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1991 – 1993

point break. my own private idaho. paula abdul, vampires, hell, enlightenment. (not at the same time)

Riding on the sleeper success of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, this period saw Keanu making his way into the public consciousness. In 1991, Point Break established him as an action star, while My Own Private Idaho garnered good critical reviews. With the Bill & Ted sequel out that same year, Roger 'Two Thumbs Up!' Ebert declared himself 'astonished' at Keanu's acting range.

However, 1992 then brought with it Bram Stoker's Dracula – currently acknowledged (including by Keanu) as perhaps his worst performance ever, the last of four movies filmed back-to-back. Public (and critical) consensus started dramatically shifting on Keanu's acting ability, not aided by his shying away from the sudden limelight and refusing to play along the rules of celebrity. He avoided public events, refused interviews, and gave monosyllabic answers in contrast to his earlier exuberance, leading frustrated journalists to speculate on his lack of intelligence – a stereotype that would dog Keanu for decades to come – and give less-than-favourable reviews of Keanu as both an actor and a person.

( 1991 )

UnknownBack to the Future with Bill and Ted--Fantazone (US)
UnknownHey Dude!--Fantazia (UK)
UnknownPromotion Guide - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey--Orion Pictures (US)
SummerShot by ShotChristopher BagleyPreview (US)
February 26Bill & Ted's Adventure shocker: Star collapses after using 'mystery' substanceMaria FalkStar Magazine (US)
AprilThe Beautiful Outsider--Petra (Ge)
June / JulyAlex & Keanu's excellent interviewsPeter McQuaid, Cindy Cohen, Linda FriedmanYM (US)
JuneIs It True Keanu Doesn't Bathe?--Teen Machine (Aus)
JulyBill / Ted's PartyGerri MillerUnknown Source (US)
JulyHey Dudes, What's the Scoop This Time?Karen SchoemerThe New York Times (US)
JulyInto the Night - Excellent Party for "Bill & Ted"Jeannine SteinLos Angeles Times (US)
JulyJourney To The Hearts of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter!--BOP (US)
JulyKeanu Reeves: An Actor - Three MovementsDario ScardapaneMovies (US)
July 11The Most Excellent Keanu Reeves Gets Serious--San Jose Mercury News (US)
July 12Keanu Reeves; 'Ted' moves into Hollywood bigtimeJamie PortmanOttawa Citizen (US)
July 12On solid groundBob ThompsonToronto Sun (Ca)
July 14Having A Devil of A TimeJohn SakamotoToronto Sun (Ca)
July 14Riding The WavesStephen SchaeferBoston Herald (US)
July 14Surprise Hit's Wacky Sequel 'Bill & Ted' in Warp SpeedPaul FreemanSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
July 17Bill and Ted Rock OnBob FensterThe Arizona Republic (US)
July 17"Bill and Ted" writing team turned improvisational sketch into movieBob FensterThe Arizona Republic (US)
July 17The Radical Reality of Keanu ReevesChris WillmanLos Angeles Times (US)
July 18Keanu Reeves' artistic adventuresTom GreenUSA Today (US)
July 18Typecasting? Bogus! Keanu Reeves likes Ted but prefers a character changeBob StraussChicago Tribune (US)
July 19Bill and Ted Return as Energetic AirheadsBob ThomasThe Commercial Appeal (US)
July 19Bill and Ted's Bogus JourneyRoger EbertChicago Sun-Times (US)
July 19The Breeze is Up: 'Bill and Ted' Star Reeves has Two Films in ValleyPaul WillisteinAllentown Morning Call (US)
July 23Raising KeanuMal VincentThe Virginian-Pilot (US)
