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The pre-Matrix sequel hype started really heating up in 2002. Among other things, this resulted in many awesome speculations on what would happen in the two films, including supposed insider information that turned out to be very, very wrong. (I still want to know what happened to that film with the 100 Neo clones.)

One of my favourite things in this section are the set reports and sequel trivia that regular people would submit to websites to aid their efforts to construct a picture of what the movies would be like. I love the enthusiasm that so many fans displayed: their palpable excitement really comes through, and shows just how much they were anticipating the Matrix sequels. (Possibly for the worst – standards were set far too high, and the final films could not quite deliver for many of these people.)

I have also gained a far greater appreciation for the sequels since learning about the effort that so many people put into their development. There was a lot of love and commitment involved.

In many ways, I think that the hype leading up to the Matrix sequels was as much a part of the Matrix phenomenon as the actual trilogy and related productions. There was the flurry of excitement that followed every new picture or plot tidbit, the wild speculations of what would happen next, the long hours spent camping out at spots where the sequels were rumoured to be filming...

This is fandom.

( 2002 )

UnknownThe Keanu EffectCarmel GiarratanaStars in Our Eyes - The star phenomenon in the contemporary era (US)
January / FebruaryHarbouring KeanuJenny Cooney CarrilloTravel Link (Aus)
January 1Keanu Revs Up New Romance--National Enquirer (UK)
January 2Keanu Reeves - End of the Affair--Hello! (UK)
January 3Keanu a No Show - Star Skips Kart Date--The Cairns Post (Aus)
January 4Keanu Bids Cairns Adieu--The Cairns Post (Aus)
January 4Smith, Weaving Talk MatrixBrian LinderIGN (US)
January 6It's Hotel KeanuIan Markham-SmithSunday Mirror (UK)
January 8(Title Unknown)--Ananova (US)
January 12Who did the Wachowskis get to replace Jet Li in the MATRIX sequels?--Ain't It Cool News (US)
January 14The Matrix Reloaded Set (US)
January 16Reloaded RumblingsBrian LinderIGN (US)
January 17Keanu Reeves Goes Wild Down Under--OK! Magazine (UK)
January 27Keanu's Brummie loveBecky Morris, Christine ChallandNews of the Week (UK)
January 28Vive La France! Hic...!--New Weekly (Aus)
January 29The Matrix goes X-Rated?Dark_ph0enixThe Matrix Online (US)
February / MarchThe Insanity of Brian Robbins, Who Will Someday Accidentally Make a Genuinely Great Movie--Film Snobs (US)
February 3Keanu puts us in the pictureBrendan ShanahanThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
February 6The Matrix Cast Reloads--Access Hollywood (US)
February 6Matrix Reloaded--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
February 12The Matrix Reloaded--Dark Horizons (Aus)
February 13(Title Unknown)--Corona's Coming Attractions (Ca)
February 14The Matrix Reloaded Set (US)
February 14SPOILERS - BANG! There goes White Bay Power Station -- I was there. Again!NerjeThe Matrix Online (US)
February 22The Matrix Reloaded--Moviehole (Aus)
February 25Keanu Reeves and Denise Richards set for Euro road trip movie--Ananova (US)
February 25Local publicist takes turn on less familiar side of rumor mill--Las Vegas Review-Journal (US)
MarchKeanu Reeves InterviewRichard BlairPenthouse Magazine (Ge)
March 4Keanu to remake 'Billy Jack'--Canoe (Ca)
March 5'Billy Jack' on way back Reeves revved for next role--Variety (US)
March 5Keanu Reeves May Jack Into 'Billy' After Disconnecting from 'The Matrix' (US)
March 5You Don't Know Jack--CHUD (US)
March 11Chat with Tom (US)
March 17Time Lags on Matrix Shoot--Sydney Sunday Herald (Aus)
March 21Bad film awards named after Keanu Reeves--Ananova (US)
March 21WHOA! Keanu is an award!--Toronto Sun (Ca)
April 2'My Son's A Fruit'Buck (US)
April 2Viva Keanu!MickeyWhatever-Dude (US)
April 3Manson Sued for Wrongful DeathMark ArmstrongE! Online (US)
April 5The Matrix Revisited--Moviehole (Aus)
April 5(Title Unknown)--Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
April 6Keanu's a hit in pub but not on pool table--Daily Telegraph (UK)
April 9Matthew Rutter - (US)
April 10DreamWorks wins Keanu's 'Billy Jack' remake--Canoe (Ca)
April 11Nona Gaye to be in Matrix II--Reuters (US)
April 12Channel [V] talks to The Matrix starsNerjeThe Matrix Online (US)
April 24Murmurs--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
MayThe Power 100--Premiere (US)
MayZen and the art of dude maintenance.Leah RumackFASHION Magazine (Ca)
May 5Keanu falls for a noodle approach--The Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
May 11 - 17Keanu's keen on just one girlMichael DuncanDaily Star (UK)
May 12Keanu Watch--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 13EnigmatimothySlashdot (US)
May 13The Matrix ReloadsJess CagleTIME (US)
May 19Police to copy Matrix moves--Ananova (US)
May 20'Coach' Keanu Plays HardballAnke HofmannTV Soap (Aus)
