--InStyle (Ge)
July 2Dude, Where's My Dude? Dudelicious Dissection, From Sontag to SpicoliRon RosenbaumThe New York Observer (US)
July 3Human or not?Reed JohnsonThe Age (Aus)
July 4Beaverton lad lands role in indie flickMichaela BancudThe Portland Tribune (US)
July 4Matrix 4? Without Keanu? -- Rumours Go Wild--Film Rotation (US)
July 4Thumbs up to a juicy roleMichaela BancudThe Portland Tribune (US)
July 5The chameleon in WongFaridul Anwar FarinordinNew Straits Times (Malaysia)
July 6When the film did not move for them--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
July 7Awful accent to be sure--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
July 9Strike halts (Aus)
July 10Protestors Halt Nicholson (US)
July 11Constantine blazes to a September 17, 2004, opening--FilmJerk (US)
July 11Jack of all trades--New York Daily News (US)
July 12Artist finds sweetness in dark places--The Toronto Star (Ca)
July 13Blockbuster fashion--The Journal News (US)
July 20'Thumbsucker' fingers 3 to fill out castJonathan BingVariety (US)
July 22Back to school in Tualatin: It's just an (US)
July 22'Thumbsucker' producers plan to use Tualatin school--The Oregonian (US)
July 27Surveillance--New York Daily News (US)
July 28District gets $8,000 to let filmmakers use schoolJohn (US)
July 28Keanu Reeves is JesusDoug BrunellFilm Threat (US)
July 29Billy Jack Nabs a Director--CHUD (US)
July 30'Matrix' star targets young crowd with his music--Associated Press (US)
July 31Bratt Gives Thumbs Up to Bull's Eye MovieBorys KitThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
July 31'The Buzz' - ThursdayMark DruckerKYW Newsradio (US)
July 31Curtains for France's Summer Festivals--Business Week (US)
AugustBirth of a MessiahIan SpellingStarlog (US)
AugustKeanu Reeves supports 'revolution' in paralysis treatmentJohn MorganCelebrity Health Watch (US)
AugustThe Matrix Revolutions--Entertainment Weekly (US)
AugustThe One and OnlyDavid BassomDreamwatch (UK)
AugustSomething's Gotta Give--Entertainment Weekly (US)
August 1(Title Unknown)--Daily Express (UK)
August 2Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles--Reuters (US)
August 3Britain goes loan crazy--The Times (UK)
August 3I was a teen Keanu capitalistScott SimmieToronto Sun (Ca)
August 7Ex-Cop Takes Actors to Police AcademyAnthony BreznicanAssociated Press (US)
August 10A true story from a moron co-workerChris W.E-mail (US)
August 10Untitled Nancy Meyers Project Finally Gets a Title: ''Something's Gotta Give''ChrisFaileFilmJerk (US)
August 11Matrix Reloaded' sets box office world record at Roppongi Hills--Japan Today (Jp)
August 12Matrix plugs in at IMU--Indiana Daily Student (US)
August 13B is for RebeccajasonLab Productions Music Magazine (US)
August 13Keanu in Anthrax video--Ananova (UK)
August 15Keanu Gives It Up!--E! Online (US)
August 16Chitchat about the stars--Denver Post (US)
August 17If not Gov. Terminator, then who? Some suggestions--The Indianapolis Star (US)
August 18Matrix splashes out on final take--Herald Sun (Aus)
August 18Matrix III is in the can--Herald Sun (Aus)
August 19The stars of "Thumbsucker," on the set in Tualatin, call Oregon burbs "exotic"Shawn (US)
August 20Rachel Weisz Cast as "Constantine" Female Lead--FilmJerk (US)
August 21The Eyes Have ItTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
August 21Weisz Mulls Constantine--Sci Fi Wire (US)
August 23'Point Break Live!' takes its cue from the ridiculousJoe AdcockSeattle Post-Intelligencer (US)
