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2009 was another lull in Keanu's career. His professional life saw only the release of indie film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and minor involvement as the producer for Spärhusen, a fictional Swedish band in the webseries Easy to Assemble – where Keanu wears a blond wig, two layers of shades, and makes whale noises.

Meanwhile, a woman named Karen Sala sued Keanu for a few dozen million in retroactive child and spousal support, claiming that a couple of decades ago he had disguised himself as her husband and fathered her four children. Keanu claimed he had never met her, but conceded to a paternity test and was deemed not to be the father after all.

Later in the year, Keanu participated in the 2009 Toyota Pro/Celebrity race and took 1st place in the celebrity segment.

( 2009 )

UnknownWhy I Hid From the WorldGarth PearceReveal (UK)
January 7Keanu Reeves Does Vogue Hommes International Spring Summer 2009--StyleFrizz (US)
January 7SpacedGill PringleFILMINK (Aus)
January 9Sandra Bullock reportedly to star in third film in 'Speed' franchise--BANG (UK)
January 14Oakville-raised actor keen on Keanu ReevesTina DepkoOakville Beaver (Ca)
January 15Fox hunts down 'Cowboy Bebop'Borys KitThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
January 15Keanu Reeves set for 'Bebop'Tatiana SiegelVariety (US)
January 21Producer Erwin Stoff Gives iF the Scoop About the 'Cowboy Bebop' Flick - It Won't Be an Origin Movie!Charlene ChengiF Magazine (US)
February 3Keanu Reeves in InterviewMireilla (Ge)
February 10Reeves shakes up suburbia in star-studded filmKerstin GehmlichReuters (US)
February 12The Lost Keanu Reeves Film - He Plays Narcissus--Murex (US)
February 18The Enduring Legacy of Point BreakKevin (US)
February 21David Beckham, Sean Connery used to promote sex drug in China--Herald Sun (Aus)
MarchIrresistibleDidier Péron, Sabrina ChampenoisVogue Hommes International (Fr)
March 9The Asian ConundrumViolet GlazeFilm Threat (US)
March 9Luke Wilson and Keanu Reeves to Race in the Toyota Grand PrixEunice OhPeople (US)
March 12Keanu Takes His Business Meeting Lying Down--Celebuzz (US)
March 16The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) - 3-Disc Special EditionTyler FosterDVD Talk (US)
March 16Sparhusen--Luna Guitars (US)
March 17Texas BBQ with SpärhusenJM DobiesBLOG! by JM Dobies (US)
March 19Icon Film Distribution Announce June 26th Release Date for THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE--MarketWire (Ca)
March 22Anybody Realize How Much Keanu Made Off the Matrix?Brian K. WhiteGlossy News (US)
March 23Sunrise: Keanu Reeves' Enthusiasm Clinched Cowboy Bebop Deal--Anime News Network (US)
March 28A star-studded trackKaren Robes MeeksPress-Telegram (US)
March 28The Matrix: Ten Years LaterAndy FriskComic Book Bin (Ca)
March 3110 years later: 10 good and evil things from 'Matrix'Micah (US)
March 31The Legacy of The MatrixKim NewmanRotten Tomatoes (US)
March 31March 31, 1999: The Matrix Hooks UsScott ThillWired (US)
April 1Keanu Reeves, Shilpa Shetty Starrer Hanuman Movie (India)
April 1World Renowned Vegas Gaming Expert Picks Skateboarder Danny Way and Actor Keanu Reeves as Celebrity Favorites in 2009 Toyota Pro/Celebrity RaceAnthony CurtisPR Newswire (US)
April 5Morgan Creek enters Nicita eraTatiana SiegelVariety (US)
April 7Keanu Reeves Is A Passenger In Cosmic Love StoryAlasdair Wilkinsio9 (US)
April 7Ted's lonely and not so excellent adventure--The Star (Malaysia)
April 7World's fastest rehearsalKaren Robes MeeksPress-Telegram (US)
April 8Keanu Reeves Talks To Radar On Red Carpet--Radar Online (US)
April 8'Point Break' on stage? Catch it in San FranciscoJim HarringtonContra Costa Times (US)
April 8Reeves revved up for celeb raceRob MoralesPress-Telegram (US)
April 9Keanu Reeves is an alien...Chris KnightNational Post (Ca)
April 12Tom Waits Has Something For the Kids on EasterNathaniel RogersThe Film Experience (US)
April 13Point Break Live! at CellspaceAndy WrightSF Weekly (US)
