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1999 – 2000

the matrix has you. the replacements. the gift. the watcher.

And then came 1999 with The Matrix: revolutionising cinematic history, bringing back the trenchcoat, and cementing Keanu's position in Hollywood's A List. His fanbase exploded. KeanuWeb – eventually to be the largest fansite until it closed its doors a decade later – was launched.

Keanu was re-typecast from slightly-dim surfer dude to nerdy computer hacker who saves the world, made gleefully ironic by how Keanu didn't even own a computer. (I guess he knows best. When the machines take over the world, he'd probably be one of the last ones standing after all the rest of us have been eaten by our laptops.)

( 1999 )

UnknownComposing the New (US)
UnknownKeanu Reeves in The MatrixMartha BurrMartialarm Martial Arts (US)
UnknownTough-Guy Actor Takes on Reality ItselfMichelle Erica (US)
FebruaryDesperately Seeking KeanuShelley LevittUS Magazine (US)
MarchFuture TenseErin HawkinsCampus Reel (Ca)
MarchUnmasking the MatrixDr. Craig ReidSci-Fi Entertainment (US)
March 5Don't Give Up The Day Job--Empire (UK)
March 13Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in India to promote his musicAfsana AhmedThe Asian Age (India)
March 27Keanu's dark futureLouis B. HobsonThe Calgary Sun (Ca)
March 29Welcome back, KeanuBob ThompsonToronto Sun (Ca)
March 31Keanu Reeves On The Set of 'The Matrix'--ETonline (US)
March 31"Matrix" - An Utterly Unique FilmWesley MorrisSan Francisco Examiner (US)
March 31The MatrixRoger EbertChicago Sun-Times (US)
March 31Myth meets Internet in 'Matrix'Andy CulpepperCNN (US)
March 31The Reality Is All Virtual, And Densely ComplicatedJanet MaslinThe New York Times (US)
AprilCreating the Surreal World of The Matrix with Production Designer Owen PattersonJeff BondE-ON Magazine (US)
April 2Rare Chat With Those 'Matrix' DirectorsBarry KoltnowThe Orange County Register (US)
April 3`Matrix' Star Keanu Reeves Has A Pattern Of QuestioningAmy LongsdorfThe Morning Call (US)
April 5Brothers Unleash the Comic Book of IdeasBernard WeinraubThe New York Times (US)
April 6Reeves regains Speedy form--Toronto Sun (Ca)
April 7Matrix Success Spawns Sequels--Empire (UK)
April 7What is The Matrix? A big-money makerPeter HowellThe Toronto Star (US)
April 9Reality BytesRebecca Ascher-WalshEntertainment Weekly (US)
April 11Popular MetaphysicsRichard CorlissTIME (US)
April 12Keanu's battle for Kim--Woman's Day (Aus)
April 12(Title Unknown)--E! Online (US)
April 13Keanu Talks 'X-Men/Rings'--Cinescape Online (US)
April 16Keanu Cashes InMarcus ErricoE! Online (US)
April 16Keanu Reeves aims at "Shooter"Michael FlemingYahoo! News (US)
April 16Reeves Loads 'Shooter'--Cinescape Online (US)
April 17You're FiredJosh WolkEntertainment Weekly (US)
April 19'Matrix 2' Doomed?--Cinescape Online (US)
April 23Silver: 'Matrix 2' Possible--Cinescape Online (US)
April 24 - 30Keanu's excellent adventureShane SuttonTV Week (Aus)
April 25"The Matrix" ReloadsBridget ByrneE! Online (US)
AprilSomething in the way he movesCharles TaylorSalon (US)
April 30Back to the FutureLiane BoninEntertainment Weekly (US)
MayAn Excellent Cyber-AdventureIan SpellingStarlog (US)
May 810 reasons why Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are the coolest screen coupleGates Chong8 Days (Singapore)
May 8Keanu Reeves: "I have learned to meditate."Noemia Young7 Jours (Ca)
May 10A New KeanuKirsten GalliottWho (Aus)
May 13'Matrix' Sequel Dealing--Cinescape Online (US)
May 20Hackman In 'Replacements'?--Cinescape Online (US)
May 27Keanu 'Matrix 2' Paycheck?--Cinescape Online (US)
JuneCyber KeanuJ.A. BondyPremiere (Fr)
JuneThe Martial Arts Moves Behind MatrixMichael SchiavelloBlitz (Aus)
JuneThe nine faces of Keanu ReevesClaudia LarraguibelCinemania (Spain)
June(Title Unknown)--CITY magazine (US)
June(Un)real, dudeMarta MassaSFX (US)
JuneWhat is the Matrix?John Patterson, Shari RomanThe Face (UK)
