Keanu Reeves Articles and Interviews Archive

Jan – May 2003


Newsweek magazine christened 2003 'The Year of the Matrix', and it was... it really was. I had to split this year into two. There are so many really, really in-depth articles and interviews covering every imaginable aspect of the sequels, from cast & crew interviews to articles about set design and costume design and fan enthusiasm and I only wish that the first film – which is by far my favourite – had received even a fraction of that.

( 2003 )

UnknownA conversation with the cast of The Matrix ReloadedBonnie LauferTribute (Ca)
UnknownThe Beautiful Mystery--Glamour (Ge)
UnknownHardball Lawsuit - Muzikowski v. Paramount Pictures Corp.Diane P. WoodUnited States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (US)
UnknownMatrix Mega Fairy Tale--Der Stern (Ge)
UnknownThe Matrix Revolutions: Production Notes--Warner Bros. (US)
UnknownMy Defense of ZionBernard (US)
JanuaryRules of Attraction: bizarre, banal, breathtakingSimona RabinovitchUnknown Toronto TV Guide (Ca)
January 13Year of the cult filmPeter HowellThe Toronto Star (Ca)
January 14So you're funny? Enter The BG News humor contest!--The BG News (US)
January 17(Title Unknown)--The Hot Button (US)
January 19Dark world, high hopesRene LynchLos Angeles Times (US)
January 22Cypher Exited The Matrix--Sci Fi Wire (US)
January 22Fishburne Reloaded Morpheus--Sci Fi Wire (US)
January 28Keanu's Kind Gesture--TeenHollywood (US)
January 29'Matrix' reloads to go down the rabbit holeStephen SchaeferUSA Today (US)
FebruaryBig in 2003--Empire (UK)
February 4Ellis Previews Matrix Chase--Sci Fi Wire (US)
February 6'The Matrix'--Extra TV (US)
February 7Neo RealismGeoff KeighleyEntertainment Weekly (US)
February 15It's a 'Matrix' kind of worldGloria GoodaleThe Christian Science Monitor (US)
February 23Neo World Order--The Sunday Times (UK)
March 2Reloaded and ready for action--The Observer (UK)
March 3So did Amanda collar Keanu?--The Sun (UK)
March 8Interview: Lord Joel SilverJack RubyCHUD (US)
March 9New Powered GenerationDavid EimerThe Scotsman (UK)
March 9Nicholson Joke Angers Keanu--TeenHollywood (US)
March 15Joel Silver says some stuff about MATRIX 2 & 3--Ain't It Cool News (US)
March 18A Leap for Realism in a 'Matrix' TeaserMichel MarriottThe New York Times (US)
March 19The Matrix's pencil pusherIan BaileyNational Post (Ca)
March 20The Matrix gets animated--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
March 21'Animatrix' is perfect foil for 'Matrix' marketing blitzScott BowlesUSA Today (US)
March 23Keanu Rejects Superman Curse--FOXNews (US)
March 27Matrix RewiredRick FultonThe Daily Record (UK)
AprilGame OnJudy SloaneStarburst (UK)
AprilReloading the Matrix--FiRST (Singapore)
April 1Interview : Lachy Hulme - The Matrix ReloadedClint MorrisMoviehole (US)
April 3 - 10Neo and AgainPaul Calder8 Days (Singapore)
April 4Matrix Cannes do it--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
April 7Oooooops Keanu get in Smash--In Touch (US)
April 11Of a mind over 'The Matrix'Alex BeamThe Boston Globe (US)
April 12Virtual Cinematography Has Arrived With 'The Matrix Reloaded'--Sci Fi Wire (US)
April 13Reloading the Matrix--FiRST (Singapore)
April 14Keanu's brand Neo lookJohn DingwallThe Daily Record (UK)
April 14Keanu, meet Sailor MoonJoshua OstroffNational Post (Ca)
