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hamlet. a walk in the clouds. johnny mnemonic. a distinct lack of speeding boats.

The fame train continued well into 1995, with an unprecendented level of coverage of Keanu's post-Speed work – especially his stage performance of Hamlet in Winnipeg, Canada, followed by the films A Walk in the Clouds and Johnny Mnemonic. The press followed Keanu everywhere. By this time he had started to open up again, though sometimes in ways that left journalists bewildered: be it by his tendency to do weird things like compose poetry on the spot, give non-sequitur answers, or turn down an $11 million offer to do Speed 2.

( 1995 )

WinterDogstar ArticleKatherine TulichETC (Singapore)
SummerMuch Ado About Keanu Reeves--Film Review (UK)
Summer / FallMy KeanuLisa PalacBUST Magazine (US)
UnknownReeves rockin' down under--Canoe (Ca)
January14 Quick Questions for Keanu ReevesMinki Reichardt, Michaela SimonUnknown Magazine (Ge)
JanuaryA Keanu ChristmasVivian HollandPlaygirl (US)
JanuaryJohnny HandsomeDavid GiammarcoSciFi-Universe (Fr)
JanuaryKeanu's family album!--Smash Hits (UK)
January 1Bella FellaMaureen ScoffieldWinnipeg Sun (Ca)
January 8Keanu's Bitter SecretSharon Churcher, Mike McDonoughThe Sunday Mail (Aus)
January 11The play's the thingNelle OosteromToronto Sun (Ca)
January 12An international event - local dignitaries, foreign visitors throng to glittering premierBrad OswaldWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
January 12Manager nixes TV taping of Keanu Reeves' Hamlet--The Toronto Star (Ca)
January 12Most excellent, dude!Bud Robertson, Brad OswaldWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
January 12Pop Quiz: To Be or Not to BeNelle OosteromOttawa Sun (Ca)
January 13Hamlet - Snickers, kudos greet KeanuRoger LewisVancouver Sun (Ca)
January 13Some fans left out in cold--Winnipeg Sun (Ca)
January 13Sweet PrinceRiva HarrisonWinnipeg Sun (Ca)
January 13Will And Keanu's Excellent AdventureRiva HarrisonToronto Sun (Ca)
January 14Alas, Poor Keanu is No Classic ActorVit WagnerThe Toronto Star (Ca)
January 14Keen on Keanu--Toronto Globe and Mail (ca)
January 14Reeves as Hamlet? It Looks Good on HimH.J. KirchoffToronto Globe and Mail (Ca)
January 14Reeves as Hamlet: Not a bad night, sweet princeJamie PortmanVancouver Sun (Ca)
January 14Reeves best when movingNelle OosteromWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
January 14Speed Demon Reeves delivers uneven Prince of DenmarkJamie PortmanOttawa Citizen (Ca)
January 20Keanu Proved His Point OnstageMorley WalkerWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
January 22Most Excellent PrinceRoger LewisThe Sunday Times (UK)
January 23Keanu's Excellent AdventureLyle SlackMacLean's (Ca)
January 23Keanu, prince of DenmarkBrian D. JohnsonMacLean's (Ca)
January 23Sam Reeves; 'I want Keanu back in my life'Mike KnappNew Weekly (Aus)
January 24'Hamlet' is Keanu's speedJeannie Williams, David Patrick StearnsUSA Today (US)
January 24Princely performanceKevin ProkoshWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
January 26For Keanu It's No Holds BardJohn O'MahonyNew York Post (US)
FebruaryKeanu: Live & sweatyLesley O'TooleDolly (Aus)
February / MarchKeanu Shines as HamletStu SlayenWhat! (Ca)
FebruaryKeanu's Excellent AdventureAlana HouseEzy (Aus)
