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Unknown 1992(Title Unknown)Lisa FrydmanCinemateen (Jp)
July 1995Dogstar in Japan--Roadshow (Jp)
July 16, 1995Dogging KeanuJacqueline M. CalayagThe Japanese Times (Jp)
September 1995Dogstar Live in Japan--Screen (Jp)
December 1995Interview with Keanu ReevesAnne CurtisRoadshow (Jp)
December 1995Keanu Walks in Head First--Japanese Matrix movie programme (Jp)
April 1997Keanu Reeves - Hopefully I'll Make My Way, and Get to Act and Make Good FilmsLynne LaneFLIX Magazine (Jp)
February 1998Cool x Humorous = Keanu Reeves--Cosmopolitan (Jp)
December / January 1999From Hot to ColdKeiji HakaMini World (Jp)
June 24, 2000Dogstar at Shibuya Tower Records in Japan--Shibuya Tower Records (Jp)
May 28, 2003Inside The MatrixChris BetrosJapan Today (Jp)
June 4, 2003Welcome to the desert of the reelGiovanni FazioThe Japan Times (Jp)
June 4, 2003The media trapped in the MatrixGiovanni FazioThe Japan Times (Jp)
August 11, 2003Matrix Reloaded' sets box office world record at Roppongi Hills--Japan Today (Jp)
November 4, 2003Interview by Fuji Television--Fuji Television (Jp)
December 17, 2003Keanu ReevesJordan RiefeEnglish Journal (Jp)
April 14, 2005Reeves has devil of a time--Japan Today (Jp)
July 2006(Title Unknown)--Unknown Sources (Jp)
December 11, 2008Keanu Reeves boldly goes for box-office biggieGeorge Hadley-GarciaThe Japan Times (Jp)
December 18, 2008Earth calling Keanu ReevesChris BetrosJapan Today (Jp)
December 26, 2008'Earth' director has new view of KlaatuTom BakerDaily Yomiuri (Jp)
March 2, 2011Shibasaki Kou to make Hollywood debut alongside Keanu Reeves--Tokyo Hive (Jp)
July 2013Man of Tai ChiYohei TanedaYohei Taneda Official Website (Jp)
December 6, 2013Hollywood 'Chushingura': Actor Sanada pushes envelope in bold new take on ?47 Ronin?Takashi KondoThe Japan News (Jp)
February 13, 2015As Keanu Reeves sightings continue in Tokyo, we ask: Got time for a bowl of your favorite ramen?Casey BaseelRocketNews24 (Jp)