August 23'Thumbsucker' wraps up filmingRon CowanStatesman Journal (US)
August 24Julia Robert ranks among Hollywood's large (Ge)
August 24Rachel and Reeves reunitedWyndham KingMegastar (UK)
August 24'Reloaded' Hits $730 Million WorldwideGregg KildayThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
August 24Tilda Swinton Joins Constantine Cast!--Superhero Hype! (US)
August 25Angels with Swinton FacesDevin FaraciCHUD (US)
August 25Ruling - Hardball--Entertainment Law Digest (US)
August 26keanu reevesEmmanuel ItierBook LA (US)
August 26What does Warren Ellis think of this whole Keanu, Tilda Swinton, Rachel Weisz in CONSTANTINE thing!?!?HarryAin't It Cool News (US)
August 27His Own Private Idaho (Or Home, At Least)Shnaelle Rein-OlowokereInStyle (US)
August 27IrreversibleJeffrey WellsQuick Stop Entertainment (US)
August 27Spirit of Johnny and SammyJeffrey WellsQuick Stop Entertainment (US)
August 27Where Reloaded Fails--Relevant Magazine (US)
August 28Constantine Script ReviewHollyfeldTMNC (US)
August 28Keanu Matrix rebooted--The Sun (UK)
August 28The Matrix vs. The Matrix: An Oscar Showdown?--The Gate (Ca)
August 29Caught Doing What?--The Daily Record (UK)
August 29Keanu's First 'Whoa'Jeffrey WellsQuick Stop Entertainment (US)
September 1Keanu's Shoe Hurts--Voici (Fr)
September 1Summer Sizzles & FizzlesJami BernardNew York Daily News (US)
September 2Warner Bros. Movie World to launch The Official MATRIX Exhibit!--The Last Free City (US)
September 3Akiva Goldsman Doing Constantine Script Revisions--Superhero Hype! (US)
September 3Halle Voted Hollywood's Most Accident-Prone--WOKR TV (US)
September 4Casting Call for Keanu Reeves Film "Constantine"--Theatre Careers (US)
September 4Celebrity Profiles--New York Daily News (US)
September 5Change the clothes, Keanu--The Sun (UK)
September 8Constantine Cast Grows--Sci Fi Wire (US)
September 8'Constantine' for Rossdale, HounsouChris GardnerThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
September 8Shia LaBeouf is Keanu's Sidekick in Constantine--Superhero Hype! (US)
September 9Keanu's Neo-Classical Cool Lightens Overloaded MatrixAndrew SarrisThe New York Observer (US)
September 9Warning: 'Matrix' Spoilers Ahead (Well, One of Them Might Be Right, Anyway)David EdelsteinThe New York Times (US)
September 10Sweet on Swinton--Windy City Media Group (US)
September 12Hack job: mixing movies and computer-security technology--Mercury News (US)
September 14Jack, Keanu, Diane -- gotta love itBob StraussSan Bernardino County Sun (US)
September 14Matrix Stars Could Give Hollywood Gig the Flick--The Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
September 14Names in the Game--The Boston Globe (US)
September 15Paychecks reloaded--The Beacon Journal (US)
September 16In this town, it's who you know--Los Angeles Times (US)
September 16Keanu Spends Birthday Alone--WENN (US)
September 17Smith, Neo and Gaeta on The Matrix (US)
September 20Keanu's Beloved (UK)
September 22ET's 'Matrix Revolutions' Exclusive!--Entertainment Tonight (US)
September 22Keanu Skips Out On A "Play" Date--US Weekly (US)
September 23Stars still glow in local memories--The News Tribune (US)
September 28Keanu Could Quit Movies For Sick Sister--Sky News (UK)
September 28Keanu Reeves To Quit Movies?--TeenHollywood (US)
September 29Keanu: Hollywood Hobo--US Magazine (US)
September 29Keanu Believe It--National Enquirer (US)
September 30The Matrix ReloadedAndy PatrizioIGN (US)
September 30People in the News--Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US)
