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December 1993Keanu Reeves, State of GraceMichel RebichonStudio
March 1994Keanu, After BuddhaBose HadleighBagatelle Magazine
August 15, 1994She has put 'Little Buddha' in her bedSimon LeaVoici
January 1995Johnny HandsomeDavid GiammarcoSciFi-Universe
September 1995Keanu Reeves, the Last Hollywood RebelHenry ArnaudMAX
November 15, 1995Keanu Reeves: "Facing the rumours, I don't have to justify myself..."Jean-Christophe FédériciStar Club
December 1995Keanu Reeves, EnigmaMichel RebichonStudio
December 11 - 17, 1995Keanu Reeves - What is he trying to prove?Louis de la HamaideVoici
November 1996Keanu ReevesLynn LaneTetû
June 1999Cyber KeanuJ.A. BondyPremiere
December 2000Between You and Keanu ReevesJean-Paul ChailletCiné Live
April 9, 2001The Tragedy--Voici
July 2002The Matrix ReloadedMathieu CarratierPremiere
September 1, 2003Keanu's Shoe Hurts--Voici
September 2004Keanu Reeves--Spirit
November 22, 2008(Title Unknown)--Canal+
March 2009IrresistibleDidier Péron, Sabrina ChampenoisVogue Hommes International
August 11, 2011Keanu Reeves, the Man of the FutureJérôme DittmarPremiere
March 31, 2014Keanu Reeves: "I'm just a guy from the Star Wars generation"--Metronews
April 2, 2014Keanu Reeves, the Kung Fu InterviewToma ClaracGQ
April 3, 2014Keanu Reeves: "I am a classic!"Sorin EtienneLe Figaro
May 1, 2014Keanu Reeves: "Man of Tai Chi owes a lot to Michael Haneke"Sylvestre PicardPremiere
October 17, 2014Lyon’s Festival Lumière honours Keanu Reeves – actor, producer and director--Euronews
September 8, 2015Keanu Reeves: "Outside of work, my life is very dull"Nicolas SchallerL'Obs
September 23, 2015Keanu Reeves: "Men have always been frightened of female sensuality."Mehdi OmaïsMetronews
May 14, 2016Keanu Reeves, in the heart of the MatrixDanièlle ParraTélécâble Sat Hebdo
May 16, 2016Keanu Reeves: "Before, we were talking about storytelling. Now we're talking about content."Nicolas SchallerL'Obs
May 16, 2016Keanu Reeves: "I have never watched a movie on my phone"Céline FontanaLe Figaro