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sweet november. hardball. the lives and deaths of jennifer and ava.

With the global success of the first-Matrix, and in the boom of the Internet age when most newspapers started moving online and new entertainment websites started sprouting up, this period saw a sudden influx of Keanu-related articles on the web. It was also one of the busiest periods of Keanu's career – five films (six, if you include the Dogstar cameo in Me & Will) were released in 2000 and 2001, to differing levels of success.

Meanwhile, as the Matrix sequels went into pre-production, Keanu's life was interrupted by the stillbirth of his daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. The tragedy was followed shortly after by the death of Ava's mother, Jennifer Syme, in a car crash.

( 2001 )

UnknownBeing KeanuR. L. RutskyNYU Press (US)
UnknownSweet November - Production Notes--Warner Bros. (US)
JanuaryGood Old Boys Gone BadBob IvryThe Record (US)
JanuaryHurting For His Craft--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
JanuaryKeanu's Injury--Daily Radar (UK)
JanuaryKeanu Talks Drugs--Popcorn (UK)
January 1The GiftPhilip McCarthyThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
January 2'Matrix' Film Being Shot In OaklandChip JohnsonSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
January 4New Data on Matrix SequelsBrian LinderIGN (US)
January 5'Sweet November' Boasts New Tracks From Nicks, Cole--Billboard (US)
January 8Actor Keanu Reeves Credits Drugs with 'Epiphanies'--Reuters (US)
January 8Keanu's Caught on the Hop--The Sun (UK)
January 9(Title Unknown)--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
January 10More Matrix 2 Info....--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
January 12Director Raimi Has 'The Gift'Tim LammersThe Boston Channel (US)
January 12'November' Stripped of Steamy ScenesRuthe SteinSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
January 14Full speed aheadDennis HuntThe San Diego Union-Tribune (US)
January 14Keanu as nasty as can beBob ThompsonToronto Sun (Ca)
January 15Keanu Reeves Gets Ugly in this RoleMike (US)
January 16Keanu Reeves dares to be differentLuaine LeeThe Age (Aus)
January 18Both 'Matrix' co-stars injured--Canoe (Ca)
January 18Crunch Time for 'Matrix' CastGeorge Rush, Joanna MolloyNew York Daily News (US)
January 19Yuen Denies Matrix Rumors--Sci Fi Wire (US)
January 22Matrix 2--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
January 23Keanu Reeves. The Bully--Planet Hollywood (US)
January 26A Fox Trots--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
January 27Keanu will meet prodigal fatherSophie Vokes-Dudgeon, John HarlowThe Times (UK)
January 30Keanu Reeves' Excellent (US)
January 30Sweet February Thanks to Sweet NovemberRebecca (US)
FebruaryA Very Special GiftChristine RadishX-posé (UK)
FebruarySweet NovemberGerry YoungTribute (Ca)
FebruaryZen and the art of Keanu ReevesNed ZemanVanity Fair (US)
February 1The Gift's Guys Keanu Reeves, Greg Kinnear and Giovanni Ribisi Give Us Their Vision Quest for Starring in the New Sam Raimi ThrillerCatherine FeltyEON Magazine (US)
February 1Keanu Reeves on the David Letterman Show--The David Letterman Show (US)
February 3Keanu on the Charlie Rose Show--The Charlie Rose Show (US)
February 5"I went under the bubbles and tickled her, and made her laugh..." -- Keanu Reeves--ETonline (US)
February 5Keanu: Of Nudity and KidsStephen M. SilvermanAmerica Online (US)
February 5Star's dad desperate to heal riftSophie Vokes-Dudgeon, John (Aus)
February 10(Title Unknown)--Access Hollywood (US)
February 14AOL Moviefone Live--Moviefone (US)
February 16Keanu Reeves: A Regular GuySarah (US)
February 16Stilted romance--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
