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July 1989An Actor Called Keanu Reeves--Girlfriend (Aus)
June 1991Is It True Keanu Doesn't Bathe?--Teen Machine (Aus)
September 1991The Dream Machine - Keanu ReevesHowie WeissTV Hits(Aus)
October 1991Keanu's just a happy hippyRachelle UnreichDolly (Aus)
October 1991The Key to KeanuSteve KorteGirlfriend (Aus)
January 1992The class clown makes goodDan YakirTV Hits (Aus)
January - March 1992Keanu Reeves - The unlikely starJeff HaywardTV Hits(Aus)
April 1, 1992Keanu Reeves - One weird dude?!Jeff HaywardSmash Hits (Aus)
July / August 1992Keanu Reeves - his excellent adventureJeff HaywardMovie (Aus)
August 1992It's in his kissRachelle UnreichDolly (Aus)
August 1992The sexist men alive--Cleo (Aus)
November 1992Necking with Keanu--YM (Aus)
December 1992Much ado about KeanuClaire IsaacGirlfriend (Aus)
Autumn / Winter 1993Beau-daciousJeff HaywardStudio for Men (Aus)
January 1993The totally delicious KeanuJeff HaywardCleo (Aus)
January 20, 1993Kool KeanuKingma HoffmanSmash Hits (Aus)
February 1993Cruisin' with Keanu--Girlfriend (Aus)
February 1993Keanu Reeves in My Own Private Idaho--Video (Aus)
February 1993Who's Keanu Kissing Now?Stephanie OsfieldLooks (Aus)
August 1993The sexiest men alive--Cleo (Aus)
September 9, 1993Not just a sex godRuth PicardieThe Age (Aus)
September 23, 1993Keanu's Excellent CareerRob LowingThe Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
October 27, 1993Let's Do LunchTim FennellSmash Hits (Aus)
November 1993Hollywood's Hell-ManGina JohnsonDolly (Aus)
November 1993Classic Keanu - And His Excellent Italian AdventureEric AllenTV Hits (Aus)
January / February, 1994Rebel with a causeHelen Hawkes, Michael HellicarNew Weekly (Aus)
July 7, 1994Full Speed AheadEmma CochraneSmash Hits (Aus)
July 30, 1994Keanu, a most excellent enigmaMelina GerosaWho (Aus)
August 1994We love you Keanu...Lesley O'TooleDolly (Aus)
August 15, 1994Keanu's in the CloudsMike O'ConnorThe Courier-Mail(Aus)