Articles from Sky ( 11 )

March 1989Prince of ComedyAngela Holden
December 1989Keanu Reeves (say it Key-ah-noo). It means "Cool Breeze from the Mountains"Karen Krizanovich
December 1991Keanu Feel ItEthlie Ann Vare
Unknown 1993Totally BogusAshley Heath
August 1993Total KeanuJim Turner
May 1994Guess who's having a bad hair day?RR
October 1994Action Man?Roald Rynning
October 1994Women who love Keanu too muchToni Rodgers
February 1995"You Look Like Keanu Reeves"--
March 1995Bogus AdventureMireille Hagen
October 26, 2007Who's Keanu Smooching?--