June 2Cyberspace 1999Lesley O'TooleTime Out London (UK)
June 4Keanu heads for Glastonbury--BBC (UK)
June 4What is the Matrix?--The Guardian (UK)
June 5 - 11True PresenceTiffany RoseThe Express (UK)
June 8Whatever happened to Keanu Reeves?Brad RitzerBest Magazine (UK)
June 11Carry on up the cyberPeter BradshawThe Guardian (UK)
JulyMagic 'TrixRoald RynningFilm Review (UK)
July The Matrix--Empire (US)
JulyPregnant PauseTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
JulyPutting the punch in "The Matrix"Ron GluckmanRon Gluckman in Cyberspace (US)
July 7The Aye-Eyes Have ItTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
July 11Keanu returns in double dealPhilip KochSydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
July 12Keanu Back For 'Matrix' 2 & 3--Cinescape Online (US)
July 15Keanu Reeves--Expressen (Sweden)
July 20"The Matrix" LivesJoal RyanE! Online (US)
July 20'Matrix 2' Timetable?--Cinescape Online (US)
July 21Speed BumpTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
July 23Reeves Talks 'Matrix' Sequel--Cinescape Online (US)
July 29Keanu Can Do Fatherhood!Joal RyanE! Online (US)
July 30(Title Unknown)--Mr. Showbiz (US)
July 31Tea with TedTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
August20 Not to Invite--E! Online (US)
August'Matrix' Sequel Info--Unknown Source (US)
AugustThe MatrixIan NathanEmpire (UK)
August"Most definitely the best film I've done in years"--B (UK)
August 6Principal Photography Begins in Baltimore on Warner Bros.' and Bel Air Entertainment's Comedy, "The Replacements," Starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman--Yahoo! Business (US)
August 12(Title Unknown)Ted CasablancaE! Online (US)
August 16On the set report--Dark Horizons (US)
August 16Ready for their close-upsTamara IkenbergThe Baltimore Sun (US)
August 24Reeves Close to 'Matrix' Sequels--Cinescape Online (US)
August 24Reeves, helmers near pricey "Matrix"' sequelsMichael FlemingYahoo! News (US)
September 7Pregnant ClawsTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
September 14"Action" may be too nasty for some--Yahoo! News (US)
September 14(Title Unknown)Ted CasablancaE! Online (US)
September 30Keanu quiet but content about kid--USA Today (US)
September 30"The Matrix" Sinks "Titanic"--E! Online (US)
October 1Keanu's Batman Bombshell--Empire (UK)
October 4Keanu Talks His 'Batman 5'--Cinescape Online (US)
October 4Watch out Arnie!Warren GibbsWoman's Day (Aus)
NovemberSaviorfareShep MorganThe C-Band Guide (US)
November 12Keanu's EdgeTeresa NerneyRTE Guide (Irl)
November 12Keanu decides to go 'Fishing'--Canoe (Ca)
November 12Reeves will go 'Fishing' for WBMichael FlemingVariety (US)
November 25The Sporting Hobbies of an Actor--Hola! (Spain)
November 29Happily Ava afterMardie BoardmanNew Weekly (Aus)
November 29Reeves "Sweet" on remakeMichael FlemingVariety (US)
November 30Keanu Reeves--Hello! (UK)
DecemberBabes in Toyland B-Movie ReviewAndrew (US)
December / JanuaryFrom Hot to ColdKeiji HakaMini World (Jp)
DecemberKeanuRichard MooreUltimate DVD (UK)
December 3Fox Cuts "Action"--E! Online (US)
December 8A dad on the road--Chi (Italy)
December 8Keanu Reeves, a triumphant actor, but with the look of a beggar.--Semana (Spain)
December 15It's a girl for Keanu and JenRebecca FletcherNow (UK)

( 2000 )

Unknown21 Sex Symbols for the 21st Century--AsianMall (US)
UnknownThe Replacements - Production Notes--Warner Bros. (US)
UnknownThe Watcher - Production Notes--Universal Studios (US)
JanuaryThings we love about Keanu--Bliss (UK)
January 2Reeves Takes Pay Cut for 'Gift'Michael FlemingYahoo! News (US)
January 4Keanu Goes Bad, for Less--Mr. Showbiz (US)
January 5Reeves negotiates for 'Sweet November'Chuck (US)
January 10(Title Unknown)--New Idea (Aus)
January 11Keanu Reeves mourns over daughter--Kultur Dagbladet (Norway)
January 18Keanu Loses Baby--Mr. Showbiz (US)
January 18Keanu's Gal-Pal Loses Baby--E! Online (US)
