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2020-07-07Whoa! Check out an exclusive look at Keanu Reeves' action-packed first comic book, 'BRZRKR'
2019-08-05Whoa! Keanu Reeves has a daily 'treasure hunt,' says 'Bill & Ted 3' co-star Samara Weaving
2019-06-12'Toy Story 4': How Keanu Reeves convinced filmmakers to give Duke Caboom more depth
2019-06-12Caboom! Keanu Reeves is gifting us his greatest summer with 'Toy Story 4,' 'Always Be My Maybe'
2017-02-09Keanu Reeves on acting: 'It's a hustle'
2016-04-28Keanu Reeves was told to 'be more Keanu-y' as voice of 'Keanu' cat
2014-10-21'John Wick' beagle is 'cutest dog in the world'
2010-06-15'Cheer Up Keanu Day' mobilizes outpouring of kindness for Keanu Reeves, on his behalf
2008-10-29Keanu Reeves takes stand, says he didn't run into pap
2004-04-29Keanu Reeves wins World Stunt Award
2003-10-30Revolutions of 'Matrix'
2003-05-19Next week will be crucial for 'Reloaded'
2003-05-13Re-enter the reloaded 'Matrix'
2003-04-23Fans clamoring for entrance to 'Matrix' world
2003-03-21'Animatrix' is perfect foil for 'Matrix' marketing blitz
2003-01-29'Matrix' reloads to go down the rabbit hole
2001-09-07More complicated kicks in 'Matrix' sequels
2001-05-28Aaliyah Talks about the sequels
2000-08-25Secrecy of 'The Matrix' traps fans in mystery
2000-08-09Keanu's busy maturity
2000-08-03Keanu Reeves flies back into action
2000-04-03Keanu's continuing excellent adventures
1999-09-30Keanu quiet but content about kid
1996-07-31Movies' mystery man: Quizzing Reeves
1995-07-27Keanu Reeves Has a Way of Finding His Head in Clouds
1995-07-27A date with his band, Dogtar
1995-05-24Keanu Reeves' straight talk
1995-02-07Keanu Reeves' cold fans give him warm send-off
1995-01-24'Hamlet' is Keanu's speed
1994-07-14Reeves speeds on with no 'Remorse'
1991-08-05Nothing bogus about this species
1991-07-18Keanu Reeves' artistic adventures
1990-04-09Oddball parts get Reeves' career rolling
1987-05-20Psst - this snitch is going places in 'River'