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November 17, 20092009-1117A Proof: Keanu Can Act
August 25, 20032003-0825Ruling - Hardball
20032003-xxxxHardball Lawsuit - Muzikowski v. Paramount Pictures Corp.
June 16, 20022002-0616Why Keanu won’t play ball
May 20, 2002 2002-0520'Coach' Keanu Plays Hardball
February / March 2002002-02xxThe Insanity of Brian Robbins, Who Will Someday Accidentally Make a Genuinely Great Movie
November 28, 20012001-1128Judge throws out defamation suit against 'Hardball'
October 2001 2001-10xxSecond Chances
September 23, 20012001-0923Keeping secrets while seeking truth
September 17, 20012001-0917Smile trumps technique in film audition
September 17, 20012001-0917Playing 'Hardball' with city
September 16, 20012001-0916Pitching in with 'Hardball'
September 15, 20012001-0915This one's for the team: Reeves loved working with poor kids to make Hardball
September 15, 20012001-0915Teaching Inner City Kids Baseball and (Sniff!) Life
September 15, 20012001-0915Keanu's got game
September 14, 20012001-0914(Title Unknown)
September 14, 20012001-0914Star says film's more about kids than sports
September 14, 20012001-0914Never work with children? Keanu Reeves didn't mind
September 14, 20012001-0914Matrix man steps up to bat
September 14, 20012001-0914Keanu just a 'big kid'
September 14, 20012001-0914Diamond in the rough
September 14, 20012001-0914Cool Keanu hits a homer
September 14, 20012001-0914'Ball not foul
September 13, 20012001-0913Keanu Reeves, Man of Many Sports
September 13, 20012001-0913Covering the Bases
September 13, 20012001-0913Brian Robbins Interview
September 12, 20012001-0912Not to worry, 'Hardball' won't be bad PR for city
September 12, 20012001-0912'Hardball' star Keanu Reeves is a no-frills kind of guy
September 10, 20012001-0910Keanu Reeves reaches acting limits in "Hardball"
September 10, 20012001-0910Keanu Reeves and Amanda De Cadenet Arrive Premiere of "Hardball"
September 10, 20012001-0910Game on for Reeves
September 6, 20012001-0906Judge Denies Motion to Block 'Hardball' Premiere
September 2001 2001-09xxHardball a hit? + Keanu Goes to Bat
August 28, 20012001-0828How 'Hardball' Landed a Softer MPAA Rating
October 27, 20002000-1027Keanu Reeves To Film in Detroit
October 26, 20002000-1026Keanu, crew visit Detroit
October 25, 20002000-1025Ain't "Matrix", Dude!
September 8, 20002000-0908(Title Unknown)
September 7, 20002000-0907Keanu kapers...
September 3, 20002000-0903Script reflects grimy reality

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