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November 26, 1996And Excuse the Pizza Breath--People's Daily
October 2007Interview with Keanu ReevesHe Jia Hui, Liu Qing QingSichuan News - Chengdu Evening News
October 16, 2009Reeves backs kung fu filmWang XiangShanghai Daily
December 14, 2010Keanu Reeves invests in Chinese action
November 23, 2011Keanu Reeves busy looking for his Tai Chi girl in
December 19, 2011Karen Mok: Keanu Reeves' Tai Chi
February 29, 2012Keanu Reeves' Tai Chi movie starts
March 27, 2012Film sets and studiosGabrielle Jaffe, Yuan RenTime Out Beijing
January 20, 2013Why is Keanu Reeves back in Beijing?James WilkinsonTime Out Beijing
May 10, 2013Keanu Reeves' Breeze and MysteryLi DongranLife Week
June 13, 2013Host of celebrities as festival opensXu WeiShanghai Daily
June 23, 2013Heroes Do Not Rely on Superpowers AloneCai Fang QianHunan TV
June 23, 2013Exclusive Interview with Keanu Reeves: The nickname 'Lao Li' is a lucky signWang Zan Mei, Fang Yi MinNanfang Dushi Bao
June 27, 2013Superfan: "I've seen 31 of your movies." Lao Li (Keanu): Wow!Ma YueNanfang Dushi Bao
June 27, 2013Do What You Love. Keanu and Keanu DoctrineLi Hongyu, Wei JieSouthern Weekly
June 28, 201349 year old Keanu: Fat is fat with muscleLi Hao JiaoHuaxi Dushi Bao
July 3, 2013From Geek God to Kungfu Director 'Lao Li': An Interview with Keanu ReevesWang QitingBundpic
July 9, 2013Keanu Reeves: Outside the Matrix
July 17, 2013Lao Li loves kungfu, filmed a movie because of Chen HuWang Jiang YueBejing Youth Weekly
August 6, 2013Volkswagen Enlists Keanu Reeves For Action-Packed Branded Micro-Film--Jing Daily
July 6, 2017Keanu Reeves: Riding motorcycles is his favourite thing--Mtime