Articles from The Toronto Star ( 25 )

July 27, 1991Keanu ReevesNorman Wilner
October 10, 1991Pizzazz pays off big for teenaged 'slob'George Gamester
May 24, 1993Keanu Reeves: Canadian coolCraig MacInnis
June 13, 1994Call it the cult of Keanu ReevesCarrie Rickey
August 19, 1994Reeves's Hamlet a coup--
October 23, 1994Director says Hamlet promise will drive Keanu to WinnipegVit Wagner
January 12, 1995Manager nixes TV taping of Keanu Reeves' Hamlet--
January 14, 1995Alas, Poor Keanu is No Classic ActorVit Wagner
March 13, 1995Peek-a-nu Keanu piques People's pocket--
April 16, 1995Tabloid doesn't faze Carl MarotteZorianna Kit
August 1, 1995Keanu Reeves Denies Those Tabloid RumorsLuaine Lee
August 21, 1995Isn't it Romantic?Frank Rizzo
November 7, 1997Keanu fires upPeter Howell
April 7, 1999What is The Matrix? A big-money makerPeter Howell
August 8, 2000Keanu Reeves' excellent comeback--
January 13, 2003Year of the cult filmPeter Howell
May 4, 2003Reeves reloadedPeter Howell
May 9, 2003The Brains Behind The ShadesPeter Howell
July 12, 2003Artist finds sweetness in dark places--
October 23, 2003Matrix marketers keep on reloading--
December 2003(Title Unknown)--
May 29, 2009Barrie woman seeks child support from Keanu ReevesBruce Demara
July 7, 2009Suit 'frivolous,' Keanu Reeves seeks costsBruce Demara
October 15, 2009Test shows Keanu isn't the father, lawyer says--
October 23, 2014John Wick star Keanu Reeves is still an excellent adventure at the age of 50Peter Howell