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November 1997Keanu ReevesRobin EggarTV Review (Malaysia)
November 27, 1997Hunks and Accents--The Star(Malaysia)
December 1997Trial by Fire--M3 (Malaysia)
January 17 - 31, 1998Route 666Kathleen PaulGalaxie (Malaysia)
March 23 - 29, 1998Has Keanu lost his sex appeal?Ian Blair, Lucy HunterDay & Night (Malaysia)
May 17 - 31, 2003The Matrix ReloadsEvelyn TeoGalaxie (Malaysia)
June 6, 2003Cool DudePhilip BerkGalaxie(Malaysia)
July 5, 2003The chameleon in WongFaridul Anwar FarinordinNew Straits Times (Malaysia)
November 7, 2003An inspired missionMumtaj BegumThe Star (Malaysia)
November 14, 2003More Than Meets the EyeMumtaj BegumThe Star (Malaysia)
November 16, 2003Keanu's Excellent Adventure--Galaxie (Malaysia)
December 5, 2003Star qualityLynette MoeyThe Star (Malaysia)
February 2005Keanu - The Man To The Name--Cinema Online (Malaysia)
February 1, 2005A Taste of HellZack YusofGalaxie (Malaysia)
February 9, 2005An ordinary JoeFaridul Anwar FarinordinNew Straits Times (Malaysia)
May 8, 2005Fill it with flowers, no lessSyida Lizta Amirul IhsanNew Straits Times (Malaysia)
April 7, 2009Ted's lonely and not so excellent adventure--The Star (Malaysia)
June 3, 2011Keanu Reeves: A quiet confidenceMumtaj BegumThe Star (Malaysia)
December 16, 2013Timeless tale of courage--New Straits Times (Malaysia)