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December 1993Keanu Reeves, State of GraceMichel RebichonStudio (Fr)
March 1994Keanu, After BuddhaBose HadleighBagatelle Magazine (Fr)
August 15, 1994She has put 'Little Buddha' in her bedSimon LeaVoici (Fr)
January 1995Johnny HandsomeDavid GiammarcoSciFi-Universe(Fr)
September 1995Keanu Reeves, the Last Hollywood RebelHenry ArnaudMAX (Fr)
November 15, 1995Keanu Reeves: "Facing the rumours, I don't have to justify myself..."Jean-Christophe FédériciStar Club (Fr)
December 1995Keanu Reeves, EnigmaMichel RebichonStudio (Fr)
December 11 - 17, 1995Keanu Reeves - What is he trying to prove?Louis de la HamaideVoici (Fr)
November 1996Keanu ReevesLynn LaneTetû (Fr)
June 1999Cyber KeanuJ.A. BondyPremiere (Fr)
December 2000Between You and Keanu ReevesJean-Paul ChailletCiné Live(Fr)
April 9, 2001The Tragedy--Voici (Fr)
July 2002The Matrix ReloadedMathieu CarratierPremiere (Fr)
September 1, 2003Keanu's Shoe Hurts--Voici (Fr)
September 2004Keanu Reeves--Spirit (Fr)
November 22, 2008(Title Unknown)--Canal+ (Fr)
March 2009IrresistibleDidier Péron, Sabrina ChampenoisVogue Hommes International (Fr)
August 11, 2011Keanu Reeves, the Man of the FutureJérôme DittmarPremiere (Fr)
March 31, 2014Keanu Reeves: "I'm just a guy from the Star Wars generation"--Metronews (Fr)
April 2, 2014Keanu Reeves, the Kung Fu InterviewToma ClaracGQ (Fr)
April 3, 2014Keanu Reeves: "I am a classic!"Sorin EtienneLe Figaro (Fr)
May 1, 2014Keanu Reeves: "Man of Tai Chi owes a lot to Michael Haneke"Sylvestre PicardPremiere (Fr)
October 17, 2014Lyon’s Festival Lumière honours Keanu Reeves – actor, producer and director--Euronews (Fr)