Articles from IGN ( 30 )

January 4, 2001New Data on Matrix SequelsBrian Linder
June 14, 2001Matrix Reloaded Location ScoopBrian Linder
August 9, 2001The Matrix Won't Reload Until 2003Paul Davidson
August 27, 2001Matrix Reloaded Star Dies in Plane CrashKJB
August 28, 2001According to rumors, Square Pictures may have gotten work doing a short CG MatrixPaul Davidson
January 4, 2002Smith, Weaving Talk MatrixBrian Linder
January 16, 2002Reloaded RumblingsBrian Linder
September 10, 2002The Matrix: Double VisionBrian Linder
May 15, 2003Interview with Keanu ReevesSteven Horn
September 30, 2003The Matrix ReloadedAndy Patrizio
March 3, 2004Moore vs. Constantine?--
February 16, 2005Constantine Interview: Keanu ReevesJeff Otto
May 13, 2005Stone Denies Night Watchman--
July 14, 2005Comic-Con 2005: Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly PanelSteven Horn
July 15, 2008Wachowskis Reaching for Plastic Man?Brian Linder
December 2, 2008Keanu Debunks Speed 3 RumoursOrlando Parfitt
December 16, 2008The Many "Whoas" of Keanu ReevesJesse Schedeen
July 23, 2009Constantine 2 ExclusiveChris Tilly
May 23, 2013Keanu Reeves Talks Man of Tai ChiLeigh Singer
June 27, 2013Keanu Reeves: Tai Chi masterJocelyn Lee
September 23, 2013Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter Talk Bill & Ted 3Chris Tilly
December 17, 2013Keanu Reeves Updates on Bill & Ted 3, Passengers Scott Collura
September 9, 2014John Wick Set Visit PreviewJim Vejvoda
September 10, 2014Keanu Reeves Wants Revenge on the Set of John WickScott Collura
October 3, 2014Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3 is "Closer... But Not Closer"Chris Tilly
April 9, 2015Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3 is Closer Than EverChris Tilly
February 22, 2016Keanu Reeves on the Horrors of ExposedChris Tilly
March 1, 2016Keanu Reeves Calls John Wick Sequel a "Third Degree Black Belt"Chris Tilly
March 10, 2016Keanu Reeves is Doing a Voiceover For Kitten Comedy KeanuChris Tilly
March 15, 2016Sounds Like Life is Imitating Art on Bill and Ted 3Chris Tilly