Articles from The Daily Telegraph ( 26 )

March 31, 1998Keanu a Good Guy in a Virtual NightmarePhilippa Walsh
April 30, 1998Behind the scene secrets of Matrix--
July 6, 1998(Title Unknown)--
September 4, 1998A black day for Keanu--
April 6, 2001Keanu's lover dies in crashDarrell Giles
April 12, 2001The Wild OneNui Te Koha
September 16, 2001Matrix star on a rollPhilip Koch
October 5, 2001Matrix Cursed?--
November 9, 2001The Daily Telegraph Reports from the SetFreya Grant
December 1, 2001Keanu's backpacker pal--
December 7, 2001Sydney Confidential--
December 14, 2001Square Pictures mystery project revealed--
February 3, 2002Keanu puts us in the pictureBrendan Shanahan
April 24, 2002Murmurs--
May 12, 2002Keanu Watch--
June 9, 2002How low can you go--
July 6, 2002What The Matrix Has Done for Sydney--
July 16, 2002Spotted--
July 28, 2002Keanu's capers keep all the girls guessingRos Reines
August 18, 2002Keanu's lunch datePhilip Koch
August 24, 2002The Matrix sequels have confirmed the beautiful relationship between Sydney and the film worldMichael Bodey
September 26, 2002Shooting from the heart--
May 8, 2003Keanu on track for sequels--
May 30, 2003'Set for life' Keanu gives away $125m--
July 6, 2003When the film did not move for them--
July 7, 2003Awful accent to be sure--