February 17In the moodLouis B. HobsonThe Calgary Sun (Ca)
February 17Reeves gets romantic--BBC (UK)
February 18Enigmatic variationsDamon WiseThe Guardian (UK)
February 23Keanu's Dance Class--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
February 24Star provokes outrage as he speaks of his new movie as a wife beaterJames Davis, Gabriel MillandDaily Express (UK)
February 24This time, it's personalJoe QueenanThe Guardian (UK)
February 25Dude, Where's Your Integrity?Jami BernardNew York Daily News (US)
February 25Lauren Graham--New York Post (US)
February 26Punching his weightMartyn PalmerThe Times (UK)
March 2How's ''Trix'?Ethan AlterEntertainment Weekly (US)
March 3He used to be such a nice boyBob StraussThe Guardian (UK)
March 21Married to the job--Now (UK)
March 23Shooting in OaklandSuni SidhuSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
March 26Satisfaction Counts--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
March 26Some Oakland streets to be closed for filmmaking--Unknown Source (US)
March 29Secrecy surrounds Matrix sequels--The Age (Aus)
March 30Keanu, 'Matrix' Crew Wish Upon a PigRuthe SteinSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
AprilAway with the fairies?Sophie RenaReal (UK)
AprilGod's GiftBrad JohnstonBlue (Aus)
AprilIt's called actingRoald RynningFilm Review (UK)
AprilWe're through the looking glass here, people... Steve GraysonEmpire (UK)
April 2Set Report of Matrix 2--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
April 5Car smash kills Keanu's girlfriend--BBC (UK)
April 5Keanu Reeves' ex-girlfriend dies--Canoe (Ca)
April 5Keanu Reeves: I'm Mourning In Private--WENN (US)
April 6Keanu's lover dies in crashDarrell GilesThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
April 6Keanu-WatchingRuthe SteinSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
April 8Keanu lays his lady to rest in LA--Sun Herald (US)
April 8Keanu's Big Kick--Star Magazine (US)
April 9The Tragedy--Voici (Fr)
April 10(Title Unknown)--Dark Horizons (US)
April 12The Wild OneNui Te KohaThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
April 18Keanu mourns his lost love--Now (UK)
April 18Reeves shines out of camera rangeLeah GarchikSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
April 20He lost his loveManuela ArioliEva Tremila (Italy)
April 22Memories of KeanuTim RyanHonolulu Star-Bulletin (US)
April 23Reeves TragedySean DalyUS Weekly (US)
April 23Skroce, Darrow Talk Matrix Sequels--Comics Continuum (US)
April 23Too Much SorrowKaren S. Schneider, Johnny Dodd, Lyndon Stambler, Lorenzo Benet, Karen Grigsby BatesPeople (US)
April 24Cops Find Drugs in Keanu Lover's Death CarPete TrujilloThe Globe (US)
April 24Keanu Reeves and Lover Reunited Before She Died--National Enquirer (US)
April 27Keanu Reeves destroyed at his girlfriend's funeral--Eva Tremila (Italy)
MayKeanu Reeves on his recent movies--Ciak (Italy)
MaySweet November--Elle (Singapore)
May 1Safety First for Keanu Reeves--Star Magazine (US)
May 4Spotted at the Café--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
May 7Jada Pinkett's character look for MATRIX 2!!! PictureHarryAin't It Cool News (US)
May 9Get "Loaded"William KeckEntertainment Weekly (US)
May 10Matrix II Title Revealed--Sci Fi Wire (US)
May 17Matrix 2 is RenamedAngel CohnTV Guide (US)
May 18Alameda no longer star-struck--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
May 28Aaliyah Talks about the sequels--USA Today (US)
June 14Matrix Reloaded Location ScoopBrian LinderIGN (US)
June 15Extras' Scary Lives--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
June 16Whoah! Excellent!--Stanford University (US)
June 20Berkeley Rep extends 'Laramie' for nine more showsDavid WiegandSan Francisco Chronicle (US)
June 20Keanu Keen on RomanceJenny Cooney CarrilloUrban Cinefile (Aus)
