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2017-02-10Keanu Reeves: Finding a home is a 'wonderful experience'
2014-10-23Keanu Reeves knows his way around a fight scene, whether he's using a sword or a shotgun
1997-10-18Helluva Movie
1996-08-20Pulling Teeth From Keanu Reeves
1995-02-08Superstar Bids Hamlet, Winnipeg Farewell: For City's Keanu Fans Parting Is Sweet Sorrow
1995-02-08Good Night, Sweet Prince: cast party ends historic moment in city's stage history
1995-02-08An Excellent Adventure for Tamara and John
1995-02-01People Profiles MTC, oh, and Keanu Too
1995-01-24Princely performance
1995-01-20Keanu Proved His Point Onstage
1995-01-14Reeves best when moving
1995-01-12Most excellent, dude!
1995-01-12An international event - local dignitaries, foreign visitors throng to glittering premier
1994-12-29Armed with Posters, Girls Ambush Keanu
1994-12-24Reeves "Might Pull it Off", Film Editor Says of Role
1994-12-20Rehearsals for Hamlet Ice-Smooth
1994-12-17Let Me Cover Reeves Please
1994-12-15Reeves Keeping Low Profile
1994-12-12Local Actors Delighted to Share Stage with Reeves
1994-12-10Starstruck Fans Can Believe It: Keanu Really is To be At MTC
1994-12-10The Play's The Thing, For Keanu
1994-11-29Speed's Reeves Ready For His Shift To Hamlet