April 13Stars have need for 'Speed'Marcia C. SmithThe Orange County Register (US)
April 14Danny Way, Keanu Reeves and Adrien Brody are Vegas Gaming Expert Anthony Curtis' Latest Picks as Favorites to Win 2009 Toyota Pro/Celebrity RaceAnthony CurtisPR Newswire (US)
April 14Keanu Reeves To Star In Sacha Gervasi's Dark Romantic Comedy, 'Henry's Crime'--The Playlist (US)
April 16PassengersCarson ReevesScriptShadow (US)
April 18Keanu Reeves, Al Unser Jr. finish first in Grand Prix Pro/Celebrity raceKelly PuenteContra Costa Times (US)
April 18Keanu Reeves: Certified Speed RacerMarcus ErricoE! Online (US)
April 18Keanu Reeves Wins Celebrity Category of 2009 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race--PR Newswire (US)
April 18Keanu Reeves Revs Engines To Win Celebrity Race--Access Hollywood (US)
April 19Grand Prix: Keanu Reeves, Al Unser Jr. Win Pro-Celebrity RaceMike GuardabascioLong Beach Post Sports (US)
April 19Little Al - Again--The Canadian Press (Ca)
April 20DVD Review: The Lost Collection -- The Night BeforeChristine (US)
April 22Blu-Ray Review: The Matrix: 10th Anniversary EditionRobert M. (US)
April 24Update on Constantine (US)
April 25The private lives of Keanu ReevesKaleem AftabThe National (UAE)
April 29'Other guys' in celebrity bands like Billy Bob's face double-edged swordNick PatchThe Canadian Press (Ca)
April 30Keanu Reeves Circling Cartagena--MovieWeb (US)
April 30Keanu Reeves in Talks for (US)
May 1Keanu Reeves Joins A Drug CartelJosh TylerCinema Blend (US)
May 1The Night Before (The Lost Collection) - DVD ReviewFrankie DeesMonsters and Critics (US)
May 4Ron Howard's 'Parenthood' headed to NBC ... 20 years laterSteve (US)
May 7Keanu Reeves in for new 'Jekyll'Borys Kit, Stephen ZeitchikThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
May 8Keanu Reeves Gets Hold of 'Jekyll' (US)
May 8Keanu Reeves in Line for Dr Jekyll and Mr (UK)
May 8Keanu Reeves Heads to the Lab for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeHeather WixsonDread Central (US)
May 8Keanu Reeves: The Next Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeMonika BartyzelCinematical (US)
May 9Keanu Reeves tapped for 'Jekyll' film--United Press International (US)
May 11Chris Morgan Describes '47 Ronin' As Similar To '300' And 'Gladiator'Josh WiglerMTV Movies Blog (US)
May 12Scribe Chris Morgan talks Keanu Reeves' '47 Ronin'Mark PollardKung Fu Cinema (US)
May 14Keanu Reeves to star in $25m action thriller CartagenaNancy (US)
May 15Alex Winter and Tom Stern will get Freaked at New BeverlySteve BiodrowskiHollywood Gothique (US)
May 15Can't have too much Keanu--Cartegena is on his plateOtownRogOrlando Sentinel (US)
May 21Ian rejects offer from Keanu ReevesSophie BarleyScarborough Evening News (UK)
May 21Pushing hot buttons the Jay Mohr wayGlen SchaeferThe Province (Ca)
May 29Barrie woman seeks child support from Keanu ReevesBruce DemaraThe Toronto Star (Ca)
May 29Barrie Woman Wants Child Support, Baby Butter From Keanu ReevesLeah CollinsDose (Ca)
May 29Ont. woman alleges Reeves may be her kids' dad--Canwest (Ca)
June 2Woman Hoping Some Of Her Kids Are Keanu'sRyan PorterYahoo! News (US)
June 7If you liked The Hangover, try The Night Before.Scott MendelsonFilm Threat (US)
June 15Star Luggage or Why Maria Carey Needs 20 Suitcases--TV Park (Russia)
June 19Robin: Keanu is a gentle giant--The Press Association (UK)
June 23Writer Peter Craig Speaks on Cowboy Bebop Flickgia manryAnime Vice (US)
June 25'Cowboy Bebop' Screenwriter Says Current Draft Is 'Extremely True' To AnimeCaleb GoellnerMTV (US)
July 3Keanu Reeves - An A-list slacker grows upKaleem AftabThe Independent (UK)
July 4The guidelines: The highs and lows of Keanu Reeves and Winona RyderSteve RoseThe Guardian (UK)
July 5The Fairer SixJohn MillarCalifornian Chronicle (US)
July 5Robin Wright Penn is free as a bird--WalesOnline (UK)
July 6Keanu's counsel confident paternity suit will be (Ca)
July 6Woman seeking child support from Keanu Reeves says she's been through hellTrevor PritchardThe Canadian Press (Ca)