June 20My Life As A MATRIX 2 Extra!!!--Ain't It Cool News (US)
June 21Dancing in Zion--TNMC (US)
June 24Keanu Reeves: Dog StarPam (US)
June 26Matrix Sequels - Adults Only--Empire (UK)
June 27Spy Report from the (US)
June 28'The Matrix 3' Gets a New Name as Shooting Ends in (US)
June 29Carrie-Anne Moss Gets Royal Treatment--People (US)
June 29Welcome to Jurassic (US)
JulyKeanu ReevesAmanda Lornie, Lucy EdkinsAcción (Spain)
JulyThe Mighty DudsMark DinningEmpire (UK)
JulyThe Reawakening of Keanu ReevesAnn KellyTiscali (UK)
July 12Keanu Reeves: Romance after (UK)
July 12Painful loss belies November's sweet smilesAnn KellyEvening Herald (Irl)
July 12Star of the week: Keanu ReevesSean MacaulayThe Times (UK)
July 30Nevada Happenings: Hot! Both Dogstar and the freakin' weatherAh-NuttsDogstar Official Message Boards (US)
August 7Aaliyah Reveals Matrix 2 Role--Sci Fi Wire (US)
August 7Hollywood Wax Museum Packs a Punch ... Times Three--Excite (US)
August 8Wanna see some MATRIX II weapons?HarryAin't It Cool News (US)
August 9The Matrix Won't Reload Until 2003Paul DavidsonIGN (US)
August 9New "Matrix" eyes 2003Carl DiOriVariety (US)
August 10Next Matrix postponed--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
August 14Keanu Galpal's Fatal Crash Triggered by Pills & CocaineDawna KaufmannThe Globe (US)
August 27Documentary, anime to set stage for "Matrix" returnMike BarnesVariety (US)
August 27Matrix Reloaded Star Dies in Plane CrashKJBIGN (US)
August 28According to rumors, Square Pictures may have gotten work doing a short CG MatrixPaul DavidsonIGN (US)
August 28How 'Hardball' Landed a Softer MPAA RatingPatrick (US)
August 28'Matrix' Filmmakers Extend Sympathies for (US)
August 29Matrix Reloaded--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
SeptemberHardball a hit? + Keanu Goes to BatMarni Weisz, Earl DittmanFamous (Ca)
September 2Keanu wants you for his new movieChristine SamsSun Herald (Aus)
September 3G'day, Matrix!Jackie BrygelNew Weekly (Aus)
September 4Hey, dude, spleen's up!Cindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 4MATRIX 2 Is About WHAT?!MoriartyAin't It Cool News (US)
September 5The Truth About That MATRIX Tidbit...HarryAin't It Cool News (US)
September 6A Not-Always-Excellent Adventure --- Action Star Keanu Reeves Wants to Play the FieldTom KingThe Wall Street Journal (US)
September 6Judge Denies Motion to Block 'Hardball' Premiere--Reuters (US)
September 7More complicated kicks in 'Matrix' sequels--USA Today (US)
September 9Keanu's fight clubPhilip KochSydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
September 10Game on for ReevesDavid (Ca)
September 10Keanu Reeves and Amanda De Cadenet Arrive Premiere of "Hardball"Jim RuymenReuters (US)
September 10Keanu Reeves reaches acting limits in "Hardball"Robert KoehlerVariety (US)
September 10Reeves watches his words--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
September 11Singer Aaliyah's Plane Crash Tragedy - The Untold Story of Lost Love and Broken Hearts--National Enquirer (US)
September 12'Hardball' star Keanu Reeves is a no-frills kind of guyTerry LawsonKnight Ridder (US)
September 12Not to worry, 'Hardball' won't be bad PR for cityRichard RoeperChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 13Brian Robbins Interview--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
September 13Covering the BasesBill GalloDallas Observer (US)
September 13Keanu Reeves, Man of Many SportsPrairie MillerPlanet Hollywood (US)
September 14'Ball not foul--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
September 14Cool Keanu hits a homerKatherine (Ca)
September 14Diamond in the rough--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
September 14Hardball cliched but worksJohn KrykToronto Sun (Ca)
September 14Keanu just a 'big kid'Louis B. HobsonThe Calgary Sun (Ca)
