Articles from The Toronto Star ( 25 )

2014-10-23John Wick star Keanu Reeves is still an excellent adventure at the age of 50
2009-10-15Test shows Keanu isn't the father, lawyer says
2009-07-07Suit 'frivolous,' Keanu Reeves seeks costs
2009-05-29Barrie woman seeks child support from Keanu Reeves
2003-12(Title Unknown)
2003-10-23Matrix marketers keep on reloading
2003-07-12Artist finds sweetness in dark places
2003-05-09The Brains Behind The Shades
2003-05-04Reeves reloaded
2003-01-13Year of the cult film
2000-08-08Keanu Reeves' excellent comeback
1999-04-07What is The Matrix? A big-money maker
1997-11-07Keanu fires up
1995-08-21Isn't it Romantic?
1995-08-01Keanu Reeves Denies Those Tabloid Rumors
1995-04-16Tabloid doesn't faze Carl Marotte
1995-03-13Peek-a-nu Keanu piques People's pocket
1995-01-14Alas, Poor Keanu is No Classic Actor
1995-01-12Manager nixes TV taping of Keanu Reeves' Hamlet
1994-10-22Director says Hamlet promise will drive Keanu to Winnipeg
1994-08-17Reeves's Hamlet a coup
1994-06-13Call it the cult of Keanu Reeves
1993-05-24Keanu Reeves: Canadian cool
1991-10-10Pizzazz pays off big for teenaged 'slob'
1991-07-27Keanu Reeves