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2011-04-06Keanu Reeves' Dedication to Art Is No Mystery - Pt. 2
2011-04-05Keanu Reeves Wants 'Man Of Tai Chi' To Be A 'Solid Kung Fu Movie'
2011-04-05Keanu Reeves Gives Plot Details On '47 Ronin,' His Samurai Tale Of 'Revenge And Impossible Love'
2011-04-04Keanu Reeves' Dedication to Art Is No Mystery - Pt. 1
2011-03-03Exclusive: Keanu Reeves Innocent in Budapest Hit-and-Run
2011-03-02Shibasaki Kou to make Hollywood debut alongside Keanu Reeves
2011-03-01Universal Pictures Announces Start of Principal Photography on 47 Ronin, the New Epic 3D Fantasy-Adventure Starring Keanu Reeves
2011-02-28Keanu Reeves arrives in Budapest
2011-01-23The Keanu talks MATRIX 4 (3D) & Warners pays $5 million for Wachowski's HOOD starring Will Smith?!?!
2011-01-1847 Ronin preps for two months in Budapest
2011-01-14Reeves: Bill And Ted 3 will be fun
2011-01-13Henry's Crime - Keanu Reeves interview
2010-12-15Samurai in training: Keanu Reeves heads off to work with his trusty sword in hand
2010-12-10Keanu Reeves: Not so ordinary a career
2010-12-09Fashion designer to dress Keanu Reeves in film 47 Ronin
2010-12-08Carl Erik Rinsch’s ’47 Ronin’ Will Be Shot in 3D
2010-12-07Keanu Reeves, Hollywood Star Whose Acting Talent Remains Underrated
2010-10-04Vulture Tells Keanu Reeves About ‘Sad Keanu’ — and He Approves!
2010-10-0247 Ronin makes Feb date
2010-09-20Keanu Reeves Exclusive Interview HENRY'S CRIME
2010-09-14Exclusive: Keanu Reeves on COWBOY BEBOP, 47 RONIN, PASSENGERS, GENERATION UM, and Other Developing Projects
2009-11-30Script Review: Keanu Reeves Vehicle 47 RONIN
2009-11-17Keanu Reeves in talks to star as a Samurai in Carl Rinsch's 47 RONIN
2009-11-17Carl Rinsch to helm '47 Ronin'
2009-05-12Scribe Chris Morgan talks Keanu Reeves’ ‘47 Ronin’
2009-05-11Chris Morgan Describes '47 Ronin' As Similar To '300' And 'Gladiator'
2008-12-13Keanu's excellent adventures continue
2008-12-11Keanu Reeves boldly goes for box-office biggie
2008-12-09Keanu Reeves Dons Samurai Outfit For Feudal Epic '47 Ronin'
2008-12-08 Keanu Reeves to lead '47 Ronin'

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