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2000-08-05A Star Touchdown
2000-08-03Keanu Reeves flies back into action
2000-08-00AOL Moviefone Online Chat
2000-06-04Matrix nets MTV glory
2000-05-19Matrix Grabs Blockbuster Awards
2000-05-19Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne Take Sci-Fi Tops at Blockbuster Awards
2000-04-07Reeves Plays for 'Hardball' Team
2000-04-05Jet Li In 'Matrix 2' & '3'?
2000-04-05Beckons Jet Li
2000-04-03Keanu's continuing excellent adventures
2000-03-08Columbia's "Ottoman Empire" falls
2000-02-00Reeves on the Line
2000-01-26Reeves Gets Cushy 'Ottoman' Job
2000-01-26Keanu To Sit On 'Ottoman'
2000-01-26Keanu signs up for comedy
2000-01-18Keanu's Gal-Pal Loses Baby
2000-01-05Reeves negotiates for 'Sweet November'
2000-01-04Keanu Goes Bad, for Less
2000-01-02Reeves Takes Pay Cut for 'Gift'
1999-12-08Keanu Reeves, a triumphant actor, but with the look of a beggar.
1999-11-30Keanu Reeves
1999-11-29Reeves "Sweet" on remake
1999-11-12Reeves will go 'Fishing' for WB
1999-11-12Keanu decides to go 'Fishing'
1999-11-12Keanu's Edge
1999-09-30"The Matrix" Sinks "Titanic"
1999-08-24Reeves, helmers near pricey "Matrix"' sequels
1999-08-24Reeves Close to 'Matrix' Sequels
1999-08-00'Matrix' Sequel Info
1999-07-29Keanu Can Do Fatherhood!
1999-07-23Reeves Talks 'Matrix' Sequel
1999-07-20'Matrix 2' Timetable?
1999-07-20"The Matrix" Lives
1999-07-12Keanu Back For 'Matrix' 2 & 3
1999-07-11Keanu returns in double deal
1999-06-02Cyberspace 1999
1999-04-24Keanu's excellent adventure
1999-04-07Matrix Success Spawns Sequels

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