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June 9, 20032003-0609Enter the Animatrix
June 8, 20032003-0608Old-school reality to make way for animation
April 18, 2003 2003-0418The Fast Picture Shows
April 14, 20032003-0414Keanu, meet Sailor Moon
March 21, 20032003-0321'Animatrix' is perfect foil for 'Matrix' marketing blitz
March 20, 20032003-0320The Matrix gets animated
March 18, 20032003-0318A Leap for Realism in a 'Matrix' Teaser
March 8, 20032003-0308Interview: Lord Joel Silver
August 5, 20022002-0805Animatrix and Reloaded Updates
December 14, 20012001-1214Square Pictures mystery project revealed
November 14, 20012001-1114More Information on the upcoming Matrix Anime
August 28, 20092001-0828According to rumors, Square Pictures may have gotten work doing a short CG Matrix
August 27, 20012001-0827Documentary, anime to set stage for "Matrix" return