September 14Matrix man steps up to batGayle MacDonaldThe Globe and Mail (Ca)
September 14Never work with children? Keanu Reeves didn't mindJohn GriffinMontreal Gazette (Ca)
September 14Star says film's more about kids than sportsBetsy PickleKnoxville News Sentinel (US)
September 14(Title Unknown)Rene RodriguezMiami Morning Herald (US)
September 15Keanu's got gameLouis B. HobsonThe Calgary Sun (Ca)
September 15Teaching Inner City Kids Baseball and (Sniff!) LifeStephen HoldenThe New York Times (US)
September 15This one's for the team: Reeves loved working with poor kids to make HardballJohn GriffinMontreal Gazette (US)
September 16Matrix star on a rollPhilip KochThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
September 16Pitching in with 'Hardball'Cindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 17Playing 'Hardball' with cityCindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 17Smile trumps technique in film auditionCindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
September 17Star of the Week--Moviefone (US)
September 17Yes, it's Another Story About The Matrix--Ain't It Cool News (US)
September 18"Watcher" dogs ReevesTim SwansonVariety (US)
September 23Keeping secrets while seeking truthRon DickerThe Baltimore Sun (US)
September 27Do The 'Matrix'--Empire (UK)
September 27Plum role--New York Post (US)
OctoberSecond ChancesA.N.Controversy Magazine (US)
OctoberStar choreographer Charles Moulton goes Sci-Fi with an outlandish Matrix numberPaul ParishSan Francisco Magazine (US)
October 5Another "Matrix" Star MournedMark ArmstrongE! Online (US)
October 5Matrix Cursed?--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
October 6Say What?--Heat Magazine (UK)
October 13Let Us Now Praise Keanu ReevesAdam SternberghNational Post (Ca)
October 16The Fame Audit - Keanu (US)
October 30Keanu Reeves Helps Late Fiance's Mother--WENN (US)
October 31High-tech reload for Matrix--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
November 1The 'Matrix' Sequels Already Win an Award--Variety (US)
November 7Report from the shooting @ Elizabeth StreetNerjeThe Matrix Online (US)
November 8Someone's out to get meStephen McGintyThe Scotsman (UK)
November 9The Daily Telegraph Reports from the SetFreya GrantThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
November 9More to Satisfy 'Matrix' ManiaPeter M. NicholsThe New York Times (US)
November 9WATCH this face ... it's going places.Lisa SimmonsGold Coast Bulletin (Aus)
November 14More Information on the upcoming Matrix Anime--Anime News Network (US)
November 23Keanu Reeves in police corruption movie--Ananova (US)
November 28Judge throws out defamation suit against 'Hardball'--San Francisco Chronicle (US)
DecemberChad Stahelski - Martial Arts Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Double: (US)
December 1Keanu's backpacker pal--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
December 2Discarded movie sets recycled for new usesDennis RockstrohSan Jose Mercury News (US)
December 7Sydney Confidential--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
December 9Backpacker will miss dog more than Keanu--Ananova (US)
December 9My nude balcony romp with KeanuSean O'BrienPeople (UK)
December 9Reeves a proper gent.--Sydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
December 14Square Pictures mystery project revealed--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
December 14What is it? Good question...Barret HooperNational Post (Ca)
December 17'Is Keanu good in bed? Is the Pope a Catholic?'Frank ThorneWoman's Day (Aus)
December 18(Title Unknown)--Dark Horizons (US)
December 20Keanu Reeves Kissed Me and I Thought 'This Can't Be Real'Becky Morris, Christine ChallandDaily Mail (UK)
December 25Keanu Falls for Blond Backpacker--The Globe (US)