Articles from The New York Times ( 29 )

2020-11-25The 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century (So Far)
2020-08-18Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Party On With Bill and Ted
2019-07-03Keanu Reeves Is Whatever You Want Him to Be
2016-06-17Nicolas Winding Refn Dissects His Bloody Confection
2013-10-29Keanu Reeves Bowed to Chinese Censors to Make ‘Man of Tai Chi’
2011-08-11The Good, the Bad, Not the Ugly
2011-04-07A Cozy Premiere for Keanu Reeves
2010-10-06Keanu Reeves and Cowboy Hats
2006-07-07'A Scanner Darkly': Keanu Reeves, Undercover and Flying High on a Paranoid Head Trip
2006-06-16Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock Are Reunited in 'The Lake House'
2005-02-06An Angel You Wouldn't Want to Be Touched By
2003-12-12Weep, and the World Laughs Hysterically
2003-09-09Warning: 'Matrix' Spoilers Ahead (Well, One of Them Might Be Right, Anyway)
2003-05-04Dressing to Dodge Bullets: That 'Matrix' Look
2003-03-18A Leap for Realism in a 'Matrix' Teaser
2002-08-03How The Matrix Changed The Rules for Action Movies
2002-05-23A French Philosopher Talks Back to Hollywood and 'The Matrix'
2001-11-09More to Satisfy 'Matrix' Mania
2001-09-15Teaching Inner City Kids Baseball and (Sniff!) Life
2000-11-12The Trailer
2000-08-11Aw, All They Want Is a Chance to Play
1999-04-05Brothers Unleash the Comic Book of Ideas
1999-03-31The Reality Is All Virtual, And Densely Complicated
1996-09-13Here Comes the Bride, Fleeing Thugs
1995-07-29A Celebrity Upstages The Music
1994-08A Walk in the Clouds
1991-07Hey Dudes, What's the Scoop This Time?
1986-12-19TV Weekend; Drew Barrymore Stars in 'Babes in Toyland'