FebruaryKeanu Reeves Interview--Extra Online (Ca)
FebruaryRemembering JohnnyShlomo SchwartzbergFestival (Ca)
February"You Look Like Keanu Reeves"--Sky (UK)
February 1People Profiles MTC, oh, and Keanu TooTreena KhanWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
February 3Goodbye, sweet princeRiva HarrisonWinnipeg Sun (Ca)
February 6Fresh PrinceShelley Levitt, Natasha StoynoffPeople (US)
February 6Winnipegios - Cold But Not FrozenDavid RobertsToronto Globe and Mail (Ca)
February 7Keanu Reeves' cold fans give him warm send-offJeannie WilliamsUSA Today (US)
February 8An Excellent Adventure for Tamara and JohnTamara BodiWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
February 8Good Night, Sweet Prince: cast party ends historic moment in city's stage historyKevin ProkoshWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
February 8 - 21King Keanu--Big (UK)
February 8Superstar Bids Hamlet, Winnipeg Farewell: For City's Keanu Fans Parting Is Sweet SorrowLinda RosboroughWinnipeg Free Press (Ca)
February 13Dark prince Keanu--New Weekly (Aus)
February 15Keanu! Keanu!Pete StantonSmash Hits (Aus)
MarchBogus AdventureMireille HagenSky (UK)
MarchEven Cowgirls Get The BluesColette MaudeEmpire (UK)
MarchHollywood to HamletRobert TanichPlays & Players (US)
MarchHottest Man on Earth No 3 - Keanu Reeves--Unknown Magazine (Aus)
MarchInterview with Keanu Reeves--Pronto (Spain)
MarchKeanu Reeves: The US interviewMargy RochlinUS Magazine (US)
March / AprilKeanu CallingKevin CourrierTribute Magazine (Ca)
MarchTickets please!--TV Hits (Aus)
MarchTo Ke or not to Ke--Just Seventeen (UK)
March 7Wishful rumoringBruce VilanchThe Advocate (US)
March 11Keanu's A Scream!Margy RochlinTV Week (Aus)
March 13Peek-a-nu Keanu piques People's pocket--The Toronto Star (Ca)
March 24FlashesCindy PearlmanEntertainment Weekly (US)
March 27Pop Music: Keanu Reeves' Dogstar a Competent, Lightweight ActSandy MasuoLos Angeles Times (US)
AprilThe Himbos Are Coming! The Himbos Are Coming!Deborah MichelThe Buzz Magazine (US)
AprilHollywood Hunks-Just a bunch of Himbos?Sherri SylvesterCNN (US)
AprilSuper Kool KeanuEdwin J. BernardLive & Kicking (UK)
AprilThe World According To KeanuHarold Von KurskSpeak Up (Brazil)
April 4Public EyeJeanne Beach EignerThe San Diego Union-Tribune (US)
April 16Tabloid doesn't faze Carl MarotteZorianna KitThe Toronto Star (Ca)
April 18Keanu takes time, composes a rhyme; fan fails a test, invite she messedCheryl JohnsonStar Tribune (US)
April 27In Interview, Keanu Balks at Swinging on Star StatusCheryl JohnsonStar Tribune (US)
MayThe ever cool KeanuJustine OatesGirlfriend (Aus)
May / June"I hate the term sex symbol" Reeves says quietlyJames CountPlatinum Magazine (US)
MayKeanu ReevesElizabeth LeslieSatellite Times (UK)
MayReeves, Keanu (kee-AH-noo)--Current Biography (US)
MaySpeeding Ahead--TV Hits (Aus)
MayTearing to the TopShelby Lee PierceFeature (Ca)
May 8The 50 Most Beautiful People: Keanu Reeves--People (US)
May 10Keanu's Kiss-Up!Jane SmartSmash Hits (Aus)
May 21It's Just Art on the Big ScreenKristine McKennaLos Angeles Times (US)
May 24Keanu Reeves' straight talk--USA Today (US)
May 25Time was short: Critic gets 6 minutes with Johnny Mnemonic Keanu ReevesJeff StricklerStar Tribune (US)
May 25Welcome to the New AgeDenis SeguinEye Weekly (Ca)
JuneData StormMo RyanCinescape Online (US)