OctoberHe's the OneAnwar BrettFilm Review (UK)
OctoberKeanu Reeves gifts surprise French lessons to co-star--The New India Express (India)
October 1Wanting more after sampling new Keaton-Nicholson flickLiz SmithThe Baltimore Sun (US)
October 2"Matrix" Finale Set for "Zero Hour"Josh GrossbergE! Online (US)
October 6Imax is Mad for MatrixPhyllis FurmanNew York Daily News (US)
October 10A First Look at Pictures From (US)
October 16Lord of the 'Circus' Ring--Entertainment Weekly (US)
October 17Keanu to Get Waxed OffJoal RyanE! Online (US)
October 20Kampala to Premier the Matrix RevolutionsMoses (Africa)
October 21Opera House to host Matrix premiereSophie Tedmanson, Jane AlbertThe Australian (Aus)
October 22Keanu's got a new band--BBC (UK)
October 23Matrix marketers keep on reloading--The Toronto Star (Ca)
October 24Trinity's Death Scene was a Beautiful Way to GoRick FultonThe Daily Record (UK)
October 26Keanu the $400 million dollar man--The Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
October 27Keanu - the lost, reclusive starJohn BedfordGirl About Town (UK)
October 29The Matrix hits TV2--Yahoo!Xtra Entertainment (NZ)
October 30Revolutions of 'Matrix'Scott BowlesUSA Today (US)
NovemberFinding NeoBruce KirklandFamous (Ca)
NovemberKeanu finally comes cleanJennifer Kasle FurmaniakCosmopolitan (US)
NovemberMatrix RevelationsMark MillerWired (US)
NovemberThe OnesDagmar DunlevyFlare (Ca)
NovemberThe One--Fusion Magazine (Philippines)
NovemberThe power of OnePaul CroughtonArena (UK)
NovemberWhat Makes Keanu CryBruce WagnerDetails Magazine (US)
NovemberYou say you want a Revolution?Oliver O'NealFiRST (Singapore)
November 1Fishburne brings humanity to 3rd 'Matrix'Angela DawsonEntertainment News Wire (US)
November 1Silent revolutionBruno LesterThe Courier-Mail (Aus)
November 2Fans hope 'Revolutions' wraps up loose endsMichael A. BrothersSpringfield News-Leader (US)
November 2Interview: Lord Joel SilverJack RubyCHUD (US)
November 2Keanu's hard driveBob StraussDaily Bulletin (US)
November 2Life on planet 'Matrix'Henry Cabot BeckNew York Daily News (US)
November 3Hollywood High On Installment PlanBootie Cosgrove-MatherCBS News (US)
November 3Hugo a happy baddie--The Age (Aus)
November 3Matrix mania returns to Australia--BBC (UK)
November 3Matrix 3 'awesome fun'Sophie TedmansonThe Sunday Times (Aus)
November 3Neo's pay-off: The final installmentGarry MaddoxThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
November 3Stars embrace a dazzling finale to Matrix film trilogyNicolette BurkeSydney Daily Telegraph (Aus)
November 4Interview by Fuji Television--Fuji Television (Jp)
November 4Something's Gotta Give Script ReviewDeadPoolTNMC (US)
November 5'The Matrix defines me': Campus ready for 3rd filmZachary A. GoldfarbThe Daily Princetonian (US)
November 5Pondering the mysterious Keanu Reeves--Associated Press (US)
November 5The ship's engine--Berliner Zeitung (Ge)
November 7An inspired missionMumtaj BegumThe Star (Malaysia)
November 7Keanu ReloadedStephen WhittyNewhouse News Service (US)
November 7The man who would be KeanuScott Brown, Raymond FloreEntertainment Weekly (US)
November 8Making The MatrixPhillip McCarthyThe Age (Aus)
November 9Hollywood Ink - Cool Breeze--Sunday Express (UK)
November 9Matrix Evolution from drop-out to Hollywood iconJane ClintonSunday Express (UK)
November 9Neo's moolahPeter BartVariety (US)
November 10Donner Talks Constantine--Sci Fi Wire (US)