January 25Keanu Reeves shattered over his stillborn babyDavid ThompsonThe Globe (US)
January 6Keanu signs up for comedy--Canoe (Ca)
January 26Keanu To Sit On 'Ottoman'--Cinescape Online (US)
January 26More 'Gift' Casting--Cinescape Online (US)
January 26Reeves Gets Cushy 'Ottoman' JobMichael FlemingYahoo! News (US)
February 2000Excellent cyber adventure, dude...Maria MassaSFX (UK)
FebruaryKeanu Reeves As Dionysus RebornThomas Crippsculturefront (US)
FebruaryReeves on the Line--Movie Idols (UK)
February 3Sixth Sense Tops Awards Shortlist--Excite UK (UK)
February 3Theron Taking 'November'--Cinescape Online (US)
February 13(Title Unknown)--Edmonton Sun (Ca)
February 25Keanu a presenter at Oscars--Canoe (Ca)
February 25Tea with TedTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
February 28Keanu 'Driven'--Cinescape Online (US)
February 28Universal is 'Driven' to Interlight thrillerCharles Lyons, Dana HarrisVariety (US)
March 4Death of baby ends romanceLiz HodgsonSouth China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
March 8Columbia's "Ottoman Empire" fallsMichael FlemingVariety (US)
March 8'Ottoman's' Plug Pulled--Cinescape Online (US)
March 19Keanu & Lover Split After Baby Tragedy--National Enquirer (US)
March 27"The Matrix" nabs 4 tech OscarsDade HayesYahoo! News (US)
April 3Keanu's continuing excellent adventuresJosh Chetwynd, Andy SeilerUSA Today (US)
April 5Beckons Jet LiWilliam C. MartellMr. Showbiz (US)
April 5Jet Li In 'Matrix 2' & '3'?--Cinescape Online (US)
April 7Keanu signs up for baseball film--Canoe (Ca)
April 7Reeves Plays for 'Hardball' TeamMichael FlemingYahoo! News (US)
April 7San Francisco Gets Two Starring Roles--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
April 10Pantoliano In 'Matrix 2'?--Cinescape Online (US)
April 11'Matrix': BAFTA FX Award--Cinescape Online (US)
MayThe reluctant superstarGarth PearceCable Guide (UK)
MayShooting on Location in Potrero Hill - Film Crew Transforms a NeighborhoodJulia SegroveThe Potrero View (US)
May 4Keanu, Jerry Hall Aid Sick Sibs--eStar (US)
May 9Quit your day job, KeanuMike RossEdmonton Sun (Ca)
May 10Keanu Reeves accepts his award for favorite (US)
May 19Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne Take Sci-Fi Tops at Blockbuster AwardsCatherine FeltyThe Mothership (US)
May 19Matrix Grabs Blockbuster AwardsCatherine FeltyEON Magazine (US)
May 19On Set Reports--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
June 4After He Won the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance in 'The Matrix' (US)
June 4Keanu Tops MTV Movie Awards--Yahoo! News (US)
June 4Matrix nets MTV glory--BBC (UK)
June 5'Matrix' triple crowned at MTV Movie AwardsBrett SporichThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
June 9Isaacs Shares Secrets of Dressing for 'Sweet November'Ruthe SteinSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
June 24Dogstar at Shibuya Tower Records in Japan--Shibuya Tower Records (Jp)
June 30Keanu Hugs Hannah and Her SistersRuthe SteinSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
July 4William Gibson: Prophet of Cyber-GrungeUri DowbenkoSteamshovel Press (US)
July 7AOL Chat--AOL (US)
July 8Will Dogstar have its day? Reeves, bandmates hope tour has 'Happy Ending'Sarah RodmanBoston Herald (US)
July 11Dogstar Chat--Yahoo Launch (US)
July 11Keanu's Dogstar Finally Hits U.S. StoresRobert ManciniMTV (US)
July 13The Palace chat--Dogstar Online (US)
July 15Dogstar Has Its Day: Keanu Reeves' Band May See Its Debut Album Finally ReleasedMelinda NewmanBillboard (US)
July 15Dogstar Sound Off--The What's Up! Magazine (US)
July 22Dogstar on the Fox News ChannelSamantha RichardsFOXNews (US)
July 23Q&A with DogstarAidin VaziriSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
July 30Keanu Set to Tie the Knot--National Enquirer (US)
July 30Keanu Up to 'Speed' Despite CrashGeorge Rush, Joanna Molloy, Lola OgunnaikeNew York Daily News (US)
July 31Reeves Ready for Chicago--Unknown Source (US)