JuneRemembering JohnnyRogier van Bakel, Eric La BrecqueWired (US)
JuneThe top 10 guys you love--Seventeen (US)
June 3Keanu Believe it... I'm Not GayJoe RobertsThe Mirror (UK)
June 3Not a gay day for Keanu--The Daily Record (UK)
June 5Much Ado About KeanuKaren S. Schneider, Natasha Stoynoff, Kristina Johnson, William Plummer, F.X. FeeneyPeople (US)
JulyDaredevil KeanuMargy RochlinCleo (Singapore)
JulyDogstar in Japan--Roadshow (Jp)
July"I want to be as normal as possible"--TV Hits (UK)
July / AugustJohnny MoronicAlbert NerenbergSaturday Night (Ca)
JulyJust call him crash up Keanu--BB (US)
JulyKeanu and Zima--Unknown Dallas Paper (US)
July / AugustKeanu Sets the Record StraightTim AllisOUT Magazine (US)
July / AugustKeanu - the slacker prince comes of ageMargy RochlinArena (UK)
JulyMad Axe Attack!Lesley O'TooleThe Face (UK)
July 6Keanu, the rumours and the Gay MafiaMark HonigsbaumEvening Standard (UK)
July 8Keanu on cloud 9Elaine LipworthTV Week (Aus)
July 11Keanu stuck to deal, even after fameCheryl JohnsonStar Tribune (US)
July 13Hey, these guys are SiriusKendall MorganThe Dallas Morning News (US)
July 16Dogging KeanuJacqueline M. CalayagThe Japanese Times (Jp)
July 17Reeves chills out on the iceAlan PeppardThe Dallas Morning News (US)
July 18Keanu Walks In The CloudsPeter StackSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
July 18Keanu's Excellent AdventureClifford PughHouston Chronicle (US)
July 20Boys on the bus--The Miami Herald (US)
July 18Keanu Reeves Comes to Town in a New Role - MusicianDon JohnstonSouthern Voice (US)
July 21Dogstar With HummerSteve DollarAtlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
July 21Facts and details to ponder in case you can't see Dogstar--Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
July 21'Speed' MettleNisid Hajari, Cindy Pearlman, Lesley O'TooleEntertainment Weekly (US)
July 22Keanu Reeves: It's not the music that causes the Dogstar audience to: screamElizabeth LenhardAtlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
July 24Dogstar orbits around music, not movie guy Keanu ReevesKendall MorganKansas City Star (US)
July 25'Speed' metal: Keanu Reeves heats up Bohager'sJean MarbellaThe Baltimore Sun (US)
July 27A date with his band, DogtarAnne AyersUSA Today (US)
July 27Dogstar's Music: Lots of Bark, but Lacks Original BiteRob PegoraroWashington Post (US)
July 27Keanu Reeves Has a Way of Finding His Head in CloudsMarco R. della CavaUSA Today (US)
July 27Keanu Reeves, in a Brash New AdventureDanny HakimWashington Post (US)
July 29A Celebrity Upstages The MusicNeil StraussThe New York Times (US)
July 29KeanumaniaLorraine GoodsPeople (US)
July 31Keanu Reeves' Dogstar at the TLAA.D. AmorosiThe Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
AugustFeeling GroovyElizabeth RoytePremiere (US)
AugustFrom walking in the clouds to cyberspacePaul FischerBurst! Films (Aus)
AugustKeanu Reeves Takes a Walk in the CloudsDan YakirAtlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
AugustKeanu Reeves Rockstar?Alice KingReact (US)
AugustThe Wild One. Keanu Reeves on Sex, Hollywood and Life on the Run.Michael ShnayersonVanity Fair (US)
August 1Keanu Reeves Denies Those Tabloid RumorsLuaine LeeThe Toronto Star (Ca)
August 2Keanu homes in on Hub comicGayle Fee, Laura RaposaBoston Herald (US)
