Articles from The Sun (15)

June 28, 1994Hunky Keanu's gay play debutAndy Coulson
November 1994Race to sign up rocker Keanu!Andy Coulson
September 8, 1998Stubble TroubleDominic Mohan
January 8, 2001Keanu's Caught on the Hop--
May 21, 2002New Ma-tricksMark Bowness
August 24, 2002(Title Unknown)--
March 3, 2003So did Amanda collar Keanu?--
May 19, 2003Watch out it's Keanu heaves--
May 23, 2003Keanu lighten up a bit?Emily Smith
August 28, 2003Keanu Matrix rebooted--
September 5, 2003Change the clothes, Keanu--
March 20, 2007Cops quiz Keanu on "hit and run"--
August 21, 2009Diaz is Speed dating KeanuCarl Stroud
September 5, 2009Keanu believe Dundee visitKenny McAlpine
August 11, 2011UK dog lands Hollywood roleBeci Wood