AugustAOL Moviefone Online Chat--Moviefone (US)
AugustExcellent Adventure--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
August / SeptemberFor all you K-lovers: Chicago Adventures w. Da Man--The Zion Resistance / Mainframe (US)
AugustReplacements has fun with old formula--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
AugustRole researched in strip bars--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
AugustSee Keanu 'Who Needs Two' Reeves for TicketsCarlos SadoviChicago Sun-Times (US)
August(Title Unknown)--New York Daily News (US)
August 1I Can... Keanu?--Entertaindom (US)
August 3Keanu Reeves flies back into actionClaudia PuigUSA Today (US)
August 5A Star TouchdownLouise BlanchardLe Journal de Montréal (Ca)
August 5Keanu Reeves: All the right movesBob MakelaUSA Weekend (US)
August 6Back in the game--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
August 6Catching up to KeanuCindy Pearlman, Jae-Ha KimChicago Sun-Times (US)
August 6For love of the gameBruce KirklandToronto Sun (Ca)
August 6The latest on Matrix sequels--Toronto Sun (Ca)
August 6Reeves Scores with Football FlickMegan TurnerNew York Post (US)
August 7He worked, worked out for this filmRon DickerThe Baltimore Sun (US)
August 7'Replacements' Star is Familiar with Underdog RoleAmy LongsdorfThe Morning Call (US)
August 8iCAST InterviewDayna D'ItriaiCAST (UK)
August 8Keanu Reeves' excellent comeback--The Toronto Star (Ca)
August 8Keanu Reeves endures football boot camp for 'The Replacements'Jim BeckermanThe Bergen Record (US)
August 8The Matrix Man on Breaking Bones, Throwing Bombs and Catching BrasJeanne WolfE! Online (US)
August 9Keanu's busy maturityClaudia PuigUSA Today (US)
August 9No easy way to read KeanuRon DickerSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
August 9"The Replacements" Kicking Keanu into (US)
August 9This Time, Football Is Keanu's Speed--CBS News (US)
August 11As light as a long ballBob ThompsonCanoe (Ca)
August 11Aw, All They Want Is a Chance to PlayElvis MitchellThe New York Times (US)
August 11A Winning TeamStephen HunterWashington Post (US)
August 11Giddy gridironDan (US)
August 11Keanu's big playCraig KoppCincinnati Post (US)
August 11Keanu's Morality TaleEddie RocheTV Guide (US)
August 11Matrix Sequel Character Update--Empire (UK)
August 11'Replacements' has smarts, heartCraig KoppCincinnati Post (US)
August 12Football Whoas--E! Online (US)
August 12No Way, DudeDave DavisCHUD (US)
August 14No timeoutsDonna FreydkinCNN (US)
August 17But seriously, cast played comedy (US)
August 18Keanu Caught Scalping--Associated Press (US)
August 18(Title Unknown)--Chicago Sun-Times (US)
August 24Keanu Reeves Discusses Football and Getting Back-to-Back into the Sequels of MatrixJeff Bond, Jenny PetersThe Mothership (US)
August 25Secrecy of 'The Matrix' traps fans in mysteryJosh Chetwynd, Andy SeilerUSA Today (US)
August 26Oh, that thing he does!Dorothy CummingsNational Post (Ca)
August 28The dishesMaddy O'DonnellNew Weekly (Aus)
August 31Hey Keanu, clean up your movie!Annie Sweeney, Fran SpielmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
August 31The Quiet ManChris HeathRolling Stone (US)
SeptemberThe Independents of Keanu Reeves--Delta Sky Magazine (US)
SeptemberKeanu Reeves Scores AgainMichael SauterBiography (US)
SeptemberKeanu Reeves: A Brief History--MSN Entertainment Channel (US)
SeptemberThe Replacements/TFN ReviewSteffanie SiebrandThe Football Network (US)
September 1Hardball--Dark Horizons (US)
September 1Moss Talks 'Matrix'--Cinescape Online (US)
September 1Pic A Foul Ball, Chicago Sez--Yahoo! News (US)
September 1Protests arise over Keanu's new film--Canoe (Ca)
September 3Script reflects grimy realityRichard RoeperChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 5A Reluctant Serial Killer: Keanu Reeves Bit Off Bigger Role Than Expected in The WatcherScott Collins, Chris (US)
