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2019-11-05Keanu Reeves Joining Hands with Artist Alexandra Grant on the Red Carpet Has Fans Feeling Joyous
2019-11-05Keanu Reeves Wants to 'Openly Share His Life' with Artist Girlfriend Alexandra Grant: Source
2018-01-10"I still do not feel sufficiently prepared for my death"
2016-06-16Only a Shadow
2016-05-09Embrace Your Shadow: A Talk with Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant
2016-04-28Actor Keanu Reeves’ Foray Into Shadow Play
2016-02-24Keanu Reeves stars in the art book 'Shadows' by L.A. artist Alexandra Grant
2015-01-28Keanu Reeves to Give a Talk at the Foundation Beyeler About Gauguin for Some Reason
2014-10-13Keanu Reeves - HELLO! (Reddit AMA)
2014-06-25Champs-Élysées Film Festival 2014. Interview with Keanu Reeves: “I always had a theatrical approach to acting in Cinema”
2013-04-29Keanu Reeves Talks Generation Um...
2011-06-22Keanu Reeves' Ode to Happiness
2011-06-15How Keanu Reeves cheered up
2011-03-02Q+A: Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves Collaborate, Happily
2011-02-00Ode to Happiness