Articles from National Enquirer ( 17 )

October 1994Wild night that ended "Speed" star's life on the fast laneNeil Hitchens
July, 1994Kids make the grade studying 'Speed' star Keanu Reeves--
July 14, 1994'Speed' star's nightmare as dad is jailed in cocaine bustReg Fitz
March 19, 2000Keanu & Lover Split After Baby Tragedy--
July 30, 2000Keanu Set to Tie the Knot--
October 5, 2000I'm Not Kung-Fooling!--
October 25, 2000Ain't "Matrix", Dude!--
April 24, 2001Keanu Reeves and Lover Reunited Before She Died--
September 11, 2001Singer Aaliyah's Plane Crash Tragedy - The Untold Story of Lost Love and Broken Hearts--
January 1, 2002Keanu Revs Up New Romance--
July 2, 2002The Enquirer takes a sneak peek at... The Matrix Reloaded--
June 30, 2003Whoa!--
September 29, 2003Keanu Believe It--
November 18, 2003Keanu Reeves Desperate to reconcile his mom & dying sisterEllen Goodstein
September 7, 2004Keanu Reeves' Best Role: Devoted Big Brother--
January 10, 2005Keanu's Pregnant Lady Friend Revealed!--
March 14, 2005Keanu heaves!--