Articles from E! Online ( 51 )

June 20, 1997Q & A with Keanu ReevesKen Neville
August 1, 1997Cunanan Didn't Have AIDS, Newspaper Reports--
September 24, 1998The Eyes Have ItTed Casablanca
April 12, 1999(Title Unknown)--
April 16, 1999Keanu Cashes InMarcus Errico
April 25, 1999"The Matrix" ReloadsBridget Byrne
July 1999Pregnant PauseTed Casablanca
July 7, 1999The Aye-Eyes Have ItTed Casablanca
July 20, 1999"The Matrix" LivesJoal Ryan
July 21, 1999Speed BumpTed Casablanca
July 29, 1999Keanu Can Do Fatherhood!Joal Ryan
July 31, 1999Tea with TedTed Casablanca
August 199920 Not to Invite--
August 12, 1999(Title Unknown)Ted Casablanca
September 7, 1999Pregnant ClawsTed Casablanca
September 14, 1999(Title Unknown)Ted Casablanca
September 30, 1999"The Matrix" Sinks "Titanic"--
December 3, 1999Fox Cuts "Action"--
January 18, 2000Keanu's Gal-Pal Loses Baby--
February 25, 2000Tea with TedTed Casablanca
August 8, 2000The Matrix Man on Breaking Bones, Throwing Bombs and Catching BrasJeanne Wolf
August 12, 2000Football Whoas--
September 9, 2000Keanu Reeves, Reticent "Watcher"--
September 10, 2000"The Watcher" Pulls in WatchersBridget Byrne
September 15, 2000The Quiet Man--
September 28, 2000The Eyes Have ItTed Casablanca
October 5, 2001Another "Matrix" Star MournedMark Armstrong
April 3, 2002Manson Sued for Wrongful DeathMark Armstrong
August 15, 2003Keanu Gives It Up!--
August 21, 2003The Eyes Have ItTed Casablanca
October 2, 2003"Matrix" Finale Set for "Zero Hour"Josh Grossberg
October 17, 2003Keanu to Get Waxed OffJoal Ryan
December 3, 2003Constantine--
July 2, 2005Think Stars Can Flee Hollywood and Hide Out in NYC? Well, Think Again!--
November 5, 2007Keanu Reeves Sued for Uncool Car ManeuverNatalie Finn
May 5, 2008Keanu in Deep Doo-DooJosh Grossberg
May 28, 2008Lawyer: Keanu's No More Popular Than O.J.Natalie Finn
July 7, 2008Keanu's Depo Won't Leave Legal MatrixNatalie Finn
July 9, 2008Keanu Says Pap Caused His Own DownfallNatalie Finn
September 3, 2008Keanu Shutterbug Goes Through Looking GlassNatalie Finn
September 22, 2008Keanu KOs Big Part of Paparazzo SuitJosh Grossberg
October 10, 2008Keanu Shutterbug Tries to Avoid Pap SmearNatalie Finn
October 27, 2008Keanu Trial Kicks into High GearNatalie Finn
October 28, 2008Keanu on Stand, Denies Dinging PapJosh Grossberg
April 18, 2009Keanu Reeves: Certified Speed RacerMarcus Errico
September 16, 2009Toronto Notebook: Of Keanu and KaraokeJames Rocchi
September 18, 2009Is Robin Wright Penn the New Jen Aniston?Ted Casablanca
January 7, 2010Keanu Counters Crazy Claims: Hypnosis, Disguises and Pseudonyms, Oh MyGina Serpe
March 22, 2010Keanu Reeves Sparks Hollywood Race-Car RivalryPeter Gicas
November 1, 2013Keanu Reeves: Why Another Matrix Movie is UnlikelyMark Malkin
February 8, 2017Ruby Rose Loved Getting Elbowed in the Face by Keanu ReevesMarc Malkin