Articles from Premiere ( 19 )

May 1994My Lunch with BuddhaJames Greenberg
September 1994Animal AttractionLibby Gelman-Waxner
September 1994Prince of SpeedJean-Paul Chaillet
August 1995Feeling GroovyElizabeth Royte
March 1996Yearning for KeanuJohn H. Richardson
May 1996Searching for KeanuJohn H. Richardson
March 1997Reeves, Pacino Cut Deal With the 'Devil'Jill Bernstein
September 1997Why Keanu Reeves Won't Sell His SoulJames Kaplan
Unknown 1998I Love LuciferLibby Gelman-Waxner
June 1999Cyber KeanuJ.A. Bondy
September 19, 2000Face the Strange--
May 2002The Power 100--
July 2002The Matrix ReloadedMathieu Carratier
August 2002Action Figure--
May 2003Rage Against the MachinesMark Salisbury
June 4, 2004100 Most Powerful People in Movies for 2004--
February 2005Finding NeoBrooke Hauser
August 11, 2011Keanu Reeves, the Man of the FutureJérôme Dittmar
May 1, 2014Keanu Reeves: "Man of Tai Chi owes a lot to Michael Haneke"Sylvestre Picard