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November 9, 20032003-1109Hollywood Ink - Cool Breeze
November 7, 2003 2003-1107The man who would be Keanu
November 5, 20032003-1105Pondering the mysterious Keanu Reeves
November 2003 2003-11xxWhat Makes Keanu Cry
August 23, 20032003-0823'Thumbsucker' wraps up filming
August 19, 20032003-0819The stars of "Thumbsucker," on the set in Tualatin, call Oregon burbs "exotic"
August 10, 20032003-0810A true story from a moron co-worker
August 2003 2003-08xxBirth of a Messiah
July 31, 20032003-0731Bratt Gives Thumbs Up to Bull's Eye Movie
July 28, 20032003-0728District gets $8,000 to let filmmakers use school
July 22, 20032003-0722'Thumbsucker' producers plan to use Tualatin school
July 22, 20032003-0722Back to school in Tualatin: It's just an act
July 20, 20032003-0720'Thumbsucker' fingers 3 to fill out cast
July 4, 20032003-0704Thumbs up to a juicy role
July 4, 20032003-0704Beaverton lad lands role in indie flick
June 23, 20032003-0623Beaverton Goes Hollywood
June 20, 20032003-0620Keanu Reeves movie to be shot in Beaverton
May 26, 2003 2003-0526The Reclusive Keanu
December 2, 20022002-1202Comic Keanu
December 1, 20022002-1201Keanu's two-pic parlay

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