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October 2, 1994Much Ado About KeanuAngela HoldenThe Irish Times (Irl)
October 1995Keanu dig it?Chris CarburyU Magazine (Irl)
July 19, 1996Ace of Bass--RTE Guide (Irl)
February 4, 1998Devilishly CleverCraig FitzsimonsHot Press (Irl)
November 12, 1999Keanu's EdgeTeresa NerneyRTE Guide (Irl)
July 12, 2001Painful loss belies November's sweet smilesAnn KellyEvening Herald (Irl)
May 14, 2003Keanu wants to return to the stage--RTE Guide(Irl)
May 30, 2003Keanu's dad is still a heroin addict--Irish Examiner (Irl)
November 22, 2003Reeves tempted by Nicholson comedy--Irish Examiner (Irl)
January 24 - 30, 2004Keanu's excellent adventureDonal O'DonoghueRTE Guide (Irl)
November 17, 2009A Proof: Keanu Can ActFergal CaseyTalking Movies (Irl)
July 13, 2010Keanu Takes StockFergal CaseyTalking Movies (Irl)
May 21, 2013Keanu Reeves: Man of Tai Chi is my story--Tv3(Irl)
July 8, 2013Rinko: Keanu is so concentrated--Independent (Irl)
December 23, 2013Keanu felt a bit of an outcast--Independent (Irl)
October 23, 2014Keanu Reeves saw a ghost--Tv3 (Irl)
March 25, 2015Keanu Reeves admits he struggles with action films now he's 50--Irish Examiner (Irl)
April 10, 2015Keanu Reeves: ‘Did you see my movie?’Tara BradyThe Irish Times (Irl)