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September 18, 20012001-0918"Watcher" dogs Reeves
September 10, 20012001-0910Reeves watches his words
February 24, 20012001-0224This time, it's personal
October 15, 20002000-1015No Kean-Do
September 15, 20002000-0915The Quiet Man
September 12, 20002000-0912'Watch' Keanu act!
September 11, 20002000-0911Angry Keanu cheated by a friend
September 10, 20002000-0910"The Watcher" Pulls in Watchers
September 9, 20002000-0909Keanu Reeves, Reticent "Watcher"
September 7, 20002000-0907Peeved Reeves in snit over another local film
September 5, 20002000-0905A Reluctant Serial Killer: Keanu Reeves Bit Off Bigger Role Than Expected in The Watcher
February 28, 20002000-0228Universal is 'Driven' to Interlight thriller
February 28, 20002000-0228Keanu 'Driven'
20002000-xxxxThe Watcher - Production Notes
April 17, 19991999-0417You're Fired
April 12, 19991999-0412(Title Unknown)