Articles from The Sun ( 15 )

June 28, 1994Hunky Keanu's gay play debutAndy Coulson
November 1994Race to sign up rocker Keanu!Andy Coulson
September 8, 1998Stubble TroubleDominic Mohan
January 8, 2001Keanu's Caught on the Hop--
May 21, 2002New Ma-tricksMark Bowness
August 24, 2002(Title Unknown)--
March 3, 2003So did Amanda collar Keanu?--
May 19, 2003Watch out it's Keanu heaves--
May 23, 2003Keanu lighten up a bit?Emily Smith
August 28, 2003Keanu Matrix rebooted--
September 5, 2003Change the clothes, Keanu--
March 20, 2007Cops quiz Keanu on "hit and run"--
August 21, 2009Diaz is Speed dating KeanuCarl Stroud
September 5, 2009Keanu believe Dundee visitKenny McAlpine
August 11, 2011UK dog lands Hollywood roleBeci Wood