May 21New Ma-tricksMark BownessThe Sun (UK)
May 22Access Hollywood Description (Matrix 2)Paul (US)
May 23A French Philosopher Talks Back to Hollywood and 'The Matrix'Brent StaplesThe New York Times (US)
May 23First Teaser Trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures' 'The Matrix Reloaded' and 'The Matrix Revolutions' Scores 20 Million Page Views at Wire (US)
May 27Matrix sequels 'meaningful'Garry MaddoxThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
May 28Sydney the 'Matrix city'--Herald Sun (Aus)
May 30Day 212 on 'Matrix' Movies Set: 'This Will End the Way Movies Have Been Made'Mark (US)
June 9How low can you go--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
June 16Why Keanu won't play ballAllan HunterThe Scotsman (UK)
June 17Celebrity Gossip--Woman's Day (Aus)
June 23Social Eyes--Sydney Sunday Herald (Aus)
June 28The Matrix ReloadedDaniel FiermanEntertainment Weekly (US)
JulyThe Celebrity 100 - Top Ten Actors--Forbes (US)
JulyThe MatrixBen WoodhamsFilm Review (UK)
JulyThe Matrix ReloadedMathieu CarratierPremiere (Fr)
July 1Matrix Guru Sets Keanu StraightPete TrujilloThe Globe (US)
July 1Will Smith turned down The (US)
July 2The Enquirer takes a sneak peek at... The Matrix Reloaded--National Enquirer (UK)
July 2Keanu Reeves not Cage: Constantine--Moviehole (US)
July 6Matrix of the tradeNui Te KohaHerald Sun (Aus)
July 6What The Matrix Has Done for Sydney--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
July 8Matrix a traffic-stopper--The Courier-Mail (Aus)
July 16Spotted--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
July 22Keanu Reeves to Play John ConstantineRich JohnstonComic Book Resources (US)
July 23Keanu scraps Dogstar tour to care for dying sister--Hindustan Times (India)
July 25Psst.--mX (Aus)
July 28Eat your heart outPhilip KochThe Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
July 28Keanu's capers keep all the girls guessingRos ReinesThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
July 29Speed, the hit adrenalin-rush action film, comes to DVD as special editionJohn (Ca)
July 31Science FactionBen McKelveyJuice Magazine (Aus)
AugustThe 100 Greatest Movie Stars of Our Time--People (US)
AugustAction Figure--Premiere (US)
AugustKnocked Down ReloadedMichael TunisonCinescape Online (US)
AugustThe Matrix ReturnsColin KennedyEmpire (UK)
August 3Audience Test Response to Revolutions: "Amazing" (US)
August 3How The Matrix Changed The Rules for Action Movies--The New York Times (US)
August 3Keanu's heartacheDavid CairnsNew Idea (Aus)
August 4Keanu's mystery womanAdam ZwarHerald Sun (Aus)
August 5Animatrix and Reloaded (US)
August 14Keanu cares for his cancer-sticken sisterPeter KentNow (UK)
August 14Report from The Matrix Filmmaker Serieskrixkeanuvision (US)
August 18Guess who came to dinnerRos ReinesThe Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
August 18Keanu's lunch datePhilip KochThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
August 24Lone rider - Sydney's wrapped in MatrixMichael BodeyDaily Telegraph (UK)
August 24The Matrix sequels have confirmed the beautiful relationship between Sydney and the film worldMichael BodeyThe Daily Telegraph (Aus)
August 24(Title Unknown)--The Sun (UK)
August 25It's a wrap for Keanu capers--The Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
August 25Keanu's $77,000 farewell bash--Sun Herald (Aus)
SeptemberOver the edge... how a dude, a dancer and a girl invented extreme filmmaking...Adam SmithEmpire (UK)
SeptemberThe Wait is Almost Over!Mark SalisburyArena (UK)
September 10The Matrix: Double VisionBrian LinderIGN (US)
September 15Keanu is Superman? Update!Dave DavisCHUD (US)
September 26Shooting from the heart--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
OctoberKeanu Reeves in Concert--On Air (Thailand)
OctoberMatrix ManiaDan RiderHotdog (UK)
OctoberReloaded RevealedPatrick LeeSci Fi Magazine (US)
October 3The "Matrix" SequelsJeffery WellsRolling Stone (US)
October 11Dogged by fameManond ApanichThe Nation (Thailand)
October 11Keanu the musician hams it up with DogstarKreangsak SuwanpantakulThe Nation (Thailand)
October 18A Question of Relationships: Courting Keanu--The Nation (Thailand)
October 27Keanu vacates--Unknown Newspaper (Aus)
NovemberFOUND: Artifacts from the FutureThomas GoetzWired (US)
NovemberThe second coming...Mark WheatonStarburst (UK)
November 17ABC revs up drama slate with 'Speed'Josef AdalianVariety (US)
November 19Keanu Believe It...--News of the World (UK)
November 19What You Bin Up to Keanu?--News of the World (UK)
December 1Keanu's two-pic parlayMichael FlemingVariety (US)
December 2Comic Keanu--Empire (UK)
December 4"The Matrix and Philosophy" by William Irwin, ed.Laura MillerSalon (US)
December 5Keanu Reeves Reloaded--MTV (US)
December 11Exclusive Interview with Dogstar--On Air (Thailand)
December 13(Title Unknown)Neil SeanSky News (UK)
December 19Matrix Stand-In Talks Working on (US)
December 24Room Service--The Globe (US)
December 28Keanu's Vigil For Dying Sister--TeenHollywood (US)
December 30The Matrix Makers--Newsweek (US)