Articles from The Sydney Morning Herald ( 13 )

September 23, 1993Keanu's Excellent CareerRob Lowing
October 19, 1995Keanu just keeps movingPhilip McCarthy
November 17, 1995The Keanu shuffleKatherine Tulich
January 1, 2001The GiftPhilip McCarthy
May 27, 2002Matrix sequels 'meaningful'Garry Maddox
April 19, 2003Inside the MatrixGarry Maddox
May 5, 2003Keanu Reeves loves rare, expensive Australian red wine--
May 8, 2003Reeves against the machineGarry Maddox
September 14, 2003Matrix Stars Could Give Hollywood Gig the Flick--
November 3, 2003Neo's pay-off: The final installmentGarry Maddox
November 24, 2006Dazed and KeanuedPhilip McCarthy
June 28, 2007When directors go on trialClive Hopkins
November 2, 2014Keanu Reeves, John Wick's zen master with a gift for violenceAndrew Purcell