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November 1995A computer with a heart--Unknown Magazine
September 26, 1997Buddha has become a trampDora GiannettiNovella 2000
December 21 - 27, 1997The importance of being FaustCarlo BizioFilm TV
December 8, 1999A dad on the road--Chi
November 2000What Keanu thinksCarlo BizioGlamour
November 14, 2000The 30 million-dollar manElisa LeonelliGioia
December 3 - 9, 2000The Reeves enigmaCarlo BizioFilm TV
April 20, 2001He lost his loveManuela ArioliEva Tremila
April 27, 2001Keanu Reeves destroyed at his girlfriend's funeral--Eva Tremila
May 2001Keanu Reeves on his recent movies--Ciak
August 2004Keanu is Back at the "Piazzetta"--Il Resto del Carlino
August 2004Mariah Carey and Keanu Reeves in Capri - Fans are Frenzied--Il Resto del Carlino
September 1, 2004The Matrix "big heart" beats just for KimAlessia ErcoliniOggi
February 2005Infernal Investigations--Ciak
February 2005Satan--Vanity Fair
February 10, 2005Keanu, On Set With The Exorcist--Constantine Press Conference in Rome
February 10, 2005Keanu Reeves: "Meet 'My' Hereafter"--Constantine Press Conference in Rome
February 10, 2005Keanu Reeves Against Evil Forces in the Fantasy-Noir "Constantine" --Constantine Press Conference in Rome
March 2005Handsome and DamnedAdriano BaroneBest Movie
June 2006Keanu Reeves: "I Would Like to Get Married"Sara ProtestaUnknown Source
June 2006Keanu Reeves: "I Believe in Multi-Culture"Ilaria M. LinettiUnknown Source
June 2006Keanu Reeves: "Sandra? Beautiful and Creative"Ilaria M. LinettiUnknown Source
June 2006Keanu Reeves: "I Dream of a Family"Ilaria M. LinettiUnknown Source
June 2006Keanu - Back to the PresentCatia DoniniUnknown Source
March 25, 2008Keanu Reeves: "I, the pure among the corrupted cops"Lorenzo SoriaLa Stampa
December 2008The Day the Earth Stood StillMarco GiovanniniCiak
December 1, 2008Beware KeanuGianluca
December 1, 2008Goodbye Matrix, Now Keanu is an Alien. "But I really believe in UFOs ..."Claudia MorgoglioneLa Repubblica
December 18, 2008Keanu: And Now, Let's StopCostanza RizzacasaA
March 9, 2014"It took martial arts to make me a villain" Carlo Bizioil Giornale