Articles from Canoe ( 16 )

Unknown 1995Reeves rockin' down under--
May 29, 1996Keanu recovering from motorcycle accident--
July 12, 1996Dogstar's grunge unremarkableJohn Sakamoto
December 9, 1996Keanu Reeves to wed?--
October 14, 1997Keanu proves he's DevilishLouis B. Hobson
November 12, 1999Keanu decides to go 'Fishing'--
January 6, 2000Keanu signs up for comedy--
February 25, 2000Keanu a presenter at Oscars--
April 7, 2000Keanu signs up for baseball film--
August 11, 2000As light as a long ballBob Thompson
September 1, 2000Protests arise over Keanu's new film--
October 17, 2000Pinkett Smith up for 'Matrix' sequels--
January 18, 2001Both 'Matrix' co-stars injured--
April 5, 2001Keanu Reeves' ex-girlfriend dies--
March 4, 2002Keanu to remake 'Billy Jack'--
April 10, 2002DreamWorks wins Keanu's 'Billy Jack' remake--