July 7Suit 'frivolous,' Keanu Reeves seeks costsBruce DemaraThe Toronto Star (Ca)
July 8Keanu Reeves Becoming a Chef?Monika BartyzelCinematical (US)
July 9Some Lady: Keanu Reeves Fathered My Kids And Won't Add Me To His Bank AccountShawn LindsethHecklerspray (US)
July 20In Which Keanu Reeves Breaks Our Head Open Like A MelonBen ArfmannThis Recording (US)
July 23Constantine 2 ExclusiveChris TillyIGN (UK)
July 23Neha Dhupia goes to (India)
July 30'Alien' prequel takes offMichael FlemingVariety (US)
August 1-7Keanu Reeves: "I don't want to get pinned down on the same genre."Monique van de SandeMikro Gids (NL)
August 1Lorenzo di Bonaventura Speak Transformers 3, Jack Ryan, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of (US)
August 1The Summer Of '80s Movies: 'River's Edge' Needs Coco Chanel's Best AdviceLinda HolmesMonkey See (US)
August 4Personal Encounters With Celebrities--Something Awful (US)
August 8On Photography - Candice Bergen - My FailureAlex (Ca)
August 16Something Eating Keanu?Linda MassarellaWinnipeg Sun (Ca)
August 17Keanu Reeves Meets with Farkas for Film Deal--The Santiago Times (Chile)
August 18Keanu Reeves in Chile for movie (UK)
August 18Minor Story Details on Live Action COWBOY BEBOP!--IESB (US)
August 19Poker heats up in HollywoodMatthew (US)
August 20Reeves' DNA case held over until Sept. 1--The Canadian Press (Ca)
August 21Diaz is Speed dating KeanuCarl StroudThe Sun (UK)
August 27Reeves Back With Assistant (UK)
August 31Keanu Reeves' time for 'Crime'Michael FlemingVariety (US)
August 31Like We Said: Keanu Reeves To Star In Sacha Gervasi-Written, 'Henry's Crime'--The Playlist (US)
September 1Keanu Reeves agrees to DNA paternity testing--The Canadian Press (Ca)
September 1Keanu Reeves seems to be entranced in London as he enjoys a late summer's romantic (US)
September 1Keanu Reeves to winter in BuffaloRich (US)
September 3Keanu Reeves -- DNA Will Set Me Free--TMZ (US)
September 5Hollywood star's Dundee visitJoy WattersThe Courier (UK)
September 5Keanu Reeves springs surprise visit on Dundee Rep for Chekhov play--The Daily Record (UK)
September 5Keanu believe Dundee visitKenny McAlpineThe Sun (UK)
September 5Keanu Reeves to play Rama--Washington Bangla Radio (India)
September 8Hindus Worried About Keanu Reeves Movie--WENN (US)
September 9Exclusive : Point Break 2 Dead!?Clint MorrisMoviehole (US)
September 9Point Break 2: Not HappeningDave GonzalesLatino Review (US)
September 13Peeling the onion on Pippa LeeBarry HertzNational Post (Ca)
September 13VIDEO: Keanu Reeves, webisode starAndrew WallensteinThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
September 15Feds Can't Enter County Jails, But Keanu Reeves CanDave (US)
September 15Film crew opens doors to county jailsMatthew SpinaThe Buffalo News (US)
September 15Keanu Reeves Recalls Swayze as 'A Beautiful Person'Brenda RodriguezPeople (US)
September 16City donates space to Keanu Reeves filmMylous (US)
September 16Keanu Reeves, the mane attraction--The Globe and Mail (Ca)
September 16Keanu Reeves is not going to be this year's Sean Penn, sorry--Toronto Life (Ca)
September 16Keanu Reeves won't comment on beard, fans dismayed by facial hair--Toronto Life (Ca)
September 16Keanu, Colin and Clive: Getting close to my celeb crushesSheri (Ca)
September 16Our 10-minute date with Keanu ReevesBernadette MorraFASHION Magazine (Ca)
September 16Reeves' company to get free space for film workBrian MeyerThe Buffalo News (US)
September 16Robin, Keanu, and fangirling for Rebecca--LaineyGossip (US)
September 16Stars of "Pippa Lee" want private lives to stay that wayKim LinekinMSN Movies (US)
September 16Toronto Notebook: Of Keanu and KaraokeJames RocchiE! Online (US)
September 17Keanu Reeves' pint potRoger N. MorrisRoger's Plog (UK)
September 17Keanu Reeves gets personal: actor stars in The Private Lives of Pippa LeeKatherine MonkCanwest (Ca)
September 18Howard Defends Celebrity Jail Tour; Film Crew May (US)
September 18Is Robin Wright Penn the New Jen Aniston?Ted Casablanca, Aly WeismanE! Online (US)
