Articles from Winnipeg Free Press ( 23 )

December, 1994Speed's Reeves Ready For His Shift To HamletKevin Prokosh
December 10, 1994Keanu-KrazyKevin Prokosh
December 12, 1994The Play's The Thing, For KeanuKevin Prokosh
December 10, 1994Starstruck Fans Can Believe It: Keanu Really is To be At MTCKevin Prokosh
December 14, 1994Local Actors Delighted to Share Stage with ReevesKevin Prokosh
December 17, 1994Reeves Keeping Low ProfileMorley Walker
December 20, 1994Let Me Cover Reeves PleaseAllison Gillmor
December 20, 1994Rehearsals for Hamlet Ice-SmoothKevin Prokosh
December 24, 1994Reeves "Might Pull it Off", Film Editor Says of RoleBrad Oswald
December 29, 1994Armed with Posters, Girls Ambush KeanuTreena Khan
January 12, 1995An international event - local dignitaries, foreign visitors throng to glittering premierBrad Oswald
January 12, 1995Most excellent, dude!Bud Robertson
January 14, 1995Reeves best when movingNelle Oosterom
January 20, 1995Keanu Proved His Point OnstageMorley Walker
January 24, 1995Princely performanceKevin Prokosh
February 1, 1995People Profiles MTC, oh, and Keanu TooTreena Khan
February 8, 1995An Excellent Adventure for Tamara and JohnTamara Bodi
February 8, 1995Good Night, Sweet Prince: cast party ends historic moment in city's stage historyKevin Prokosh
February 8, 1995Superstar Bids Hamlet, Winnipeg Farewell: For City's Keanu Fans Parting Is Sweet SorrowLinda Rosborough
August 20, 1996Pulling Teeth From Keanu ReevesLuaine Lee
October 18, 1997Helluva MovieShane Minklin
October 23, 2014Keanu Reeves knows his way around a fight scene, whether he's using a sword or a shotgunRandall King
February 10, 2017Keanu Reeves: Finding a home is a 'wonderful experience'--