Articles from Chicago Sun-Times ( 26 )

July 19, 1991Bill and Ted's Bogus JourneyRoger Ebert
August 6, 1995Keanu Reeves Grows Up - A Little BitCindy Pearlman
August 7, 1995Hitched to a StarJae-Ha Kim
April 7, 1996Keanu thought his two years were running outRoger Ebert
March 31, 1999The MatrixRoger Ebert
August 2000See Keanu 'Who Needs Two' Reeves for TicketsCarlos Sadovi
August 6, 2000Catching up to KeanuCindy Pearlman
August 18, 2000(Title Unknown)--
August 31, 2000Hey Keanu, clean up your movie!Annie Sweeney
September 3, 2000Script reflects grimy realityRichard Roeper
September 7, 2000Keanu kapers...Michael Sneed
September 7, 2000Peeved Reeves in snit over another local filmBill Zwecker
September 8, 2000(Title Unknown)Michael Sneed
September 13, 2000Pop singer shows he's not your average Joe--
September 4, 2001Hey, dude, spleen's up!Cindy Pearlman
September 12, 2001Not to worry, 'Hardball' won't be bad PR for cityRichard Roeper
September 16, 2001Pitching in with 'Hardball'Cindy Pearlman
September 17, 2001Playing 'Hardball' with cityCindy Pearlman
September 17, 2001Smile trumps technique in film auditionCindy Pearlman
May 6, 2003The Women of 'The Matrix'Cindy Pearlman
May 11, 2003It's the movie to beat this summerJeff Vrabel
May 11, 2003'Mind over Matrix': For Keanu Reeves, it's no pain, no gainCindy Pearlman
May 11, 2003Tickets selling fast; fan Web sites buzzingSara Steffens
March 14, 2005Sighting @ Chicago--
May 13, 2005Is Keanu playing Romeo to Lynn Collins' Juliet?Bill Zwecker
April 25, 2016‘Keanu’ stars chat up kitty film — surrounded by catsBill Zwecker