Articles from Toronto Sun ( 34 )

July 5, 1987Is this teen scream the new DeNiro?George Anthony
July 12, 1991On solid groundBob Thompson
July 14, 1991Having A Devil of A TimeJohn Sakamoto
August 1, 1991Ted's Bogus VideoJohn Sakamoto
September, 1991Stars cancel visitsBruce Kirkland
June 13, 1994Next Stop, Action!Bob Thompson
December 8, 1994Curtain CallJoe Fisher
January 11, 1995The play's the thingNelle Oosterom
January 13, 1995Will And Keanu's Excellent AdventureRiva Harrison
August 27, 1995Keanu, You Beautiful Canadian BoyLiz Langley
July 31, 1996Reaching his Speed limit--
September 8, 1996The sum of his partsBob Thompson
July 14, 1997Reeves ready to rock on home turfJane Stevenson
July 16, 1997Not quite up to speedJane Stevenson
October 14, 1997Keanu's the Devil's own enigmaLiz Braun
March 29, 1999Welcome back, KeanuBob Thompson
April 6, 1999Reeves regains Speedy form--
August 6, 2000For love of the gameBruce Kirkland
August 6, 2000The latest on Matrix sequels--
December 22, 2000Christmas Memories of of Keanu Reeves--
January 14, 2001Keanu as nasty as can beBob Thompson
September 14, 2001Hardball cliched but worksJohn Kryk
March 21, 2002WHOA! Keanu is an award!--
August 3, 2003I was a teen Keanu capitalistScott Simmie
March 24, 2004Grapes bad in his plaidSarah Green
February 2, 2005Keanu's 'Amazing Journey'--
September 14, 2005Reeves reveals bizarre bank fantasyJim Slotek
May 26, 2006Downey Jr., Reeves relate to drug abuseBruce Kirkland
May 27, 2006Keanu turns 40, goes into therapyBruce Kirkland
July 2, 2006Animation brings life to 'Scanner Darkly'Bruce Kirkland
September 13, 2010Keanu to party on 20 years later, dudeKevin Williamson
October 31, 2010Um, What's It About?Kevin Williamson
April 27, 2012Keanu seen as good dad materialLinda Massarella
October 20, 2014Keanu Reeves shoots down Doctor Strange rumoursMark Daniel