August 2Keanu Reeves is the Music for Dogstar Fans--The Hartford Courant (US)
August 3Dogstar on TourJim SullivanThe Boston Globe (US)
August 3Keanu's rock band not a Dog but not a StarSarah RodmanBoston Herald (US)
August 3Keanu's excellent adventure: A band!Jean MarbellaThe Detroit News (US)
August 4Dogstar Attracts Fawning Fans, Delivers Mediocre Music--The Hartford Courant (US)
August 4Keanu Reeves plays guitarist in DogstarCarol TeegardinDetroit Journal (US)
August 5 - 6Keanu Reeves fans don't seem to care about the musicCarol TeegardinDetroit Journal (US)
August 6'A Walk' with KeanuAmy LongsdorfThe Morning Call (US)
August 6Keanu Reeves Grows Up - A Little BitCindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
August 6Letters: Quit dogging Keanu and his bandTeri DrakeAtlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
August 7Hitched to a StarJae-Ha KimChicago Sun-Times (US)
August 10Keanu on a 'Cloud' in the BizMal VincentThe Virginian-Pilot (US)
August 10Reeves keeping his head in the CLOUDSDiana SaengerThe San Diego Union-Tribune (US)
August 11Keanu Takes a Walk on the Mild Side--Greensboro News & Record (US)
August 11Keanu walking on air in 'Clouds'Sherri SylvesterCNN (US)
August 11Mister ReluctantJerry RobertsThe Outlook (US)
August 12Keanu Reeves takes 'A Walk in the Clouds'Dan YakirBPI Entertainment News Wire (US)
August 12Much ado about Keanu ReevesBarbara ShulgasserSan Francisco Examiner (US)
August 13Romantic NotionsBarry KoltnowThe Orange County Register (US)
August 15Fans Turn Out for a Glimpse of 'Keanu!'Miguel BustilloLos Angeles Times (US)
August 16Fans of Reeves' Band Turn Out for the Man, Not His MusicDavid LymanLong Beach Press-Telegram (US)
August 17Keen on Keanu? Now you can fill upScott CravenThe San Diego Union-Tribune (US)
August 17With Dogstar, Keanu's just part of the bandKendall MorganThe San Diego Union-Tribune (US)
August 18Keanu Reeves Swept Up in Romance of 'Clouds'Dan YakirRocky Mountain News (US)
August 18Keanu and Pals Go for the GoldMike BoehmLos Angeles Times (US)
August 20The Importance of Being KeanuMatthew GilbertThe Boston Globe (US)
August 21A Career in the CloudsMal VincentThe Akron Beacon Journal (US)
August 21Isn't it Romantic?Frank RizzoThe Toronto Star (Ca)
August 22Keanu's Rockin Role Letter Rip: Gig Was Noteworthy (NOT!)Devin RoseChicago Tribune (US)
August 27Keanu, You Beautiful Canadian BoyLiz LangleyToronto Sun (Ca)
August 29Arau Turns Water into WineSherri SylvesterCNN (US)
SeptemberAngry Young ManCarmen M. NelsteinTime Out London (UK)
SeptemberDogstar Live in Japan--Screen (Jp)
SeptemberHead in the CloudsDavid JaysAttitude (UK)
SeptemberKeanu Reeves Exclusive - InterviewTatjana BlobelMAX (Ge)
SeptemberKeanu Reeves, the Last Hollywood RebelHenry ArnaudMAX (Fr)
SeptemberKeanu & MeLisa SmithTeen Machine (US)
SeptemberLights! Camera! Passion!--Seventeen (US)
SeptemberVanity Un-Fair--GLAAD (US)
September 11Keanu - cute but crazyLucy BroadbentNew Weekly (Aus)
September 12Skunk Or Hunk?Lorraine GoodsPeople (US)
September 16After taking A Walk in the CloudsJenny CooneyTV Week (Aus)
September 17Keanu ReevesMike O'Connor, Ian BlairThe Sunday Mail (Aus)
September 17Keanu ReevesPaz MataDominical Magazine (Spain)
September 22 - 28Our Own Private Idol BoyLiz BakulskiThe Boston Phoenix (US)
