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October 1987The NaturalKimberley LestonThe Face (UK)
Spring 1989Keanu Reeves - The Prince--Young Americans (UK)
Autumn 1989Reeves Breeze--Young Americans (UK)
March 1989Peachy KeanuDavid AldridgeFilm Review (UK)
March 1989Prince of ComedyAngela HoldenSky (UK)
December 1989Keanu Reeves (say it Key-ah-noo). It means "Cool Breeze from the Mountains"Karen KrizanovichSky (UK)
April 1990Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Previewed--Starburst (UK)
April 1990Always Wondrous & Weird & WhateverJames Cameron-WilsonFilm Review (UK)
April 14, 1990Bill and Ted's Excellent AdventureKate DaviesNumber One (UK)
May 1990Turbo-Charged and ExplodingDavid AldridgeFilm Review (UK)
May 1990An Excellent Interview with Stephen HerekAlan JonesStarburst (UK)
Unknown 1991Hey Dude!--Fantazia (UK)
October 1991Whoa, Dude!Karen MolineElle (UK)
October 2 - 15, 1991Keanu Reeves: "Johnny Depp's Better Looking Than Me!"--Smash Hits (UK)
November 1991Pseudo-Quasi-Method in his MadnessJames Cameron-WilsonFilm Review (UK)
December 1991Most Excellent!Chris HeathThe Face (UK)
December 1991Keanu Feel ItEthlie Ann VareSky (UK)
December 1991Keanu Reeves' Excellent AdventureIan FryerImpact (UK)
December 1991Keanu Reeves' big night inIan FryerImpact (UK)
December 1991Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey--Odeon Cinemas (UK)
December 1991Aunt Julia And The Scriptwriter--Empire (UK)
January 1992"Bill and Ted is a State of Mind"--TV Hits (UK)
January 1992Rebel without a pauseDario ScardapaneTV Hits (UK)
January 23 - 30, 1992The Totally Real Bill and TedWinfield ScottCity Limits - London's Guide (UK)
February 1992Bill & Ted's Bogus JourneyAlan JonesStarburst (UK)
February 1992Bill & Ted's Bogus JourneyAlan JonesStarburst (UK)
March 28, 1992Keanu dig it?--NME (UK)
April 1992Their Own Private IdahoJenny CooneyEmpire (UK)
April 29 - May 22, 1992So Hard--Smash Hits (UK)
June 1992"I Don't Want to be Super Famous!"Roald RynningTV Hits (UK)