September 18TIFF 2009: Keanu Reeves Compares Working on Pippa Lee to PhysicsJames RocchiAMC (US)
September 216 ways to reinvent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Keanu Reeves?Fred TopelSci Fi Wire (US)
September 21Exclusive: Director Nicholas W. Refn Discusses Keanu Reeves and 'Jekyll'Jen YamatoCinematical (US)
September 22Henry's CrimeCarson ReevesScriptShadow (US)
September 23Cowboy Bebop is Apparently 'Too Awesome' for Fox to MakeAlex BillingtonMTV (US)
September 23EXCLUSIVE: Keanu Reeves Says 'Cowboy Bebop' Movie Getting A RewriteRick MarshallMTV (US)
September 23Refn talks JekyllRichard BruntonFilmstalker (UK)
September 27Matrix LoadedWil AndersonThe Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
September 27Shadow 19Roger BalfourScriptShadow (US)
September 28A true KeanustoryLeisha CamdenLeisha's Random Thoughts & Ponderings (Ca)
September 29It's Hard to Explain Life When A Film Can Just Explain It BetterAllie PerezThe Cornell Daily Sun (US)
OctoberEmpire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars--Empire (UK)
October 1Morristown film series gears up for hot fall of Oscar hopefuls--The Star-Ledger (US)
October 7Illeana Douglas talks about new Web series 'Sparhusen' (featuring Keanu Reeves)Kate WardEntertainment Weekly (US)
October 8'Easy to Assemble' Season 2 Premieres with 'Sparhusen' RockMarc HustvedtTubefilter News (US)
NovemberGrand Prix tickets for 2010 on saleJohn CanalisLong Beach Press-Telegram (US)
October 13DNA test clears Keanu Reeves in Canadian paternity suit: LawyerJordana HuberCanwest (Ca)
October 14Keanu Reeves is Not the Father--South Asian Women's Forum (India)
October 15Test shows Keanu isn't the father, lawyer says--The Toronto Star (Ca)
October 16Reeves backs kung fu filmWang XiangShanghai Daily (Ch)
October 19Ask 411 Movies for 10.19.09: Attack of the Killer Movie Columns!Leonard (US)
October 21Keanu Reeves backs Yuen Clan's 'Kung Fu Hero'Mark PollardKung Fu Cinema (US)
October 22Revealing her 'Private Lives'--Metro (US)
October 24Ryder Lived 'Rough' for New Indie (UK)
October 28Upbeat Ashutosh moves on after flop--India Today (India)
NovemberKeanu Confidential--Ladies' Home Journal (US)
November 2DraculaDoniphonThe Long Voyage Home (US)
November 4Keanu Reeves on With Janet & Nick--Kiss 98.5 (US)
November 16Is the Keanu Reeves Movie Coming to Buffalo--WKBW News 7 (US)
November 16Source: Keanu Reeves's Plans to Shoot Movie in Buffalo Still OnMatt (US)
November 17A Proof: Keanu Can ActFergal CaseyTalking Movies (Irl)
November 17Carl Rinsch to helm '47 Ronin'Steven ZeitchikThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
November 17Keanu Reeves in talks to star as a Samurai in Carl Rinsch's 47 RONINAbe FromanGeekTyrant (US)
November 17Source says Reeves movie will film hereAaron (US)
November 21A less-scruffy Reeves turns heads on return to BuffaloTom BuckhamThe Buffalo News (US)
November 23Movie production will detour NFTA railJames FinkBusiness First of Buffalo (US)
November 26Keanu Reeves Visits Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen--Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts (US)
November 27Robin Wright and Keanu Reeves expose 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee'Carla HaysThe Examiner (US)
November 30Script Review: Keanu Reeves Vehicle 47 RONINStephanie SanchezIESB (US)
December 2Reeves' film plans scene at restaurantJanice L. HabudaThe Buffalo News (US)
December 16Filming starts for Henry's CrimeEli (US)
December 16Keanu Reeves Meets With Local WNY Leaders and MediaJennifer StanonisWKBW News 7 (US)
December 18Buffalo Businesses Cashing-In On Keanu Reeves MovieAndrew (US)
December 18Fans wait for autographs from KeanuMark (US)
December 18KENMORE: Keanu thrills crowd gathered at shootEd AdamczykNiagara Gazette (US)
December 18Reeves hits deck - many times - before filming shifts to the fallsTom BuckhamThe Buffalo News (US)
December 19Pics of Keanu in KenmoreDavid ValenzuelaThe Buffalo News (US)
December 30Keanu Reeves films "Henry's Crime" at locations around New York StateKauriOn Location Vacations (US)