September 7Keanu kapers...Michael SneedChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 7Peeved Reeves in snit over another local filmBill ZweckerChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 8(Title Unknown)Michael SneedChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 9Keanu Reeves, Reticent "Watcher"--E! Online (US)
September 10"The Watcher" Pulls in WatchersBridget ByrneE! Online (US)
September 11Angry Keanu cheated by a friendIan Markham-Smith, Tom SykesLondon Evening Standard (UK)
September 12U. Maryland sophomore cheered on Keanu in 'The Replacements'Crystal WilliamsThe Diamondback (US)
September 12'Watch' Keanu act!Joel FradyThe Technician (US)
September 13Pop singer shows he's not your average Joe--Chicago Sun-Times (US)
September 15Keanu keeps pain to himselfPhilip BerkInter Press Service (UK)
September 15The Quiet Man--E! Online (US)
September 19Face the Strange--Premiere (US)
September 20I Love Being Homeless And Free--Now (UK)
September 24Great vibes at Now & ZenRandy CohenSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
September 28The Eyes Have ItTed CasablancaE! Online (US)
OctoberHaving a ball with Keanu ReevesBonnie SteeleValley (US)
October / NovemberKeanu ReevesEarl DittmanControversy Magazine (US)
OctoberThe Sound of SilenceMark WhiteJuice Magazine (Aus)
OctoberWalking the DogstarPhil ZabriskieDetour Magazine (US)
October 3Script Review, THE GIFTDarwin MayflowerScreenwriters Utopia (US)
October 5I'm Not Kung-Fooling!--National Enquirer (US)
October 11Armour hangs out with Dogstar--Chicago Tribune (US)
October 11Rock on, dudes!--Chicago Tribune (US)
October 15Dogstar - Canus Minor--Excess Magazine (US)
October 15No Kean-Do--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
October 17Pinkett Smith up for 'Matrix' sequels--Canoe (Ca)
October 19Jada May Be Morpheus' Matrix Squeeze--Mr. Showbiz (US)
October 25Ain't "Matrix", Dude!--National Enquirer (US)
October 25More MATRIX 2 Character News!!--Ain't It Cool News (US)
October 26Keanu, crew visit DetroitSusan WhitallThe Detroit News (US)
October 27Keanu Reeves To Film in Detroit--Associated Press (US)
NovemberDogstar are SiriusTom LanhamAlternative Press (US)
NovemberKeanu Reeves - a shy exhibitionistJan JanssenCosmopolitan (Spain)
NovemberWhat Keanu thinksCarlo BizioGlamour (Italy)
NovemberWorld Weird Web: Check Out Sharon Stone's Scar, Keanu Reeves's T.P. Origami and the Grim Reaper's (US)
November 1Inaction Hero: Surviving Keanu ReevesLiz GoodmanThe Simon Magazine (US)
November 2Moss Begins Training For Matrix 2--Sci Fi Wire (US)
November 7Get Ready to Rock With Keanu Reeves and Dogstar Exclusively On the Independent Film ChannelBeth PageYahoo! (US)
November 7System Of A Down, Indie Rocks, and more--Billboard (US)
November 7What is the Dogstar?Jami AttenbergIron Minds (US)
November 11Keanu's smiling againPaula JonesNow (UK)
November 11Lunch Goes Cold as He Poses with Fan--OK! Magazine (UK)
November 12The TrailerRachel AbramowitzThe New York Times (US)
November 14The 30 million-dollar manElisa LeonelliGioia (Italy)
November 17Review of Dogstar @ MurrayBill D.Unknown Source (US)
November 21He's rich, handsome, loving... and aloneRoald RynningBest Magazine (UK)
November 24For Love of the GameAnthony C. FerranteThe Mothership (US)
November 30Jada Pinkett Smith Says Matrix 2 in Two (US)
DecemberBetween You and Keanu ReevesJean-Paul ChailletCiné Live (Fr)
December 3 - 9The Reeves enigmaCarlo BizioFilm TV (Italy)
December 8OscarWatch - Keanu Reeves--OscarWatch (US)
December 19Yeoh in, Li Out of Matrix Sequels--Mr. Showbiz (US)
December 20The Gift Is Not Usual Raimi--Sci Fi Wire (US)
December 20Interview with Sam RaimiChristopher Allan SmithDaily Radar (UK)
December 21Keanu's Sex Scenes Snipped--TV Guide (US)
December 22Christmas Memories of of Keanu Reeves--Toronto Sun (Ca)
December 27Sam Raimi unwraps a decidedly different ghost story in The Gift--Sci Fi Weekly (US)
December 28Keanu Reeves--ETonline (US)
December 28Reeves Fights For Bath Scene--WENN (US)