Articles by Lesley O'Toole ( 10 )

April 1994A Star is RebornBite Magazine (UK)
August 1994Speed KillsShake! (NZ)
August 1994We love you Keanu...Dolly (Aus)
November 9 - 22, 1994Keanu Rocks!Smash Hits (UK)
February 1995Keanu: Live & sweatyDolly (Aus)
July 1995Mad Axe Attack!The Face (UK)
July 21, 1995'Speed' MettleEntertainment Weekly (US)
January 1996Hot Dogstar! - On The Road With Keanu's Band!TV Hits (Aus)
June 2, 1999Cyberspace 1999Time Out London (UK)
April 15, 2008Keanu Reeves: I relish being an antiheroThe Independent (UK)