Articles from The Calgary Sun ( 31 )

2003-06-08A kind Keanu
2003-06-02Soldiering on
2003-05-25Fight to forgive
2003-05-16Brothers skip fest
2003-05-13Locked and Reloaded
2003-05-12The Matrix has Monica
2003-05-02Bound for the Big Screen
2003-04-04Matrix Cannes do it
2003-03-20The Matrix gets animated
2001-10-31High-tech reload for Matrix
2001-09-15Keanu's got game
2001-09-14Keanu just a 'big kid'
2001-09-14'Ball not foul
2001-09-10Reeves watches his words
2001-08-10Next Matrix postponed
2001-02-17In the mood
2001-02-16Stilted romance
2001-01Hurting For His Craft
2000-10-15No Kean-Do
2000-08Role researched in strip bars
2000-08Replacements has fun with old formula
2000-08Excellent Adventure
2000-08-06Back in the game
1999-03-27Keanu's dark future
1997-10-12Crazy Like A Fox
1997-06-19Keanu - where are you?
1996-09-13Don't talk to strangers
1996-07-30Keanu Reeves gets serious, dude!
1996-07-22Reeves' pet peeves
1996-07-08Reeves set to play with Devil