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September 19911991-09xxThe Dream Machine - Keanu Reeves
August 7, 19911991-0807Keanu Reeves is Everywhere
August 19911991-08xxThe Pursuit of Excellence
August 19911991-08xxThe Bogus Interview: A Play in One Act
August 19911991-08xxBill, Ted, Keanu and Alex: 4 Dudes in Search of Each Other
July 30, 19911991-0730Keanu Reeves: I'm a goof who can't stop living dangerously
July 28, 19911991-0728No Bogus Trip, Keanu Reeves is One Cool Dude
July 27, 19911991-0727Keanu Reeves, Actor Dude
July 27, 19911991-0727Keanu Reeves
July 27, 19911991-0727Bill and Ted go beyond excellent in this summer’s ‘Bogus Journey’
July 23, 19911991-0723Raising Keanu
July 19, 19911991-0719The Breeze is Up: 'Bill and Ted' Star Reeves has Two Films in Valley
July 19, 1991 1991-0719Bill and Ted Return as Energetic Airheads
July 18, 19911991-0718Typecasting? Bogus! Keanu Reeves likes Ted but prefers a character change
July 18, 19911991-0718Keanu Reeves' artistic adventures
July 14, 19911991-0714Surprise Hit's Wacky Sequel 'Bill & Ted' in Warp Speed
July 14, 19911991-0714Riding The Waves
July 12, 19911991-0712On solid ground
July 12, 19911991-0712Keanu Reeves; 'Ted' moves into Hollywood bigtime
July 19911991-07xxKeanu Reeves: An Actor - Three Movements
June/July 19911991-06xxAlex & Keanu's excellent interviews
September 19901990-09xxKeanu Reeves
May 19901990-05xxTurbo-Charged and Exploding
April 19901990-04xxAlways Wondrous & Weird & Whatever
February 19901990-02xxThe Young and the Restless
December 19891989-12xxKeanu Reeves (say it Key-ah-noo). It means "Cool Breeze From the Mountains"
August 31, 19891989-0831For Keanu Reeves, Angst and Adventure
July 19891989-07xxAn Actor Called Keanu Reeves
20 April 19891989-0420Solid, Dude
April 16, 19891989-0416Bill & Ted's Unexpected Blockbuster
April 12, 19891989-0412TV or not TV
March 9, 19891989-0309Peaking in the Valley
March 19891989-03xxPrince of Comedy
March 1989 1989-03xxPeachy Keanu
February 19891989-02xxKeanu Reeves - Hawaiian Punk
January 1, 19891989-0101Reeves' Edge
Autumn 19891989-xxxxReeves Breeze
Spring 19891989-xxxxKeanu Reeves - the Prince
October 1, 19881988-1001 Like a Chinese Menu
September 18, 19881988-0918Eye on Keanu Reeves

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