July 24Wiped Out by Role, Reeves Dove into ItLuaine LeeRocky Mountain News (US)
July 25Bogus 'Bill & Ted' Covers Make for Excellent HeadlinesAnita M. BuschThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
July 27Bill and Ted go beyond excellent in this summer's "Bogus Journey"--Celebrity (US)
July 27Keanu ReevesNorman WilnerThe Toronto Star (Ca)
July 27Keanu Reeves, Actor DudeCindy PearlmanThe Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
July 28No Bogus Trip, Keanu Reeves is One Cool DudePaul WillisteinThe Times Union, Albany NY (US)
July 30Keanu Reeves: I'm a goof who can't stop living dangerously--Star Magazine (US)
AugustBill, Ted, Keanu and Alex: 4 Dudes in Search of Each OtherRichard SchultzVenice Magazine (US)
AugustBill and Ted's Excellent AdventureSteve BiodrowskiCinefantastique (US)
AugustBill and Ted Go to HellSteve BiodrowskiCinefantastique (US)
AugustThe Bogus Interview: A Play in One ActChristiana KellySassy (US)
AugustThe Last WordEric HilliardPrevue (US)
AugustThe Pursuit of ExcellenceChris HeathDetails Magazine (US)
August 1Sadler reaping success from 'Bogus Journey'--Gannett Suburban Newspapers (US)
August 1Ted's Bogus VideoJohn SakamotoToronto Sun (Ca)
August 5Nothing bogus about this speciesSusan Wloszczyna, Karen S. PetersonUSA Today (US)
August 6Paula Abdul swaps partners again - and movie sensation Keanu's the latest lucky guyJennifer PearsonStar Magazine (US)
August 7Keanu Reeves is EverywhereTodd CampAcron Beacon Journal (US)
SeptemberBill & Ted's Excellent InterviewBill WarrenStarlog (US)
SeptemberThe Dream Machine - Keanu ReevesHowie WeissTV Hits (Aus)
September / OctoberShakespeare in Black LeatherLance LoudAmerican's Film (US)
SeptemberTake An Excellent Ride Through Time On Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey--Teen Beat Times (US)
SeptemberStars cancel visitsBruce KirklandToronto Sun (Ca)
September 17Party on, dude--Star Magazine (US)
OctoberAlex & Keanu: Most Excellent Dudes!--Teen Beat All-Stars (US)
October / NovemberBourgeois White BoyBob StraussTower Video Collector (US)
OctoberKabuki Keanu--Vanity Fair (US)
OctoberKeanu's just a happy hippyRachelle UnreichDolly (Aus)
OctoberKeanu Reeves: Career Kickoff with 30 Dollars!--Pop/Rocky (Ge)
OctoberThe Key to KeanuSteve KorteGirlfriend (Aus)
OctoberWhoa, Dude!Karen MolineElle (UK)
OctoberYoung Actors Go Wild with Gus Van SantSean ElderElle (US)
October 2 - 15Keanu Reeves: "Johnny Depp's Better Looking Than Me!"--Smash Hits (UK)
October 10Pizzazz pays off big for teenaged 'slob'George GamesterThe Toronto Star (Ca)
October 13An Eye on the Private River PhoenixSteven ReaThe Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
November31 things that make you go hmmmm... about Keanu ReevesCindy PearlmanSeventeen (US)
November / DecemberAwesome Dude!Jackie K. CooperInside Hollywood (US)
NovemberErotic from L.A.--Petra (Ge)
NovemberKeanu Reeves / River PhoenixGini Sikes, Paige PowellInterview (US)
NovemberLost BoysDario ScardapaneUS Magazine (US)
NovemberPseudo-Quasi-Method in his MadnessJames Cameron-WilsonFilm Review (UK)
DecemberAunt Julia And The Scriptwriter--Empire (UK)
DecemberBill & Ted's Bogus Journey--Odeon Cinemas (UK)
DecemberIs Keanu Reeves Really A Shy Guy?--BB (US)
DecemberKeanu Feel ItEthlie Ann VareSky (UK)
DecemberKeanu Reeves' Excellent AdventureIan FryerImpact (UK)
DecemberKeanu Reeves' big night inIan FryerImpact (UK)
DecemberMost Excellent!Chris HeathThe Face (UK)