September 22 - October 6Regarding KeanuWong Kim Hoh, Theresa TanETC (Singapore)
OctoberHello, hello - is anyone home?Rebecca ArrowsmithJuice Magazine (Aus)
OctoberHow much is a pint of milk?Jeff DawsonEmpire (UK)
October"I'm a taste that whets the appetite"María BernalFotogramas (Spain)
OctoberKeanu dig it?Chris CarburyU Magazine (Irl)
OctoberKeanu ReevesGemma A. BautistaAcción (Spain)
OctoberWalking on Clouds With KeanuDiana SaengerRomantic Times Magazine (US)
October 2"I Hope I'm Not Too Normal"J.A.Cambio16 (Spain)
October 2Life Imitates Art at Forum ConcertRobert HilburnLos Angeles Times (US)
October 3Marriage Not Featured in Keanu's 'Dull' Life--Chicago Tribune (US)
October 8I'm no mystery man, says non-celeb Keanu--The Sunday Mail (Aus)
October 9"Why I won't get married"--Woman's Own (UK)
October 12Pssst! Wanna see my secrets?--The Mirror (UK)
October 19Keanu just keeps movingPhilip McCarthyThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
October 21Stargazing - Oooooo, Keanu!Dru SeftonKansas City Star (US)
October 23Keanu's night jobPhilip McCarthyThe Age (Aus)
October 23Keanu's Keen On U, AmandaRichard WallaceThe Mirror (UK)
NovemberA computer with a heart--Unknown Magazine (Italy)
NovemberAnswers Please Keanu Reeves--Unknown Women's Magazine (UK)
NovemberGypsy KingPeter S. JamesVogue (Aus)
NovemberHis royal Reeves-nessChris CarburyGirlfriend (Aus)
NovemberKeanu Reeves: Q&AEdwin J. BernardThe Face (UK)
NovemberKeanu Reeves kissing club--YM (US)
NovemberKeanu Rrrrreeves--Big (UK)
NovemberKeanu - in his own wordsJanis HawkridgeDolly (Aus)
NovemberThe Life of Keanu!John JordanTV Hits (UK)
November / DecemberThe Reeves ReviewKristie McClellanLOOKWest (Ca)
November 5Keanu's a thrash fanSteve O'BaughSydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
November 13 - 19Acting Like Rock StarsDanelle MortonReact (US)
November 15Keanu Reeves: "Facing the rumours, I don't have to justify myself..."Jean-Christophe FédériciStar Club (Fr)
November 15 - 21What can a poor boy do?Katherine TulichTime Off (Aus)
November 16Getting to Grips with the Reality of War--The Mirror (UK)
November 16Idol with His Head in the CloudsGill PringleThe Mirror (UK)
November 17Crocodile KeanuDylan JonesPeople (US)
November 17The Keanu shuffleKatherine TulichThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
November 20Keanu's wild child loveKate RussellWoman's Weekly (UK)
November 20Keanu Gets Ready For Love--Mr. Showbiz (US)
November 20Mr Cool didn't miss a beat--The Daily Telegraph-Mirror (Aus)
November 27I Hope Dad Dies in JailKitty O'SullivanWoman's Day (Aus)
DecemberDon't call me Dude, DudeJeff DawsonEmpire (UK)
DecemberHoof the hell are you?--Smash Hits (UK)
DecemberInterview with Keanu ReevesAnne CurtisRoadshow (Jp)
DecemberKeanu Reeves, EnigmaMichel RebichonStudio (Fr)
DecemberKeanu & Amanda De Cadenet--Big (UK)
DecemberKeanu Walks in Head First--Japanese Matrix movie programme (Jp)
December(Title Unknown)BB (US)BB (US)
December 5Keanu Reeves Plays Devil's Advocate--Mr. Showbiz (US)
December 11 - 17Keanu Reeves - What is he trying to prove?Louis de la HamaideVoici (Fr)
December 26Anna Nicole Smith in wacky new romance with Speed hunk KeanuDave LaFontaineStar Magazine (US)
December 28AMANDA DE CADENET trusts her new-found friend KEANU REEVES more than anyone else in Hollywood--Cybersleaze (US)