Articles from USA Today ( 30 )

May 20, 1987Psst - this snitch is going places in 'River'Tom Green
April 9, 1990Oddball parts get Reeves' career rollingStephen Schaefer
July 18, 1991Keanu Reeves' artistic adventuresTom Green
August 5, 1991Nothing bogus about this speciesSusan Wloszczyna
July 25, 1994Reeves speeds on with no 'Remorse'Jeannie Williams
January 24, 1995'Hamlet' is Keanu's speedJeannie Williams
February 7, 1995Keanu Reeves' cold fans give him warm send-offJeannie Williams
May 24, 1995Keanu Reeves' straight talk--
July 27, 1995Keanu Reeves Has a Way of Finding His Head in CloudsMarco R. della Cava
July 27, 1995A date with his band, DogtarAnne Ayers
July 31, 1996Movies' mystery man: Quizzing ReevesElizabeth Snead
September 30, 1999Keanu quiet but content about kid--
April 3, 2000Keanu's continuing excellent adventuresJosh Chetwynd
August 3, 2000Keanu Reeves flies back into actionClaudia Puig
August 9, 2000Keanu's busy maturityClaudia Puig
August 25, 2000Secrecy of 'The Matrix' traps fans in mysteryJosh Chetwynd
May 28, 2001Aaliyah Talks about the sequels--
September 7, 2001More complicated kicks in 'Matrix' sequels--
January 29, 2003'Matrix' reloads to go down the rabbit holeStephen Schaefer
March 21, 2003'Animatrix' is perfect foil for 'Matrix' marketing blitzScott Bowles
April 23, 2003Fans clamoring for entrance to 'Matrix' worldAndy Seller
May 13, 2003Re-enter the reloaded 'Matrix'Scott Bowles
May 19, 2003Next week will be crucial for 'Reloaded'Scott Bowles
October 30, 2003Revolutions of 'Matrix'Scott Bowles
April 29, 2004Keanu Reeves wins World Stunt Award--
October 29, 2008Keanu Reeves takes stand, says he didn't run into pap--
June 15, 2010'Cheer Up Keanu Day' mobilizes outpouring of kindness for Keanu Reeves, on his behalf--
October 21, 2014'John Wick' beagle is 'cutest dog in the world'Bryan Alexander
April 28, 2016Keanu Reeves was told to 'be more Keanu-y' as voice of 'Keanu' catCarly Mallenbaum
February 9, 2017Keanu Reeves on acting: 'It's a hustle'Bill Goodykoontz