April 16Keanu's Hot as DC Comic's 'Hellblazer' (US)
April 16Pixel-Perfect Digital Clones are Ready for their Close-UpsNicole DyerPopular Science (US)
April 18Caught in the MatrixDaniel FiermanEntertainment Weekly (US)
April 18CoStar Gazing--Entertainment Weekly (US)
April 18The Fast Picture ShowsNoah RobischonEntertainment Weekly (US)
April 19Inside the MatrixGarry MaddoxThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
April 20Dramas break out over sci-fi thriller--New York Daily News (US)
April 21'The Matrix' gets reloadedJeremy JasoThe Newton Kansan (US)
April 23Fans clamoring for entrance to 'Matrix' worldAndy SeilerUSA Today (US)
April 25The Matrix Reloaded--Entertainment Weekly (US)
April 26EXCLUSIVE: Script Review - THE MATRIX RELOADEDCarl LazarevicLights Out Entertainment (US)
April 27Keanu Pushed To The Edge--TeenHollywood (US)
April 29Constantine Is Anti-X-Men--Sci Fi Wire (US)
April 30Keanu Kicks Major 'Matrix' Booty!--ETonline (US)
MayThe Accidental SuperstarLucy KaylinGQ (US)
MayBrave Neo WorldSteve O'Brien, Lawrence Browning, Ron MagidSFX (UK)
MayKeanu Reeves and His Crew on The Matrix ReloadedMichele ManelisFiRST (Singapore)
MayMatrix 2Steve Silberman, Evan RatliffWired (US)
MayThe Night I Jammed With Neo--NME (UK)
MayRage Against the MachinesMark SalisburyPremiere (US)
May 2Bound for the Big Screen--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 2Masters of the MatrixChristopher ParkesFinancial Times (UK)
May 4Carrie-Anne's Back and ReloadedPaul FischerFilmMonthly (US)
May 4Dressing to Dodge Bullets: That 'Matrix' LookRuth La FerlaThe New York Times (US)
May 4Jada Enters The MatrixPaul FischerFilmMonthly (US)
May 4Keanu's A Brand-Neo Man as The Matrix ReloadsPaul FischerFilmMonthly (US)
May 4Laurence Fishburne Reloads for the Latest MatrixPaul FischerFilmMonthly (US)
May 4'Matrix' Is Locked and ReloadedGene SeymourNewsday (US)
May 4Reeves reloadedPeter HowellThe Toronto Star (Ca)
May 5Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Her 'Matrix' PastVanessa (US)
May 5Jada Pinkett-Smith interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 5Keanu Reeves loves rare, expensive Australian red wine--The Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
May 5The Matrix Reloads: Back In BlackDevin GordonNewsweek (US)
May 5Reeves: Reloaded Has More--Sci Fi Wire (US)
May 5Waiting for the big oneHenry Cabot BeckNew York Daily News (US)
May 5Why Matrix stars love SydneyPeter MitchellSydney Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 6Carrie-Anne Moss on the Sexier Side of 'The Matrix Reloaded'Vanessa (US)
May 6Carrie-Anne Moss interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 6Keanu An Thrax--Metal Hammer (UK)
May 6Keanu Reeves gets 'Reloaded' for 'The Matrix'Vanessa (US)
May 6Laurence Fishburne Gets Religious About 'Reloaded'Vanessa (US)
May 6The Women of 'The Matrix'Cindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
May 7Laurence Fishburne interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 8Fx Whiz Takes 'Matrix' where No Film Has BeenPaula ParisiThe Hollywood Reporter (US)
May 8It's (Neo) classic ReevesHenry Cabot BeckNew York Daily News (US)
May 8Joel Silver/John Gaeta interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 8Keanu on track for sequels--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 8Reeves against the machineGarry MaddoxThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
