Articles from The Daily Telegraph ( 26 )

2003-07-07Awful accent to be sure
2003-07-06When the film did not move for them
2003-05-30'Set for life' Keanu gives away $125m
2003-05-08Keanu on track for sequels
2002-09-26Shooting from the heart
2002-08-24The Matrix sequels have confirmed the beautiful relationship between Sydney and the film world
2002-08-18Keanu's lunch date
2002-07-28Keanu's capers keep all the girls guessing
2002-07-06What The Matrix Has Done for Sydney
2002-06-09How low can you go
2002-05-12Keanu Watch
2002-02-03Keanu puts us in the picture
2001-12-14Square Pictures mystery project revealed
2001-12-07Sydney Confidential
2001-12-01Keanu's backpacker pal
2001-11-09The Daily Telegraph Reports from the Set
2001-10-05Matrix Cursed?
2001-09-16Matrix star on a roll
2001-04-12The Wild One
2001-04-06Keanu's lover dies in crash
1998-09-04A black day for Keanu
1998-07-06(Title Unknown)
1998-04-30Behind the scene secrets of Matrix
1998-03-31Keanu a Good Guy in a Virtual Nightmare