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October 1992The Trippy Adventures of Keanu ReevesJud I. ThearneFotogramas
January 1 1994Exotic RebelJosé Luis LópezImagines
March 1995Interview with Keanu Reeves--Pronto
September 17, 1995Keanu ReevesPaz MataDominical Magazine
October 1995"I'm a taste that whets the appetite"María BernalFotogramas
October 1995Keanu ReevesGemma A. BautistaAcción
October 2, 1995"I Hope I'm Not Too Normal"J.A.Cambio16
January 1996It's Hard For Me To Be Faithful To Just One WomanSteven RobinsonCambio16
October 23, 1997Keanu ReevesJesse NashHola!
June 1999The nine faces of Keanu ReevesClaudia LarraguibelCinemania
November 25, 1999The Sporting Hobbies of an Actor--Hola!
December 8, 1999Keanu Reeves, a triumphant actor, but with the look of a beggar.--Semana
November 2000Keanu Reeves - a shy exhibitionistJan JanssenCosmopolitan
July 2001Keanu ReevesAmanda Lornie, Lucy EdkinsAcción
May 2, 2007Keanu Reeves got fat--Semana
October 2007Keanu in love again--InTouch
April 11, 2014Keanu Reeves: "I am embittered with the industry"María EstevezhoyCinema
November 2016Keanu, the AntiheroDaniel BorrasVogue