May 8Top Ten: Things You Don't Know About My Child--Late Show with David Letterman (US)
May 9The Brains Behind The ShadesPeter HowellThe Toronto Star (Ca)
May 9Leo's Girl in MargaritavilleRoger FriedmanFox News (US)
May 9Matrix hangover means having none for the roadPeter Holder, Naomi Toy, Fiona ConnollySydney Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 9'Matrix' is love story, according to ReevesBill MullerThe Arizona Republic (US)
May 9Monica Bellucci interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 9(Title Unknown)William GibsonWilliam Gibson - Official Website (US)
May 10The Cursed SuperstarJohn BedfordThe Daily Record (UK)
May 10Derailing MomentsWilliam GibsonWilliam Gibson - Official Website (US)
May 11Ask: Keanu Reeves--MTV (US)
May 11Effects-laden 'Matrix' sequel has Keanu Reeves wonderingColin CovertStar Tribune (US)
May 11It's the movie to beat this summerJeff Vrabel, Jae-Ha Kim, Misha Davenport, Lisa LenoirChicago Sun-Times (US)
May 11Love bug bites the new MatrixPhilip McCarthySydney Sunday Herald (Aus)
May 11'Mind over Matrix': For Keanu Reeves, it's no pain, no gainCindy PearlmanChicago Sun-Times (US)
May 11ReloadedBruce KirklandThe Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 11Stars under pressure as Matrix is reloadedMichael McKennaSydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus)
May 11Tickets selling fast; fan Web sites buzzingSara SteffensChicago Sun-Times (US)
May 12The Five Burning QuestionsHeather Won TesorieroTIME (US)
May 12In the Future, Black's BackMichele OrecklinTIME (US)
May 12The Matrix has Monica--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 12Unlocking The MatrixRichard CorlissTIME (US)
May 13Enter the 'Matrix' - againBarry KoltnowThe Orange County Register (US)
May 13From dude to deityBob StraussThe Globe and Mail (Ca)
May 13Getting with the programElizabeth SneadU-Daily News (US)
May 13Locked and Reloaded--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 13Reeves it and weepWyndham KingMegastar (UK)
May 13Re-enter the reloaded 'Matrix'Scott BowlesUSA Today (US)
May 14How I crashed into the big timeJames MooreDaily Star (UK)
May 14Keanu Chat The Rave At 'Matrix' Premiere'Robert KahnNewsday (US)
May 14Keanu wants to return to the stage--RTE Guide (Irl)
May 14Keanu Reeves interviewJack RubyCHUD (US)
May 14Reeves rebootsJamie PortmanThe StarPhoenix (Ca)
May 15Interview: Keanu ReevesAntony (US)
May 15Interview with Keanu ReevesSteven HornIGN (US)
May 15Reality bytesWhang Yee-Ling8 Days (Singapore)
May 15Stuck in the middle with NeoJohn PowersLA Weekly (US)
May 15They don't call him 'The One' for nothingSiri AgrellNational Post (Ca)
May 16Brothers skip fest--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 16Matrix Mania!Nadia Brooks, Drew MacKenzieDaily Star (UK)
May 16Matrix Star Reeves Says He's No Indy Jones--Reuters (US)
May 16The Neo WaveDaniel FiermanEntertainment Weekly (US)
May 16Neo classic: Keanu manages a high-wire role with a low-key demeanorColin CovertStar Tribune (US)
May 16Outdazzling the film, the £2m Matrix partyLaura BenjaminDaily Mail (UK)
May 16Weaving his way to stardom--The Age (Aus)
May 17Dark fantasy shinesMichael BodeySydney Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 17 - 31The Matrix ReloadsEvelyn TeoGalaxie (Malaysia)