November 10EXCLUSIVE: Set reports from Little Black Book, Constantine, and Cellular!--MovieWeb (US)
November 10Keanu Reeves is guest on The Early Show--The Early Show (US)
November 10Keanu Reeves Wants To Fix Family--TeenHollywood (US)
November 10Matrix has 'world record opening'--BBC (UK)
November 10The Matrix ReboundedRichard CorlissTIME (US)
November 11Keanu by the numbers--ABS-CBN (Philippines)
November 12Line 6 in the Real (US)
November 12Matrix a turning point for Carrie-Ann MossIain BlairThe Manila Times (Philippines)
November 13The mind behind the MatrixJenny ParkinThe Huddersfield Daily Examiner (UK)
November 13Quick News On Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck, Keanu Reeves, Jada Pinkett Smith, Thora Birch & More--MTV (US)
November 13That's shoebiz for Norwich firm--EDP24 News (US)
November 14More Than Meets the EyeMumtaj BegumThe Star (Malaysia)
November 15The Matrix Reloaded Movie PremiereRebecca (US)
November 16Keanu's Excellent Adventure--Galaxie (Malaysia)
November 18Keanu Reeves Replaces Russell Crowe in (US)
November 18Keanu Reeves Desperate to reconcile his mom & dying sisterEllen GoodsteinNational Enquirer (US)
November 19"The Matrix" mimics Sufi philosophy, speaker saysNick KepplerThe Pitt News (US)
November 20(Title Unknown)Bonnie LauferTribute (Ca)
November 22Reeves tempted by Nicholson comedy--Irish Examiner (Irl)
November 24'Something's Gotta Give'--Extra TV (US)
November 25'Matrix,' other geek icons become philosophy-class fodder--CNN (US)
November 25Reeves Offers Constantine Hints--Sci Fi Wire (US)
November 26Constantine Gets Noirish--Sci Fi Wire (US)
November 26Keanu's bedside manner--BBC (UK)
November 28Keanu on Access Hollywood--Access Hollywood (US)
November 30Keanu Plays Doctor in New Romantic ComedyPaul FischerFilmMonthly (US)
DecemberEnd of the RevolutionsJudy SloaneStarburst (UK)
DecemberThe Fantastic Faces of Keanu ReevesSteven PuchalskiSci Fi Magazine (US)
DecemberKeanu Reeves Interview--CinemasOnline (UK)
December(Title Unknown)--The Toronto Star (Ca)
DecemberWe Want Answers: Hugo WeavingJohn WalshMaxim (US)
DecemberYou Say You Want a Revolution.Patrick LeeSci Fi Magazine (US)
December 3Constantine--E! Online (US)
December 3Keanu Gets Cozy with Keaton--ETonline (US)
December 4Tim Bradstreet on Constantine & The Punisher--Superhero Hype! (US)
December 5Star qualityLynette MoeyThe Star (Malaysia)
December 6Her Keaton heartGlenn WhippU-Entertainment (US)
December 7Peach of a guyLouis B. HobsonWinnipeg Sun (Ca)
December 7Something's Gotta Give--New York Post (US)
December 11Diane 'Gives' Her AllJoe NeumaierNew York Daily News (US)
December 11'Something's Gotta Give' something goodPaul ClintonCNN (US)
December 11The Tonight Show with Jay Leno--The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (US)
December 12Christmas givenRay PrideMovie City News (US)
December 12Meyers' 'give' Is Glittering Holiday Movie GiftMartin A. GroveThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
December 12Weep, and the World Laughs HystericallyA. O. ScottThe New York Times (US)
December 16Something SpecialIan SpellingFilmStew (US)
December 17Keanu ReevesJordan RiefeEnglish Journal (Jp)
December 18'Something's Gotta Give'--Extra TV (US)
December 20My Favorite Place--New York Post (US)
December 20School's Out--Sunday Herald (UK)
December 29Keanu Focuses on Scots Film Project--The Daily Record (UK)
December 30Let it ShineRenee DaigleHit Parader (US)
December 31Anger at sex change for angel GabrielBrian PendreighThe Herald (UK)