( 1992 )

Unknown(Title Unknown)Lisa FrydmanCinemateen (Jp)
January"Bill and Ted is a State of Mind"--TV Hits (UK)
JanuaryThe class clown makes goodDan YakirTV Hits (Aus)
January - MarchKeanu Reeves - The unlikely starJeff HaywardTV Hits (Aus)
JanuaryRebel without a pauseDario ScardapaneTV Hits (UK)
January 23 - 30The Totally Real Bill and TedWinfield ScottCity Limits - London's Guide (UK)
FebruaryBill & Ted's Bogus JourneyAlan JonesStarburst (UK)
FebruaryKicking it with Keanu--Teen (US)
FebruaryBill & Ted's Bogus JourneyAlan JonesStarburst (UK)
March 7Keanu Reeves--Hitkrant (NL)
March 28Keanu dig it?--NME (UK)
AprilTheir Own Private IdahoJenny CooneyEmpire (UK)
April 1Keanu Reeves - One weird dude?!Jeff HaywardSmash Hits (Aus)
April 29 - May 22So Hard--Smash Hits (UK)
JuneDandy, Agent and Callboy--Playgirl (Ge)
June"I Don't Want to be Super Famous!"Roald RynningTV Hits (UK)
June 16Days' Nerd and Wildman Keanu Rock it Up in a Hot New band--Star Magazine (US)
JulyBill And Ted's 'Bogus' JourneymanDavid AldridgeFilm Review (UK)
July / AugustKeanu Reeves - his excellent adventureJeff HaywardMovie (Aus)
JulyKeanu Reeves - "I'm gnarly!"--TV Hits (UK)
JulyKissableSusanne PetersenVideo Magazin (Ge)
JulyWho's Hot! - Keanu ReevesBronwen BurkeDell Publishing Group, New York (US)
July 26Night JobSteven Hochman, Dennis HuntLos Angeles Times (US)
AugustIt's in his kissRachelle UnreichDolly (Aus)
AugustKeanu Reeves: A Most Bogus Sex SymbolCindy PearlmanPlaygirl (US)
AugustThe sexist men alive--Cleo (Aus)
August 4Keanu Reeves' night of passion with Unlawful Entry beauty--Star Magazine (US)
SeptemberSays who? Says Keanu!--Teen (US)
OctoberThe Trippy Adventures of Keanu ReevesJud I. ThearneFotogramas (Spain)
NovemberDoin' time on Planet KeanuStephen RebelloMovieline (US)
NovemberNecking with Keanu--YM (Aus)
DecemberKeanu Reeves: Love Bites!--TM (US)
DecemberMuch ado about KeanuClaire IsaacGirlfriend (Aus)
December 10Coppola Finds Keanu Reeves a Strange But Beautiful KidSteven ReaThe Charlotte Observer (US)

( 1993 )

Autumn / WinterBeau-daciousJeff HaywardStudio for Men (Aus)
UnknownSpiritual Love--TV Hits (UK)
UnknownTotally BogusAshley HeathSky (UK)
JanuarySpotted!--Smash Hits (UK)
JanuaryThe totally delicious KeanuJeff HaywardCleo (Aus)
January 15A little quiet for KeanuRick SkyThe Mirror (UK)
January 20Kool KeanuKingma HoffmanSmash Hits (Aus)
FebruaryCruisin' with Keanu--Girlfriend (Aus)
FebruaryKeanu Reeves in My Own Private Idaho--Video (Aus)
FebruaryWho's Keanu Kissing Now?Stephanie OsfieldLooks (Aus)
February 17 - March 2Rebel yell!--Smash Hits (UK)
AprilKeanu Achieves NirvanaStephen Hameli-D Magazine (UK)
April 7Quick interview with Keanu Reeves--Bravo (Ge)
April 17Night JobJerry Hicks, Rose Apodaca, Bob BarkerLos Angeles Times (US)
April 30Lights! Karma! Action!Meredith BerkmanEntertainment Weekly (US)
MayMuch Ado About KeanuJim TurnerDetour Magazine (US)
May 12 - 19No Place Like OmBrian CaseTime Out London (UK)
May 24Keanu Reeves: Canadian coolCraig MacInnisThe Toronto Star (Ca)
June - JulyFan Letter: Keanu ReevesPolly FrostThe Modern Review (UK)
July 1Buddha can you spare the time...Richard WallaceThe Mirror (UK)
July 17"One day you're a star, the next cow's shit!"Marcel Lee HowardHitkrant (NL)
July 29Film Star Reeves Joins Rock BandMick LaSalleChicago Tribune (US)
AugustThe sexiest men alive--Cleo (Aus)
AugustTotal KeanuJim TurnerSky (UK)
August 22He's a Star, But is He an Actor?Sarah GristwoodThe Independent (US)
SeptemberDon Juan 93--Prinz (Ge)
SeptemberThe Gentle Rocker--Kino (Ge)
SeptemberHealthy, Wealthy And Wise?Jeff DawsonEmpire (UK)
September"I love the gypsy life!"Marga BoehleHit! (Ge)
SeptemberThe naked gun: Keeh-aahh-nooohh!!Gabriela HerpellTempo (Ge)
SeptemberTaming of the dudeJim McCellan, Marianne GrayThe Face (UK)
September 9Not just a sex godRuth PicardieThe Age (Aus)
September 23Keanu's Excellent CareerRob LowingThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
September 30I finally got to be really evil. I had a blast doing it!Ulrich LösslBerliner Zeitung (Ge)
October"We often get bad eggs thrown at us!"--Kino (Ge)
October 27Let's Do LunchTim FennellSmash Hits (Aus)
NovemberClassic Keanu - And His Excellent Italian AdventureEric AllenTV Hits (Aus)
NovemberHollywood's Hell-ManGina JohnsonDolly (Aus)
DecemberFast and Furious!--TV Hits (UK)
DecemberKeanu Reeves, State of GraceMichel RebichonStudio (Fr)