May 18Keanu is Hollywood's $75m 'chosen one'Richard BrooksThe Sunday Times (UK)
May 18Keanu's Unknown Sis in Plea to See HimLouies Hancock, Dave GardnerThe Mirror (UK)
May 18Keanu, is that you?Katrina OnstadNational Post (Ca)
May 18Keanu Reeves: Cool, manDavid ThomsonThe Independent (UK)
May 18My dream - being able to fly like SupermanAntonia SteffensBild am Sonntag (Ge)
May 18Out of the shadowsMarc KennedySunday Express (UK)
May 19Keanu's Mad As Hellblazer In Upcoming Comic Book FilmRyan J. DowneyMTV (US)
May 19Keanu Reeves Speaks Out About Tragic Years--TeenHollywood (US)
May 19Keanu Brings Matrix to London--Sky News (UK)
May 19'Matrix' Producer Dismisses Violent Links--Reuters (US)
May 19Matrix star 'swiped specs for souvenir'--Coventry Telegraph (UK)
May 19Next week will be crucial for 'Reloaded'Scott BowlesUSA Today (US)
May 19Reeves Joins $25-Million-A-Movie Club--ShowBIZ Data (US)
May 19Watch out it's Keanu heaves--The Sun (UK)
May 20Revealed - the secret brotherhood of The Matrix--Cape Argus (Africa)
May 20Tank vs. "Matrix" Machine--Yahoo! News (US)
May 20The Unreachable HeroSarah LauGala (Ge)
May 21Keanu bathes in tubs of ice--Ananova (US)
May 21'Matrix' makes its way into courtrooms as defense strategyMatt BeanCNN (US)
May 21"Matrix Critics? **** 'Em"--Sky News (US)
May 21The Matrix show descends on LondonKeily OakesBBC (UK)
May 21Under the Matrix influenceStephen DowlingBBC (UK)
May 21Wacky WachowskisMarcus BaramNew York Post (US)
May 22Caring Keanu's Mercy Dash--Daily Express (UK)
May 22Constantine (Hellblazer)--Comic Book Resources (US)
May 22Keanu in Fight Club--Daily Express (UK)
May 22Matrix OverloadRichard SimpsonEvening Standard (UK)
May 23Interview of the week: Keanu ReevesKaren ButlerUnited Press International (US)
May 23 - 29Keanu - the enigmaChristopher GoodwinEvening Standard (UK)
May 23Keanu lighten up a bit?Emily SmithThe Sun (UK)
May 23Meet Keanu, Anew--People (US)
May 24Keanu's Fight Night--WTEV (US)
May 25Fight to forgive--The Calgary Sun (Ca)
May 25Gun Terror for Keanu--People (UK)
May 25How we reinvented The MatrixMark SalisburySunday Express (UK)
May 25Keanu's a Man of Few Words--People (UK)
May 26Behind the glamour--The Age (Aus)
May 26Caddy Gets into "Matrix"Paul A. EisensteinThe Car Connection (US)
May 26Keanu buys plush new Hollywood pad--New York Post (US)
May 26Menlo design firm puts shades on Keanu ReevesBret PutnamSan Mateo County Times (US)
May 26Next Up For Keanu: A Play--UPI (US)
May 26The Reclusive KeanuMatthew GrahamUS Weekly (US)
May 27A clairvoyant told me secrets about my familyRoald RynningBest Magazine (UK)
May 27'Matrix' machine comes to JapanAlan WanCBS MarketWatch (US)
May 28Inside The MatrixChris BetrosJapan Today (Jp)
May 28Keanu to give away £50millionMartin EvansDaily Express (UK)
May 28Keanu's Unloaded--The Mirror (UK)
May 29'The Matrix' reworked--Richmond Times-Dispatch (US)
May 29Matrix MansionBetsy SchiffmanForbes (US)
May 30Father doesn't know best--San Francisco Examiner (US)
May 30How Much Will Keanu Earn from The Matrix Sequels?--Variety (US)
May 30Keanu's dad is still a heroin addict--Irish Examiner (Irl)
May 30Keanu To Join Coldplay?Neil SeanSky News (UK)
May 30'Set for life' Keanu gives away $125m--The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
May 31Keanu buys his own luxury pad--Femail (UK)
May 31Kindly Keanu--Empire (UK)