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March 21, 2008Keanu Reeves Brings Different Message With Him In 'Day The Earth Stood Still'Shawn Adler
April 8, 2008Keanu Gives Crudup A 'Watchmen' Blessing For Dr. ManhattanLarry Carroll
July 2008DTESS Director Reveals Trailer Secrets!--
December 9, 2008Keanu Reeves Dons Samurai Outfit For Feudal Epic '47 Ronin'Elisabeth Rappe
December 17, 2008Keanu Reeves Eager To Do 'Something Good' With 'Cowboy Bebop' MovieLarry Carroll
December 19, 2008EXCLUSIVE: David Fincher Reveals Ingredients For Keanu Reeves Film 'Chef'Matthew Perpetua
May 11, 2009Chris Morgan Describes '47 Ronin' As Similar To '300' And 'Gladiator'Josh Wigler
March 7, 2010Keanu Reeves Hints At A 'Bill & Ted' Sequel On The Oscars Red Carpet!Adam Rosenberg
September 23, 2010MOST EXCELLENT EXCLUSIVE: Alex Winter Confirms 'Bill & Ted 3' Is On The Way!Josh Wigler
April 4, 2011Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill And Ted 3' Script Is Weeks Away, Plot Spins Out Of 'Bogus Journey' EndingJosh Wigler
April 5, 2011Keanu Reeves Gives Plot Details On '47 Ronin,' His Samurai Tale Of 'Revenge And Impossible Love'Aly Semigran
April 8, 2013Keanu Reeves In 'Generation Um...': Exclusive Clip And InterviewKevin P. Sullivan
April 9, 2013Keanu Reeves Couldn't Use High-Tech Rig For 'Man Of Tai Chi'Kevin P. Sullivan