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2008-11-17SET VISIT: Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly Prepare Us for The Day the Earth Stood Still
2008-11-17Set Visit: The Day the Earth Stood Still Visits the Set of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL
2008-11-17The Day the Earth Stood Still Set Visit Q & A
2008-11-13BAMBI 2008 For Keanu Reeves
2008-11-01Paparazzo's Suit Against Keanu Reeves Goes to Jury
2008-11-00The Total Film Interview: Keanu Reeves
2008-11-00Earth Man
2008-11-00The Day The Earth Stood Still: Production Notes
2008-10-30Reeves jury sees paparazzo in action
2008-10-27Keanu Trial Kicks into High Gear
2008-10-27Keanu Reeves Wants to Read You Some Poetry
2008-10-23Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey?
2008-10-00Day's Anatomy
2008-08-00Keanu Reeves Interview
2008-07-28Comic Con 2008: Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly for ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’
2008-07-24BREAKING: Keanu Reeves Is NOT Plastic Man
2008-07-00DTESS Director Reveals Trailer Secrets!
2008-04-18Keanu reloads in new film
2008-04-17Keanu Reeves is a CHEF for David Fincher?
2008-04-08Keanu Gives Crudup A 'Watchmen' Blessing For Dr. Manhattan
2008-04-08Keanu is a man of a few soft-spoken words
2008-04-06Reeves grows into man of few words, many roles
2008-04-06Keanu Reeves, John Corbett, Amaury Nolasco and Jay Mohr Talk 'Street Kings'
2008-04-05Keanu's Got a gun
2008-03-24Keanu Reeves Finds His Inner-Gary Busey For 'Street Kings,' Considers Another Bill & Ted Adventure
2008-03-21Keanu Reeves Brings Different Message With Him In 'Day The Earth Stood Still'
2008-02-19Klaatu vs. Keanu
2008-02-07Four more booked for 'Pippa Lee'
2008-01-25John Cleese Joins Keanu Reeves on The Day the Earth Stood Still
2008-01-15Will Smith's son down to "Earth" for sci-fi redo
2008-01-15Jaden Smith Joins The Day the Earth Stood Still Cast
2008-00-00Street Kings - Production Notes
2007-12-06Downtown stroll for Keanu
2007-11-05Keanu Reeves Sued for Uncool Car Maneuver
2007-11-05'Earth' welcomes Jennifer Connelly
2007-08-27Keanu Reeves to ‘Stand Still’

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